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Purple_ vs Octavigon - CommandKing Quarterfinal 1/4

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Official Website: http://commandking.com Minecraft CommandKing Season 2 Quarterfinal 1/4: Purple_ vs Octavigon ▼ Read me ▼ Please give a 👍 up if you enjoyed this video - it makes everyone feel good ♥ ★ Participants ★ Purple_ - https://youtube.com/user/ThatPurplePlant Octavigon - https://youtube.com/user/Octavigon ℹ Information ℹ CommandKing is a Minecraft Tournament, in which 8 Mapmakers compete with each other to find out who is the fastest and most versatile of them. New CommandKing Episodes are released every Saturday at 4PM UTC. For an overview on all challenges and participants, visit http://commandking.com ♥ Credits ♥ Arena built by Grian - https://www.youtube.com/user/Xelqua Motion Graphics by MrRolord - https://youtube.com/user/MrRolord ♬ Music ♬ "Valid Statement" from Epidemicsound.com "Ocean Floor" from the YouTube Audio Library "Zoom" from the YouTube Audio Library Ocean Floor by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (238)
Hibro Gaming (7 months ago)
Season 1 is not very interesting.... But season 2 give me a HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
GЯΛПƬ BΣΛП (11 months ago)
the -meth- math junkie...
sasuke (1 year ago)
please get gamer guppy in that in the next season
Swifter1243 (1 year ago)
/scoreboard objectives add hiimcool dummy /scoreboard players set @e[type=Skeleton] hiimcool 1 {Type:i forget ;-;} /execute @e[score_hiimcool_min=1] ~ ~ ~ effect @a[r=3] wither 1 1765472347624179458451875814751741845874584145818475184751487541845841754754874741876478164871484517451745716451874571865476514761534761548764358746158476523148783761843761476141647874147641764614846144167 true
Bernie Noël (1 year ago)
The fact they are just of the knowest commblckpros don't make them the strongest. It's possible that somebody else is really strongest.
Bernie Noël (1 year ago)
But somebody no one know ;)
Bugler55 (2 years ago)
i think the idea of this series is great and highly enjoyable to watch, having said that, if I were doing it I'd focus far more on spatially and mechanically challenging problems rather than 'script-based' ones- imo it makes for wayyyy better viewing to see cool ways people twist and manipulate things around, less excited over basically a series of embedded scripts.
Coleman Stephens (2 years ago)
This is possibly the most interesting command series known to minecraft.
Explosive Panda (2 years ago)
Grian is the best builder thank u 4 choosing him
Kirill Zhuze (2 years ago)
and btw no offense to the competitors, but the third challenge shouldn't have taken 45 minutes
Kirill Zhuze (2 years ago)
these problems are really nice CrushedPixel, they remind me of Project Euler. Check it out it's an awesome website!
Kurt Villarosa (2 years ago)
Man, I hope I was a command engineer, so that I actually know what's going on and how hard the challenges actually are.
Kurt Villarosa (2 years ago)
By the way, how did you make that LED scoreboard?
Superman (2 years ago)
Can u upload the map plz(
AdityaTD (2 years ago)
I actually figured out the 3rd Challenge in my mind once you told it. :D
Austin - Vlogger (2 years ago)
Could crushed pixel do a toturial on how the challenge book works?
Kylethebat (2 years ago)
Cameron Hoskins (2 years ago)
is that your real voice
QuagScoped (2 years ago)
This series is kind off... AWESOME! ;D
Bring2Light (2 years ago)
I thought of a simple way of completing challenge 3 -  1. Execute a command at all of the armour stands in the area that summons another armour stand above a golden pressure plate.  2. If it detects 5 or more armour stands it kills 5 of them and then teleports all of the repaining ones a few blocks upwards so the gold plate can reset.  3. Otherwise it finds out what the signal strength is and puts a different number in chat with /say. :)
Adam Eason (2 years ago)
i would be great at this!!!
zSPC (2 years ago)
Sammy's gonna pone <3
Seifi Seifi (2 years ago)
This is awesome i learned some new shit :D
TehGreatFred (2 years ago)
MrRama High (2 years ago)
CP, music please when they build something!!'
MuffinMan (2 years ago)
CrushedPixel, I'm getting errors with the Camera Vanilla 1.8 thing in MCEDIT I contacted you on twitter about. Can you please reply :c
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
The next Episode will be released tomorrow - I'm having some technical difficulties.
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Cyxo Well, not especially. Might review the wiki. My training is just mapmaking experience.
Cyxo (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Hey, aren't you supposed to be a challenger ? I'm pretty sure you train before your first battle
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Oh, excellent. I will go watch it shortly. And by shortly I mean now.
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie I in fact released it a minute ago.
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
He said on twitter that it's uploaded, and he just has to proofwatch it later.
jijik_ hal (2 years ago)
where is new episode? :)
disasterpiece x (2 years ago)
i think the winner will be either mcmakistein or slicedlime
Lorgon111 vs. Dragnoz xD
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+SquidMannn | Redstone Master ...I would definitely watch that.
Um I Know You Might Have Stopped Soccer in Minecraft but Can You Add Curves And Penalties
HK Kingdoms (2 years ago)
I have made a minecraft map trailer with your replay mod! check it out on my channrl
HK Kingdoms (2 years ago)
Jindřich Halabala (2 years ago)
why you don't do top 5 commad block creations ?
franco kikkas (2 years ago)
MrMakistine wins
Namno (2 years ago)
Why isn't TheRedEngineer in this competition? He would beat everyone! :D I think MrMacistein will win, he's great with commandblocks!
OneShotBruh (2 years ago)
Can you please update your MCEdit filter for Only One Command block to version 3 so it uses less characters maybe?
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+MCBatmanTheKid Actually, the game is changing the method it uses to do "riding" stuff. It'll need to be remade after next snapshot anyway.
Neo127 (2 years ago)
More more please more :D
Shane Stone (2 years ago)
I liked the episode, but the first two challenges were just a bit too easy.
Sinom (2 years ago)
at the second you could just move the items manually XD
Sinom (2 years ago)
in the last one you could also just have subtrakted five untill the output is lower than 0 multiplied that by -1 and tellraw-d the score
Kman Poole (2 years ago)
McMakestien will win
Shroomy (2 years ago)
I thought they both died?
Shiny Dewott (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Who?
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Shroomy They did. This was recorded long ago.
Tquo (2 years ago)
Great episode. Both competitors did great.
NASH90000 (2 years ago)
Is it possible to get a world download?
Fan Account (2 years ago)
Nicebaby (2 years ago)
i am for samusaurus
imfiree Seed (2 years ago)
yeah season 2! :D
XxJIAA99xX (2 years ago)
GO McMakistein!
the gamer legends (2 years ago)
Robotboom6 (2 years ago)
someone should make the inventory pets mod in a one command block comtrapion
Xero (2 years ago)
anyone else think that elybeatmaker would do dj octavigon?
Minecreep - Off (2 years ago)
What is the font of the "challenge 1 The Wither Plage" ?
Minecreep - Off (2 years ago)
+MinecreepYT_ Oh wait, it's Minecraft game font in bold xD
uebertreiberman (2 years ago)
Wait, you can actually calculate with Scoreboards? Like more then add and subtract? Why did I not know this? :D
MrRama High (2 years ago)
Resource pack?
Marco 401 (2 years ago)
McMakistein :)
Galia (2 years ago)
WOW! This is the best edited video ever!! I think samasurus will win but it will be tight!
Richo Dainino (2 years ago)
Teach us how to make custom domain!!! •_•
Shizophren (2 years ago)
I think McMakistein is winning! Is he from Germany? Würde mich interresieren.
PlayLikeLars (2 years ago)
Ja maki ist deutsch
yair tidhar (2 years ago)
I am expecting the next battle, MrMakistein Vs. Samasaurus6 sounds very tense !!!!
Mr_Rede_de_Stone (2 years ago)
Woah ! Nice editing ! And GG to Octavigon !
Muffin Mystery (2 years ago)
Who would win? McMakinstein or 1000 primedtnt?
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+MinecraftEntity Depends on how quickly he can type /kill @e[type=PrimedTnt].
Farenheit (2 years ago)
The third challenge was a lot easier than you think >_> - First of all, as you said, count the number of armor stands in that area (let's store the score on "count") - Now, if the output number is score_count_min=1, subtract 5 - Repeat the previous step if the output number is still score_count_min=1 - Store that last output on a fake player (let's call it "N") and then do 5 + N - Include the exception in which there are no armor stand and the output should be 0 :V
Michi (2 years ago)
Can you do it without the i format pls?
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
Shit man I used to know how to know how to make custom potion items, and now I can't even get anything. Also I don't even know stat. I think it's obvious I stopped with cmd minecraft xD
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
On the first you could detect the nbtdata of successfullcount...?
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie I don't know lol I really forgot a lot about command blocks
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+LEGOlord208 But how would you get meaningful output from that without comparators or 1.9 blocks?
DeuZuLivE ;D (2 years ago)
I found this great idea, I will keep track of all this series, good job ;D
darkdancerman (2 years ago)
Why is Sethbling not in this?
PlayLikeLars (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie "Super Mario Maker" - very busy :p
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+darkdancerman He's too busy doing other things.
Jhakard Balloch (2 years ago)
Next Episode will be sick! Go _McMakistein!_
IcyGalaxian (2 years ago)
who makes the challenges?
CraftinRex (2 years ago)
oooooh can't wait for mcmakistan vs samosaurus!!!! love the series btw
CreHiper (2 years ago)
but if the purple used a fill clock to add score to a player , the players wouldn`t get 3 with just one skeleton , like , just waiting a bit???
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+CreHiper He clears the score before the next check.
CreHiper (2 years ago)
yeah , i think thats right... :3
EJ Monkey (2 years ago)
Cool!!! :D I actually knew how to do these! XD
Styrix (2 years ago)
This show is soooo cool :D
earth418 (2 years ago)
First: how do I enter? Second: in the first challenge, you can also use scoreboard :)
earth418 (2 years ago)
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+earth418 The brackets have already been decided, I'm afraid. And I think Purple did use the scoreboard in the first challenge.
SQORED (2 years ago)
;) That was great.
Piggeon (2 years ago)
Purple is still my Winner
Zarc 91 (2 years ago)
McMakistein vs Samasaurus6 Holly cow That is going to be epic
Samuel Floris (2 years ago)
For the third challenge i would summon an invisible pig named baa in the middle of the square and then do /execute @e[name=baa] ~ ~ ~ /testfor @e[r=2,type=ArmorStand] Then i place 2 comparators facing different directions and every 2 blocks of redstone a commandblock,for example at the first command block /say 4
maurice wenig (2 years ago)
samasaurus6 will win!!
pixel (2 years ago)
Awesome :D
tetraxel (axel181) (2 years ago)
This is so cooooll :D
piotrex43 (2 years ago)
I would fail at second round. "Hey, its Commandblock King, I should do it using commandblocks right? It can't be just as simple as minecarts, it have to be illegal! RIGHTTT?"
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+piotrex43 Ah, missed that part. In that case, definitely a dispenser.
piotrex43 (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Clone command was not allowed in this round. :)
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+piotrex43 Alternately you could just clone the chest. That would actually work. Unless that wasn't allowed for that one?
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+piotrex43 Well, technically, they ARE allowed. Purple only lost because he finished his second.
piotrex43 (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Yea, but still. No commandblocks. Im used that all simple ways to do things are not allowed no matter what. Thats me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Me Its Lars (2 years ago)
this is sooooo awesome
DepicW (2 years ago)
samasourus will win
HarisGamer37 (2 years ago)
Mrmakistein is going to rek that other guy (i think so cuz makistein has made ALOT of creations and i don't know who that other guy is)
PlayLikeLars (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 don't be afraid, you can get it! :D
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 It's okay, I'm sure you won't lose TOO badly.
samasaurus6 (2 years ago)
:( sadface
NOPEname (2 years ago)
The first and third challenge were quite easy. My solution for the third challenge: a scoreboard that counts the armorstands; substract 5 as long as the score is more than 5; then subtract that number from 5 and output it; this requires a clock gg octavigon ;)
xXxHobbitxXx (2 years ago)
Modulo ist im grunde, das abziehen von dem du geredet hast
NOPEname (2 years ago)
+CrossingWolfi Ich weiß eigentlich was das macht, bin nur zu faul es einzusetzen xD Aber danke für die Info.
CrossingWolfi (2 years ago)
+NOPEname Wenn du an Informatik interessiert bist ist Modulo ein mächtiges Tool (gerade bei Datenverschlüsselung). Modulo gibt den Rest einer Division aus. 5-(x%5) würde also bei Aufgabe 3 das richtige Ergebnis ausspucken. (Zum Beispiel 5-(13%5)=5-3=2 (Wenn 13 Armorstands benutzt würden))
NOPEname (2 years ago)
+Levon30 Ein bisschen Programmierer, aber hauptsächlich "Spielnachbauer" (oder besser Spielentwickler mit Minecraft als Basis) :3
Levon30 (2 years ago)
+NOPEname Jaa, stimmt :D Ich wäre definitiv Programmierer. Als was würdest du dich denn identifizieren?
Human #6,201,104,293 (2 years ago)
I think makenstein and samasaurus are gonna tie. It'll be a crazy match
Human #6,201,104,293 (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie  I know there are three challenges... I just think they are gonna finish in like 2 seconds for all of them on the dot
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+BrassBuilder MC There's three challenges, ties are impossible I'm afraid.
2Cubed (2 years ago)
That was seriously awesome, CP. Fantastic job! ... Anyone else concerned that there are 74 views but 184 likes? :P
Paul Wesley (2 years ago)
Ohh Maki vs samsaurus uh difficult question, both are very talented hmm I have no idea who will win this round but it will be interesting but nevertheless both would deserve it ^^
Paul Wesley (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 I know that it is a surprised face o-o ^^
samasaurus6 (2 years ago)
+Paul Wesley Haha o-o is a surprised face :D but yes, Idk which one of us will win Dx
Paul Wesley (2 years ago)
o-o? I thought about 1-2 :'''D (the question is who will have 2 points^^)
samasaurus6 (2 years ago)
It's definitely going to be close! o-o
Fabius Pham (2 years ago)
nice round
sharir1701 (2 years ago)
Quite disappointing... I was expecting some serious challenges and serious contestants. Neither of them seem very competent with command blocks and the challenges are all very simple. And before someone argues, let me explain what I mean by simple. Each challenge was testing the player's knowledge of a single command at a time. For the first challenge, they just needed to know of the existence of execute or stats; For the second challenge, they needed to know how to make the most basic minecart load/unload stations; For the third challenge, they needed to know of the existence of scoreboard operation and, I guess, tellraw selectors. I'll give it that much, the third challenge technically required knowledge of 2 commands. Usage and knowledge of the scoreboard is granted, I would suppose. I expected something more elaborate, that would require more knowledge or skill to set up. Then again, I never tried coming up with command block challenges. Ah well...
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+sharir1701 There'll be harder challenges in the semifinals. Keep in mind, the idea is not to test what they can do, but how quickly they can do it. Also, if the second required minecart stations, why did the winning person not use them? The first also requires knowledge of which tags make a wither skeleton wither.
Raddude (2 years ago)
Holy shit next week will be good
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Raddude Touche! :D
Raddude (2 years ago)
They are both so good they will try to *crush* each other :D
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Raddude It will be absolutely rad :D
SkyLegendary (2 years ago)
MicioEnderDragon (1 year ago)
MichaelMeowCat (2 years ago)
+SkyLegendary :O
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Zhongmin Hu Actually, it was recorded a week before the Episode was released :P
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
This was pre-recorded before these dudes went dead.
Drop the base!!! 444444444444
BlockW (2 years ago)
"Challenge 3... The -Meth- Math Junkie..." xD But seriously, oh god, that MrMakistein v. samasaurus6, I have NO IDEA who will win :O
Jonas Stahl (2 years ago)
mcmakistein will win definitely
Artydea (2 years ago)
MrMakistein will win :D I hope so
AutomaticSnowball (2 years ago)
I knew all of these... I hope you can think of some more difficult challenges for the further matches :)
AutomaticSnowball (2 years ago)
I look forward to seeing the future challenges :)
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+AutomaticSnowball Knowing a possible solution is one thing, actually solving it is a completely different story. Also, this is the first round for all of the contestants, in the semi-finals and final I will give more difficult challenges to the participants.
Sxcred (2 years ago)
mrzeep (2 years ago)
YSSS!!! GO OCTAVIGON! Ps party game map cancelled? ;-;
CmdEnginner (2 years ago)
It Should be On TV

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