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Text Comments (11)
RockyBrooks Games (10 months ago)
Hi Alex you should play more Ultimate Chicken Horse
Talonflames world (1 year ago)
and play in the baseball field again with Gibbs
Talonflames world (1 year ago)
play with Tony again
Alex Simms (1 year ago)
hey what time you can join me on freaking Minecraft if you come over you are my favorite YouTuber ever(:
anime dawrin (1 year ago)
hey alex do the plz do the spiderman mod with mr.gibbs plz and do it hide and seek
Sayvion Washington (1 year ago)
You guys hear the news? Stephen Hillenburg has ALS...its depressing!
gamerboyy supboy (1 year ago)
Sayvion Washington n
gamerboyy supboy (1 year ago)
Sayvion Washington j
gamerboyy supboy (1 year ago)
Sayvion Washington
Shadow gladitor (1 year ago)

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