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Minecraft- Automation S3 Episode 21 Solar Panels, and IC2 Advanced Machines Mod

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X Mod Pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/764370-110-ssp-smp-x-mod-pack-v21/
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JordynX096 (6 years ago)
swiftwolfs rending gale from equivalent exchange and the mod is logistics pipes
2knackers (6 years ago)
how are you able to fly? is it a equiv exchange ring? if so what is it called? also what is the mod where you can request items and it crafts it if you have the resources?
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
Search "sphax addon project" (without quotations) on google try first link
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
@TheRcamry I did its in a newer episode
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
@OldtimeMandH thats still expensive
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
@OldtimeMandH will you donate the dark matter? lol
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
@jak123456100 lol yeah:)
MTNDEW58 (6 years ago)
Never mind Should had finished vid :P
MTNDEW58 (6 years ago)
Jordyn he took the solar panels out
JordynX096 (6 years ago)
@catwithraibescamguy when did i say that??
catwithraibescamguy (6 years ago)
when you say loads of power how much are we talking about
runelt99 (6 years ago)
subbed :P just so i have something to do while waiting for dire to upload new vid

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