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Minecraft Flans Mod: T&P Devblog 45 - HUMAN SHIELDS, Torpedos, Reactive Armor and more!

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Skip to 11:48 to see the human shield in action! https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-mk-451.1245042 Join our cancerous Discord: https://discord.gg/dB5fWxY Right now I am working on the Tyrants and Plebeians mark 5 mod pack that will revolutionize gameplay by greatly increasing the standards for configs. In this episode, I show off new mechanics such as canister shells, aircraft dropped torpedos, human shields, explosive reactive armor, an actual difference between HEAT and APFSDS shells and more. In addition to new mechanics, tons of new models have been added or re-made such as the T-55A, the T-64 family, the T-80 family, the M47 Patton, the BMP-2 and more!
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Text Comments (43)
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
Monorisu i personally think that this modpack is sexist, i mean why does the female version only have a 7.7mm gun whereas the male one gets a 37mm. its almost like people in the early 20th century were sexist or something
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
(i am shitposting kys)
WW2 Memories (7 days ago)
Amazing work m8
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (8 days ago)
Lab will you ever fix singleplayer crashes? i can't enjoy the pack without it
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
jk it will be fixed for mk5 when HBM is removed (i think)
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
he is shitposting
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (6 days ago)
wait so will it be fixed or do we just have to use the creative server?
Monorisu (6 days ago)
I found out how to fix it, but I want to break singleplayer on purpose so people will be forced to play on the future creative server.
Hello monorisu films please make a video in techik armour and weapons ww1
enderboygamer (10 days ago)
hey monorisu because when I go to put something on the floor of the package warfare44 simply the vehicle does not appear the modeling does not appear
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
enderboygamer go yell war monger
doge the dog (10 days ago)
How do you download mk4 pleas tell me or leave a link plus i love the work you are doing on the mod and like how hard you must work to make all thecool stuff
Monorisu (10 days ago)
try reading the video description
Natalia (11 days ago)
Oh yeah i forgot to ask this. Is there a t 14 armata in tyrants and plebeians mod pack
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
t-90 superior
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
its 10 though
Monorisu (10 days ago)
Natalia (11 days ago)
Hey labjac i got an idea. What about if you shot an enemy tank it penetrates its armor can kill people right behind. Edit or a people inside it.
Monorisu (10 days ago)
if you fire an apfsds shell at a row of light tanks, in theory you can kill 5 in a row
OH YEAH MR KRABS (11 days ago)
i'd like to see monorisu do a flans mod battle with the ratte and something else
OH YEAH MR KRABS (2 hours ago)
Really? I guess I'm just retarded...
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
William Kirk we did that in mk4, ratte vs three t-14 armatas. the armatas won. there was also a non-admin sponsered battle where a player put down a ratte, and it died to my armata, aswell as an ally in a sabre. the ratte is trash, its easy to kill if you either a. get too close to it for its guns to be able to hit you, b. use an aircraft, or c. run circles around it because the turret rotation speed is 10
RagexPrince683 (11 days ago)
reeee unmute me on ur server
JB0204 (11 days ago)
Uhh should this be called tap devlog 45
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
you’re fucking 10
Monorisu (10 days ago)
TheFlyingEmperor (11 days ago)
Wew new hit detection and dmg control
DrPhil (11 days ago)
How's the standalone project?
DrPhil (11 days ago)
Monorisu ok then I'll keep an eye out for when it does release then
Monorisu (11 days ago)
No. fsts claims he has a build where things work but I still haven't seen any proof.
DrPhil (11 days ago)
Monorisu you got a estimate on when well at least get a beta?
Monorisu (11 days ago)
l-leaps and bounds of progress. its a-almost d-done.
Testeroftanks (11 days ago)
But when will you add the aks I sent you?
Monorisu (11 days ago)
soon tm
Teddy Woodward (11 days ago)
I was the 7 like
Teddy Woodward (11 days ago)
I was the 36 view
Hybrid (11 days ago)
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (11 days ago)
InvalidSyntax (2 hours ago)
eqwdasd wqexadsdf u
Monorisu (11 days ago)
ww2 soldier (10 days ago)
Ben Hausler thanks
Ben Hausler (10 days ago)
yes but it crashes alot
ww2 soldier (10 days ago)
Is there single player

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