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Minecraft | Pandora's Box Mod! NEVER OPEN THE BOX!!

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I decided to open Pandora' Box that will commonly be known as Bazillau' Box from now on..I really shouldn't have opened it because OMG THERES A HELL DIMENSION IN THERE and many other scary/dangerous things. Could we push for 20 likes? :-) ♪ Music By ApproachingNirvana: http://youtube.com/ApproachingNirvanna ●The Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/563257-142-ivorius-mods-drugs-statues-flags-boxes-of-doom-hamsters/
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Text Comments (97)
Jayden Cox (2 years ago)
Bronwyn Henderson (3 years ago)
i tried and the ground and everything on it disappeared  
Callum Thomas (3 years ago)
This is gay not cool man
Audrey Leins (4 years ago)
thank god at least one person did their research!
The zombie pig thing around 3:10 was dancing to the music XD
Arietta Xylas (4 years ago)
I am greek and i am a girl lol
Arietta Xylas (4 years ago)
The title is never open the box but you opened the box
Riley Park (4 years ago)
Pandora a box let let out everything bad only one thing hope
matthewbro22 (3 years ago)
You hot:-)
YASIR JOHNSON (4 years ago)
I make u braclet u want bracelet i make u one kk lol jk
GlassOcelot OA (4 years ago)
U are under arrest Bazillau reason:murder of the ocelots and cats I now sentence you to DEATH LOL I was mad and sadden because of all the cats dying but u made it up with YOUR SOUL :D
Steven Degiorgio (4 years ago)
Gemma English (4 years ago)
BlueBlizzard 7 (4 years ago)
Wow this is a weird mod...COOL
bucca2 (4 years ago)
This is beautiful. I must have this mod.
indeepj (4 years ago)
723689736786996379 books needed to out smart Bazillau!!!!!!!!!
tamara cole (4 years ago)
if it says dont open the box, then dont!lol.kiding this was funny
connorsmommy411 (4 years ago)
Could you make a mod pack with this mod, mo creatures, and more
Nerdy Cake (4 years ago)
I want to be your friend.. :P
Lee Everett (4 years ago)
Spencer Hinkle (4 years ago)
In the box there was also goodness
adam ant (4 years ago)
marleybone (4 years ago)
Ighlmljjnnmn mm b. b
Daisy Green (4 years ago)
you sound so much like ricky gervais ....
declan james (4 years ago)
diamond pick at 04:31
Davanzo Days (4 years ago)
Is it solar apo-caly-pse?
Lagoona Blue (4 years ago)
in greek mythology, Pandora was told not to open a box that contained certain evils. Curiosity had gotten the best of her andshe opend the box,which let loose the evils inside it.
Callen Barkley (4 years ago)
O_O its evil!!
Foevah Whovian (4 years ago)
Duck: Got any grapes? Lemonade Stand Guy: OMG SHUT UP *Opens pandora's box and runs away*
Jim Bartelle (4 years ago)
"then we get armour in the end!" (landscape turns to endstone) Me: literary
casey kellett (4 years ago)
what is the name of the song please
Paige Winter (5 years ago)
when pandora opened the box it released all bad things like disease the only good thing was hope
ExoticGRefleX (5 years ago)
Did you buy it? And what compressor program do you use? I would like to start on youtube. Thanks
Bazillau (5 years ago)
ExoticGRefleX (5 years ago)
What recorder did you use?
Andrew Schultz (5 years ago)
i saw the tnt had a redstone torch next to it at 4:11 Thumbs up if u saw thumbs up anyway if u dident
Silver Fox (5 years ago)
*facepalm* I thought this was about Borderlands
Bazillau (5 years ago)
It would be pretty OP and probably grief loads of peoples houses
Joe Brickwall64 (5 years ago)
Try to get this added to the wrath of the void
BigZ ThyDoom (5 years ago)
Bazillau, you need to read more Percy Jackson books.
a narwhal (5 years ago)
aculy it said that there werent pain and sorrow at first then a king gave it to her and she had it 4 a long time but she was so curious about wats inside. so she opend it, and THATS wat happend.
Haylee Hartley (5 years ago)
no one knows theres a box called cats in a box lol
PastelKirby (5 years ago)
mermaid142,you know that it is a box.idk what verson you heard though.its zues is mad at another god so for revenge he and other god/goddesses created pandora.zues gave pandora couristiouty and a box with evils and one last thing...hope.when she opened the box thease things fled to human kind to terrise them forever
PastelKirby (5 years ago)
yep i only read at bed time cuz my school says i need to
Zander Cook (5 years ago)
wow acevmit get geting wood? the is it the first time he played minecraft?
Zander Cook (5 years ago)
ya it can bring fish rian or it can trap u in a lava cage.
PastelKirby (5 years ago)
ya know that pandoras box had all bad things in it.death, old age ect well theres hope too so in the mod something good will happen representing the hope left in the box.i know alot about greek/roman mytholagy so i study it
GreenJohnnyPolo (5 years ago)
Rule 1 never open pandoras box
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I think they did
trueurbanshadow (5 years ago)
you just watched tomb raider didn't you?
Mike Morse (5 years ago)
you arez cools
TheRealHuntDoG (5 years ago)
All those kat's died
Victinimaster14 (5 years ago)
Eldon Wu (5 years ago)
I subscribed
KidOmegaByte (5 years ago)
and also pandora's the name of the planet in borderlands 1 & 2
TwiztidSinX (5 years ago)
kinda dumb that bad things happen when you open pandoras box in mythology inside pandoras box was the only thing that could save the world when it was on the brink of destruction "hope".
Mewbone (5 years ago)
Note: Do NOT spam pandora's box
Oisin Mccavana (5 years ago)
He says:What have I done? Me: You made a couple of cave systems.
Il Tech lI (5 years ago)
what if it spawned a ender dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 that would literly suck becuse it would tere hols in the world mah subed :3
Ben Campbell (5 years ago)
Blame Pandora on destruction of minecraftia
Dilly-Senpai (5 years ago)
3:02 there was a blaze in the background xD
Shadowcaster3000 (5 years ago)
Gustav Torelm (5 years ago)
4,37 did enyone noticed the green rubbie block?
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Thanks :-)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Ayub K (5 years ago)
lesson learned nver open anything not even books
Bazillau (5 years ago)
in the description
Larry Greengo (5 years ago)
Hey where is the link to the mod?
Alex J. (5 years ago)
Alex J. (5 years ago)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
yes it is. Think of the havoc and madness you could cause on servers if it worked on them xD
Ashkam Ashley (5 years ago)
This is by far the best mob ever!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!
V Λ P O R W Λ V Ξ (5 years ago)
Like the music what is it
GlichCentral (5 years ago)
I you thought that was big set off a nuke in more explosives
Kien Nguyen (5 years ago)
You almost made it to the Minecraft core
Osva ? (5 years ago)
Baz... what was your last channel?
1123maxi (5 years ago)
Bazillau, you are the best youtuber by far -3 (no homo) All "Not-Liking" subscribers are d*cks. Keep up the great work - Maxi
Jake Vredenburg (5 years ago)
You fucked that landscape up
Roman (5 years ago)
You should see solar apocalypse. That mod has a pandora box, too. But that box will start the end of your world in fire.
Bazillau (5 years ago)
thanks for the awesome support :-)
Julia (5 years ago)
your so awesome keep up the good work on your new channel
ConfusedGrandpa (5 years ago)
I actually went to their channel and looked through their videos until I found that song :) Thanks though haha
cordell cash (5 years ago)
soo awesome
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I think its bangers & Smashed by Approaching Nirvana =-)
ConfusedGrandpa (5 years ago)
whats the name of the song?
Bazillau (5 years ago)
haha no. why? xD
Luis Maia (5 years ago)
Bazillau, are you brasilian?
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I'm going to try and stick to once every 2 days or more if I have time to make them :-)
PyroPeople (5 years ago)
How often do you make videos?
Luke (5 years ago)
he said armor in the end and at the same time end stone appeared :D
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Thanks bud =-)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot man! You've made an awesome mod :-)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
It's so much fun to play around with :D
Dinkleberg (5 years ago)
Wow this is an awesome mod and an awesome mod review
Gold (5 years ago)
Ivorius (5 years ago)
Very nice, thanks for the Spotlight! I linked it in the mod description =) ~Ivorius, Mod Creator
Kole (5 years ago)
la epic mod :P

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