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Harbingers - Gul'dan

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Discover the origins of Gul’dan in the first Harbingers animated short. Learn More: WoWLegion.com
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Horner (2 days ago)
Dúnadan SonoftheWest (3 days ago)
Jim Cummings AND Graham McNeill in one video?
Nafets Esodut (7 days ago)
so.. is this the story of alternate draenor gul'dan or ours?
Gul'dan did nothing wrong!
Meme Man (20 days ago)
when shaman can't get laid with the elements, he becomes a warlock
Atish (20 days ago)
2:36 hey look! its starving buzzard.
Shadowkiller 123 (1 month ago)
It’s alternative guldan guys not the real one
Beorn Beorn (1 month ago)
When story from this video happened? I have read Rise of the Horde and I can't find right time for this. Are books describes warcraft history? Im confused
undead4500 (1 month ago)
it basically before the rise of the horde Gul'dan joined the shadowmoon clan after killing his clan Gul'dan was always been secretly a warlock and kil'jaeden's agent according to warcraft chronicles 2.
Jiordi Read (1 month ago)
Well, if there is ever a time to say it........that escalated quickly.
Stella Animates kinda (1 month ago)
I still Hate Him.
Jarrod Aruseanoex (1 month ago)
ok so it elements and his clan fault world was in chaos
Hzorian (1 month ago)
When people ask me where I'm from, I just say: "No one living has heard of the village of my birth. And no one... ever... will."
Zsombor A Sámán (1 month ago)
Ne Fel etkezzetek meg Gul' Dan cooldownjáról se!!!:P
wajdi swaiti (1 month ago)
Sad story .. revenge ....
Mihail Dimitrov (1 month ago)
D27Rugen (1 month ago)
So Guldan is Cain
Sorcerer Holmes (1 month ago)
I made a DND campain based of this.
Kevin Cowart (2 months ago)
To make my feel sympathy for a prick like Guldan is remarkable storytelling.
Hzorian (2 months ago)
I get the feeling it's the first and only time Gul'dan ever said thank you to anyone. In any timeline.
Thrakerzad (2 months ago)
so i guess gul'dan is a destruction lock
Tony Danatop (2 months ago)
so he was always groody noted
Vaibhav S. (2 months ago)
I feel similar like Guldan. I just want to f&^k the entire world!!
Cardinale Dolan (2 months ago)
what happened to the Gul'dan who died at Tomb of Sargeras?
VOLTRONUS (2 months ago)
I wonder how many of us wouldn't have done the same as Gul dan ?!
Adonan the Stoic (2 months ago)
Would Gul'Dan be who he is today had the elements not abandoned him?
The Psycho (2 months ago)
All bullies should end up like those. Gul'dan, I understand you and I'm with you.
arress Mizo (2 months ago)
Herbingers is my causen O:)
Nimena (2 months ago)
So what exactly was so deformed about Gul'dan? Did they literally just pick on him because he couldn't walk or something? Man. I thought orcs were cool but now they just seem cruel.
Obito (2 months ago)
He was just born crippled weak and deformed, yet he refuses to accept his plane in the clan
Boldizsár Salamon (2 months ago)
I like this version way better then the one where Ner'zul is his mentor.
Derp Herp (2 months ago)
Bruh this is like every School Shooter story right ere
Orifiel-M (3 months ago)
Can I just say I love the voice acting here.
madcat789 (3 months ago)
But wait, Gul'dan was the apprentice of Ner'zhul of the Shadowmoon Clan.
Lunch Is A Turd (3 months ago)
Gul'dan is my favorite baddy 💗
MegaChickenfish (3 months ago)
The way the tear drop turns to fel makes you wonder if on some level that's what "Fel" is. Greed, ambition, selfishness, the thirst for power for yourself above all else, taken form. The more you let it control you, the more demonic you become.
Morten Pedersen (1 month ago)
Fel is in the realm of chaos. So the feelings that could be described as chaotic. There's also another perspective: Control through destruction (Death denial - Ernest Becker). One feels control of one's existence when destroying others. Taken the power to decide who lives and who dies.
jeffrey gockel (3 months ago)
That thumbnail features swol’dan.
PAA01 (3 months ago)
Every one of us started from beating lv 5 eagles .. even Gul'dan :D
Envy (3 months ago)
Gul'dan is awesome
user49374958261839 (3 months ago)
Eh. He could of just left the village, and not told them about his new powers
Gaunjee Major (3 months ago)
Just because he had a sad backstory doesn't mean he should be forgiven, his actions where horrid.
Hawky (3 months ago)
oh how original
Sarah May (4 months ago)
Gul'dan was looking for a cure, but found a cure in something evil cause he was abandoned by his own people. Interesting to see more of the story line.
Adrian Boskovic (4 months ago)
Gul'dan should've said "Extraordinary." before killing everyone.
WarrawTIG (4 months ago)
and now he deeeeaaaaaaad
Desperado Dave (4 months ago)
This is the best short they have ever done. The Warcraft movie could have used some background story and storytelling like this. In fact, the 6 minutes of this short animated story was more engaging and interesting than the whole Warcraft movie.
Thrakerzad (4 months ago)
It's all fun and games til someone gets set on fire from the inside.
Jamie S (4 months ago)
"Do not let the actions of others, define who you are" JRS.Gul'dan let others define him lol
Steve Stifler (4 months ago)
4:47 Plus one sin for WoW ! ;)
Fokosmok (4 months ago)
No honor.
Sad Lad (4 months ago)
Should've killed him while you had the chance
Coach Hines (4 months ago)
Bloody Hellfire
Jordan Faumui (4 months ago)
So he is basically a school shooter
Carson K (4 months ago)
I bet if guldan was a human in America he'd shoot up his school.
Jackson, (4 months ago)
Be careful who you call ugly in middle school
Zakku (4 months ago)
Gotta give props to the old Shaman dude's voice actor. Such smooth delivery.
TasosTsartsos (4 months ago)
remember that time that Gul'dan had a chance of becoming the Avatar but chose to become Azula instead?. LOL
Gideon (4 months ago)
bravo blizzard, bravo
Jérémy Charnier (5 months ago)
The world wacraft
harooooo1 (5 months ago)
How did I manage to miss the existence of this Harbinger series of videos and only find out about it now?...
MineCreepeer67 yey (5 months ago)
MineCreepeer67 yey (5 months ago)
I want the harbringers of lichid king
Valka1212 (4 months ago)
we know his full story from birth to death? why do u need a harbringers video
Dragon Knight (5 months ago)
Good job!
Iggybart05 (5 months ago)
so here's my question, why on earth (or draenor) did the elements reject him to begin with? like seriously if they did it because they sensed evil or something it became a self fulfilling prophecy, they created the same evil the were trying to avoid.
ba sillah (4 months ago)
Different time line in our time line Gul'dan was a shaman first but Kil'jaeden went to Gul'dan first in this time line instead of Ner'zel like what happened in our time line then Kil'jaeden went to gul'dan no Garrosh was born in this time line as well it's different so not just the things that went differently from demon blood not being drank
Dave #MLG (5 months ago)
"I have no people!" No matter how many times I watched this, this line always give me goosebumps :D
GLSkyhawk (5 months ago)
Sound at 4:47 is same what CinemaSins uses at the beginning of every "Everything wrong with" video. Important things, i know.
dedd _inside (6 months ago)
4:47 cinema sins tally???
Jurica Eršek (6 months ago)
I like it how although he said thank you and then killed the clan shaman, he still picked up his staff and carries it to this day, maybe as a reminder of how he became who he is due to the shaman
cr4yv3n (6 days ago)
well yeah.."Thank you" but ...u know...gotta be a homicidal maniac now :D
Bonefetcher Brimley (6 months ago)
I think given the red face paint the mane orc wears on his head, that this was the Redwalker clan, that's why they aren't in WoD at all. GUl'danielle killed em! That's my theory though.
The G Mesh (6 months ago)
metal A.F
TheCeekon (6 months ago)
just a heads up, because IK people take this as the cannon, this is DRAENOR Gul'Dans story, not our Gul'Dan. our Gul'Dan was Shadowmoon and Ner'Zhul's apprentice.
undead4500 (6 months ago)
No this Canon story for Both Gul'dan. Gul'dan joined the shadowmoon clan after killing his own clan. This been confirmed with Warcraft 2 chronicles book.
Gleidur (6 months ago)
I love this backstory, it explains his unending devotion to the Legion so well. When everyone chastised and abandoned him, the Legion was there in their absence. Giving him everything he ever wanted, power and purpose. Hatred and bitterness made him jaded to empathy, and so he has no problem aiding in the destruction of all life.
Nathan Hitt (7 months ago)
Poor Jim Cummings out here voicing every WoW role.
raexenos (8 months ago)
I'm not that into wow, but I gotta admit, the animations are AMAZING
Alex Radu (8 months ago)
monsters are made
aclock2 (8 months ago)
To be fair, it wasn't entirely his fault
Laszlo Nagy (8 months ago)
Gul'Dan uses the Fel-energy.
SolaceAndBane (8 months ago)
Basically Stalin.
The Shadow Man (8 months ago)
I blame the elements.
Azrael88 (8 months ago)
I wonder what was Guldan's role in the vilage that he refused.
SlumpJesus (8 months ago)
Kinda feel bad for him at the beginning
Iron_Arms (8 months ago)
I wouldn't feel sorry for him, he had a lot of hatred in him, no sense of servitude or sacrifice, he couldn't because of his handicap. The Orcs were cruel to him seeing him as a weak link. The Elements were right to not use him in their service. He would twist their powers for his own greedy purpose.
cr4yv3n (6 days ago)
oh well..time to burn then for your thinking
Tungsten Wall (8 months ago)
Han- "Son, I know you are struggling in the Jedi Academy, onset of puberty and all... Maybe it is time for you to visit the Throne of the Elements?"
Adam (9 months ago)
Classic psychopath. Arrogrance, rejecting the hand of his helper/sympathizer. Cold, remorseless revenge upon the one man who spared his life. These types of people have ever been in power , on this earth.
Anne-Marie DEENEN (9 months ago)
Moi jet me world wacraft
Shawn Li (9 months ago)
This is just a WoW version of High School shooting
undead4500 (9 months ago)
Gul'dan the Clan shooter. xD
Mile Risma (9 months ago)
Wait! Why does Gul'dan have those Amon eyes? Connection?
Yuilen (9 months ago)
In the actual storyline that isn't time travel bullshit WoD, Gul'dan *was* a shaman, and was Ner'zhul's apprentice. When Ner'zhul rejected Kil'Jaeden's offer, Gul'dan accepted, and became the first orc warlock.
arcanesonata (9 months ago)
yeah, turns out they changed his story. this is his canon origin for both universes now
undead4500 (9 months ago)
wrong this is not WOD version this is actually background story of Gul'dan childhood this is supported/backed by Warcraft chronicles 2. Events of ROTH book happened after Harbinger story Gul'dan was already Secretly Warlock/Kil'jaeden's agent corrupting Ner'zhul and Shadowmoon clan after joining shadowmoon clan he becomes Ner'zhul's "shaman" apprentice.
K Habex (9 months ago)
make a movie like this pleaseeee !!!! :D
Kotsos haj1914 (9 months ago)
how the fckk he got this green spell (it call it the fell i think)
Exile (9 months ago)
"I would never again grovel for a place in this world. Instead I would forge a world that would grovel before me."
Kevin Becker (9 months ago)
The elements reject Gul'dan, therefore creating the warlock who killed King Varian. Thank you elements.
IronHavoc (8 months ago)
Kevin Becker Yeah, the elements rejecting Gul'dan lead to a lot of good. He killed that Alliance scum Varian and his minions killed that traitor Vol'jin. A shame they couldn't give the Horde another proper orc as Warchief.
Mia the outdoor kitty (9 months ago)
What orc clan was that?
undead4500 (9 months ago)
It not Bonechewer or any known clan because Gul'dan had completely annihilated this clan and all traces of its existence the only traces left is the elder shaman's ring and the staff which Gul'dan carries with him. when you get Guldan's ring after Nighthold raid your character does not recognize which clan it belongs to. Ring of the Scoured Clan:"This ring is crudely engraved with an unmistakably Orcish symbol, but one you've never seen before."
Morten Pedersen (9 months ago)
I was thinking it could be the Bonechewer clan. They weren't seen in WoD and in the prime timeline they were all forced into becoming fel-orcs.
Ankhbayar Gankhuyag (9 months ago)
Is that Eul's specter-on the shaman's hand :D from dota2 ?
Void Lord (10 months ago)
Guldan is a schoolshooter
Popovici Silviu (10 months ago)
As much as I started to despise and hate this green traitor. He is just pure badass.
Jacob Arntsen (10 months ago)
3:58 tfw you spook a cat outside that you almost got to pet.
SKanderbeG #1450 (10 months ago)
Orc version of Hitler LUL
Bully (10 months ago)
You Great Gul'dan.. You are nothing more than a shame! Lok'tar OGAR!
Dr. Ariel Finch (10 months ago)
Y'know what's sad? 5:53-6:04
Dino Mulalic (11 months ago)
Don't do Fel kids.
reiseRi K (11 months ago)
Gul'dan is the best character in warcraft universe, after Arthas

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