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When kids develop a Minecraft server

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Ant YT (18 days ago)
And the words cobra uses wre under 10. That fat kid,(all caps most sentences) luskipro is the only mature staff. I sweat if cobra was staff on a popular server he would be demoted instantly and perm banned. Or he wouldn't even get staff lel
Ant YT (18 days ago)
GET OUT I KNOW FACTIONS PLUGINS AND FACTIONS I HAVE BEEN PLAYING S. Nice grammar and the sentence does'nt make any sence lol. Cobra really is "older" kk.
Master Spy (22 days ago)
check top right screen he hacks
There_Is No_Name (1 month ago)
I plej minkraft tu, but i kant get serveral, plyzzo hel p my bpekoz roblox banned i bekuz k sejed bed vord. Plys help i'm.
Rentex (1 month ago)
Cringeeeeeee xDDDD
SkyAcer009 (2 months ago)
An English kid's age can be determined by 2 things: Maturity and grammar.
Lynx Pika-Network (2 months ago)
Lool this kid sucks i can buid a better server than him. Problem i only use cracked server i cri everytime me got no credit card to buy minecraft if i only have a cr card.
iSmellBullshit (2 months ago)
"Why did you try" What do you expect lmao
Carlos_A_M (2 months ago)
Why do people dislike this.
Dion Manaog (2 months ago)
Lol why do u have hax on?
TeeFoil (2 months ago)
Title is spelt wrong.
Zenzeki (2 months ago)
Tbh whats more surprising? A hacker helping a server fix problems or the idiotic behaviour of 12 year olds running a minecraft server
0cp (3 months ago)
Feel bad for Lucskipro that had to put up with this as staff.
Danar Ganiadi (3 months ago)
Lucskipro was mean to name his ign Luckispro
Men Neke (3 months ago)
LOl i know a 10 year old friend of me that has a better server
TheRebelOG (3 months ago)
I'm 13 and I can create a server MUCH better than this server. 'Even' if the "Developer" created a server I could create a better server in 3 days.
MGArt DZN (3 months ago)
You're using hack xD
Bruce Richards (4 months ago)
UR hacking
AB (4 months ago)
Hack this server please!
xRengo (4 months ago)
./f claim safezone
Mightythefox Gaming (4 months ago)
Im watching im kinda a kid but i can run a freaking server better
Bricksterj (4 months ago)
this making my brains cell commit suicide rip
NV6 (4 months ago)
He's not a dev, Hee needs to have the [Configuer] prefix,
Stormaniac (5 months ago)
I lose brain cells every second while i watch this video
MyMonsterDK (5 months ago)
Tihi idiots
TheLazyTrain (5 months ago)
He has tracers😂😂
Legenary HQ (5 months ago)
Omg hax
Dugongski's Channel (5 months ago)
Whats the texture pack
zero 217 (5 months ago)
These staff member just gave me stage 4 cancer
zClient (6 months ago)
they have cool prefixes thats the only thing i like about the server
Night Wolf123 (6 months ago)
This is why kids shouldn’t play mc...
xWREEPER1883_ (6 months ago)
Blupza (6 months ago)
What these kids don't understand is typing in all caps is making them look more like a 5 year old, and that people laugh that he gets mad over a block game.
SpillTender (6 months ago)
OMG that prefix m8 its super long and BAD
Otto Persson (6 months ago)
You're a kid too.
Alsamo (7 months ago)
All I see is a server about to die.
Wu Marik (7 months ago)
Lol i have seen the Lock_Down_Cobra kid as owner or dev of different failed servers
Kopapai (7 months ago)
You can a server is ran by kids when there prefix's have the &.k in it, the squiggle thing that fucking flashes
Dominute (7 months ago)
U got banned by him for pissing him off,stupid ass kid
Dominute (7 months ago)
Kelfoi (7 months ago)
watching this video then pause the video to look at comments then go back to the video and its over and i lose my place
FuzionTurtle (7 months ago)
This kid is so Salty
ItzElixir_ (7 months ago)
Texture pack?
Zreddx (7 months ago)
When a small YT uses PowerDirector to edit...
The Unholy Onii-Chan (7 months ago)
Lol the kid shouldnt be a freaking Dev he just a plain stupid with a brain on the toe
Papa Bleach (9 months ago)
Zenaboom183 Zenaboom183 (10 months ago)
This server was gay
SammyDutch Gaming (10 months ago)
Wow he says it is an problem with the devs. When the kid itselfs has tracers xD
Emil Söderlind (10 months ago)
xD, what server is that?? ip?
ToxicGunblade (10 months ago)
This Cobra Is just a little shit fat kid wearing glasses sitting in front of his computer telling his friends im so smart I know how to code yay always use cap Cuz im a head Dev this is his real life cam 💻😡✋🍔😵🍗✊😲🍟🍟🍟🍝🍝🍕🍕 telling his friend his best at sport I always go to the Back yard play football another real life cam 🎮🎮🎮🎮👾👾👾👾
ToxicGunblade (10 months ago)
This Cobra Is just a little shit fat kid wearing glasses sitting in front of his computer telling his friends im so smart I know how to code yay always use cap Cuz im a head Dev this is his real life cam 💻😡✋🍔😵🍗✊😲🍟🍟🍟🍝🍝🍕🍕 telling his friend his best at sport I always go to the Back yard play football another real life cam 🎮🎮🎮🎮👾👾👾👾
ToxicGunblade (10 months ago)
This Cobra Is just a little shit fat kid wearing glasses sitting in front of his computer telling his friends im so smart I know how to code yay always use cap Cuz im a head Dev this is his real life cam 💻😡✋🍔😵🍗✊😲🍟🍟🍟🍝🍝🍕🍕 telling his friend his best at sport I always go to the Back yard play football another real life cam 🎮🎮🎮🎮👾👾👾👾
CriticallyCrazy (11 months ago)
Wait... You were using hacks?
Sodasaurus (11 months ago)
Lucskipro was honestly the only one who actually had working chromosomes lmao
MoxInaBox (11 months ago)
If anyone is looking for a fun server Amity Nation is a good one to check out. <3 Its really chill
DeadPool Of The MCU (11 months ago)
I can see that the headdev is a kid otherwise he would have known how to make safezones cuz he made a faction named safezone to act like a safezone....
Querez (11 months ago)
lool hacer u scurb u bad playr omgg u use the xrays like... comon!!, its not good. you dont know how to be good
xXB5S1Xx (11 months ago)
a good member is telling you to claim some more land with safezone? OKAY! LETS BE MAD, USE CAPS, AND INSULT HIM! thats how to develop! NICE JOOOOB!
Temppo (11 months ago)
Is server still on?
Spawnyzx - Minecraft (11 months ago)
"When kids develop a server" "When people who want to get a server shutdown hacks"
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Vlad and lol (1 year ago)
1:49 and btw Evenshine we are all hiher age than u
Diamonteh (1 year ago)
DaFackJ (1 year ago)
Witch hack is that?? Can u activate the console with it? So if u activate it can u ban peoples? Can u send the link to the hack? plzz! Plz answer ;)
Stephanie (1 year ago)
Cilantro33 (1 year ago)
the sad thing is the dev actually knows how to play factions well, I played with him on a server
susan masoud (1 year ago)
Kine (1 year ago)
I used to have this texture pack. It had the same font for the chat. You have now sent me on a quest to find this awesome texture pack. I can't find it. I'm really sad and stressed because I really want to find it. So thanks I guess.
dom nagovski (1 year ago)
how is he even head dev bet he doesn't even know what a config.yml is which means he can't be a good dev
iDragon (1 year ago)
lol id love to meet cobra i can code ill ddos his lil ass and teach him some real shit
Eddie Balosin (1 year ago)
It's not even the age, these kids have no idea how to work plugins nor how to be appropriate as staff members and handle it maturely.
Trisnawaty Budianto (1 year ago)
1 reason why you can't play lbfg you need to download lbfg first all YouTubers just telling us the server and server name !!!
Hyper Reflex (1 year ago)
Minecraft HACIRS (1 year ago)
What's the texture pack name?
Ufoul Roo (1 year ago)
i remember i joined a kids server and he said he would sell my ip on the deep web. his server blocked vpns but he gave me helper but the thing i... i couldnt go in creative but i had /modmenu and in the mod menu i could click someone and get there ip so i clicked him and ddos'd him. legend has it my laptop reset so hes back online and getting peoples ips... but he no longer has a minecraft server.
Tommy Hetrick (1 year ago)
lol OMG that stupid obfuscated text in that dudes suffix.... uhhhhh it makes the chat move lol
Tommy Hetrick (1 year ago)
correction.... his nickname nm, i just assumed it was a suffix for some reason..
Nightmares Gaming (1 year ago)
idiots like these should chug bleach
Northeast (1 year ago)
Is Cobra five years old? like hes raging at nothing and all he does is yell at the staff.
Fabiio (1 year ago)
Lets all ignore the fact that this guy was using a Hacked Client
Such Vibe (1 year ago)
When kid use hacked client.. thats you
xOMGItzBurger (1 year ago)
Dang, I need this dev for my server...
Tray (10 months ago)
xOMGItzBurger to troll him?
ThanatosX (1 year ago)
LMFAOOOO... this is the best video I've seen this day.
Kermit Lark (1 year ago)
/faction create WorldGuard SEE I HAVE WORLDGUARD SO SHUT UP
Mozorlord King (1 year ago)
I think Devs should Code Java Plugin or Webs or Setup / Config the Local Plugins , since this dev is a kid I don know what to say 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔
MasterKhail 16 (1 year ago)
Ooooh your hacking
I like anime (1 year ago)
Why are you hacking btw
AlphaKortex (1 year ago)
i find it funny how they have a Custom Domain but they Cant claim some land
Lüminism (1 year ago)
Kids like these need a punch in the face.
ThugLifePikachu (1 year ago)
dox you could hack their server for being rude at you... XD
Aeshiel Plumstrand (1 year ago)
What a dumbass. I'm 13 and I can make a server twenty thousand times better than that. Why don't they just use WorldGuard...
Aeshiel Plumstrand (1 year ago)
What was the ip do you remember?
Zambloxol (1 year ago)
Your a hacker look in the top right corner
Jazz The can of coke (1 year ago)
This is my friend basically he caps every word and abuses his perms
Kuzmik Raps (1 year ago)
I'm 15....I run a minecraft server.....this kid doesn't even know how to even claim.....best dev ever
RTY (1 year ago)
LOL #Doxially best grieffer
Wouter Van Nueten (1 year ago)
the minecraft community is corrupted with 12 year olds. I am 17 and i know it's still not the highest age of them all but at least i'm not an annoying kid screaming all the time pretending to know everything and be the best in the world because of a rank i don't even deserve. It's because of these kids that people like to make fun of minecraft as a ''kids'' game
Wouter Van Nueten (1 year ago)
That is true but it does not disprove my point
BlockGamePvp (1 year ago)
Wouter Van Nueten not all kids are like this, most are, but some are actually decently mature
Ethoon (1 year ago)
Jake Kenston (1 year ago)
Can he spell properly and idk how did this kid even get dev when he doesn't even knows how to claim and says he knows faction plugins what an idiot if I was a mod and had /ban I would ban that kid Idc about getting demoted lol xD
MccPlayzMC (1 year ago)
What is this server's ip
ChillSnap (1 year ago)
This shit is just sad...
Colinyee (1 year ago)
I feel bad for lucskipro

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