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BFB OST:StreetLight

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This is the next BFB OST!It dosent exist but it does exist in soundclouds and its called StreetLight!Honestly i dont know why they dint use cause it was great!PLEASE SIPPIE ADD THIS MUSIC BACK!Music by Sippie Jepper/Michale Huang Enjoy!
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Text Comments (23)
TheSuperEan300 (3 months ago)
Taco, do we have to run through the desert?
Pen Pie / Yoylepie (5 months ago)
Oof I put this in my playlist by accident but ok :V
Rober V (5 months ago)
When was THIS used?
super videos! (7 months ago)
where did this play?
Abrar Rahman (7 months ago)
Omg I hopes this comes in BFB 7
Kasra Moayedi (1 month ago)
BFB 13*
MIREMBE ROSSIE (3 months ago)
BFB 12*
Snack -Attack (5 months ago)
*BFB 10
ScienceSean (6 months ago)
Maikæru (6 months ago)
BFB 8*
FlyingBee (7 months ago)
for the next one can you do bfb ost where in bfb 3 donut does his pep talk
Magnetic rice (6 months ago)
I uploaded one to soundcloud. I'm pretty sure it's called Chorkey
Strahinja Milicevic (7 months ago)
I would be happy to do that!But sadly there is no soundtrack at soundcloud <:C
AnimationObjectShow (7 months ago)
Can I use this or is it copyrighted?
SuperMations (7 months ago)
AnimationObjectShow you can use it you just have to credit Michael
Bow Inanimate Insanity (7 months ago)
Dude. Your just puting random music from Michael soundcloud if they dint really apear in a episode.
That Blue Noodle (7 months ago)
Bow Inanimate Insanity Michael has a soundcloud? Hmm
Strahinja Milicevic (7 months ago)
Strahinja Milicevic (7 months ago)
Bow Inanimate Insanity I know,but i put this music if you nees it
Strahinja Milicevic (8 months ago)
BFB OST has got his first dislike!Yay
Top 5 Igrice (8 months ago)
Strahinja Milicevic (8 months ago)
The Zombolt Show (8 months ago)

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