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Minecraft Tyrants and Plebeians Open Beta Modpack Release

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Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tap-event-pack.1316680 if you already have technic launcher, paste this into search bar: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/tap-event-pack If pack fails to download use this: https://yadi.sk/d/HYKmnY7fYbzfeQ Instructions: Put it into the "cache" folder for the technic pack, or try to install forge for 1.7.10 and manually add the mods, flan folder etc Discord: https://discord.gg/mAXxGTp The revolutionary Minecraft Tyrants and Plebeians Mark 5 Modpack Open Beta is available now! The event will take place on October 20th at noon Pacific Standard Time. The ip to the server is already built into the modpack.
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Text Comments (63)
chi 5 (4 days ago)
Theirs anyway to fix the On and Off Lag ?
Accelerated (11 days ago)
1.7 is retarded , stupid piece of shit
ACE PORTGAS.D (16 days ago)
Hwy aston martin vulcan pack download is not work please give other downsite pleese
Supremus Memus (19 days ago)
We want more waldo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!
Kenneth Tan (20 days ago)
MeFoPrez (23 days ago)
The Witcher Türkiye (25 days ago)
TaP ded
The Witcher Türkiye (24 days ago)
+eqwdasd wqexadsdf Anyone's opinion about a ded thing doesn't matter.
RagexPrince683 (24 days ago)
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (24 days ago)
stfu ugur your opinion doesnt matter
The Witcher Türkiye (24 days ago)
+eqwdasd wqexadsdf And nobody will even care because TaP ded.
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (24 days ago)
u. main server will come back in december
Jayden Howe (26 days ago)
Hey mate for some reason, It says "Broken API link" when i try to use it, can you give me tips or tell me why?
Клевер (30 days ago)
Please yandex disk i cant play on techic because i dont have internet for pc, but i can download in phone.
Клевер (29 days ago)
+Monorisu thank you
Monorisu (29 days ago)
Yandex download added
Клевер (29 days ago)
+First Namei download in phone and send it in pc by usb
First Name (29 days ago)
This won't work on pocket edition...
bitch from hell (30 days ago)
Could you please give the modpack for the 1.12.2 please 😢
Edwardg2 (4 days ago)
Regard Birch (4 days ago)
+Edwardg2 Is that why there are so many mods on there?
RagexPrince683 (24 days ago)
Edwardg2 (26 days ago)
1.7.10 is the best for modding and 1.8 and 1.12 flans are buggy
bitch from hell (26 days ago)
Клевер (30 days ago)
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.
Joe49115 (30 days ago)
the server does not show up on technic
JB0204 (30 days ago)
http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/tap-event-pack past this in your technic search bar using ctrl + V
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (30 days ago)
i in vid :D
RagexPrince683 (30 days ago)
now unban aaaaaa
RagexPrince683 (24 days ago)
JB0204 (30 days ago)
Jackson B (30 days ago)
I'm back 😋
Jackson B (30 days ago)
+Edwardg2 oke
Edwardg2 (30 days ago)
hey panda i know we have had conflicts in the past but want to ally again
Jackson B (30 days ago)
+JB0204 huh
JB0204 (30 days ago)
EpicShermanTank (30 days ago)
Hobo back?
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (30 days ago)
yep, i tried to save him from spawn lag but he kept going there
misk0 (1 month ago)
I swear to god this is the cringiest thing i have ever seen on yt trying to make minecraft a shooter
PapajohnEh (19 days ago)
RagexPrince683 (24 days ago)
fucking die
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (1 month ago)
it is gayer and edgier than flans but it is equal in guns sense
UnrealLuckinessYT (1 month ago)
Vics modern warfare pack is pretty cool tho
misk0 (1 month ago)
Edwardg2 (1 month ago)
aidesman how od i join server with acwa
LispyLeaf (1 month ago)
very nice channel
JB0204 (1 month ago)
stfu fortnite youtuber
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (1 month ago)
stfu bot
Per Apmann (1 month ago)
The Storm Tube (1 month ago)
Toppp man
DarkMario123 (1 month ago)
Elbram Tsol (1 month ago)
Second like
Electrocut (1 month ago)
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (1 month ago)
Monorisu (1 month ago)
JB0204 (24 days ago)
your acting like your should get your yt channel deleted
RagexPrince683 (24 days ago)
stfu jb ur opinion doesn't matter bc u afk in weird places.
JB0204 (30 days ago)
everytime your ask the less of chance of your unban happening
RagexPrince683 (30 days ago)
unban aaaaaaaaa
DarkMario123 (1 month ago)

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