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THIS HAPPENS when you drive into a Fortnite rift..!!

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Text Comments (4237)
fort gamerlol (52 minutes ago)
And I have ps4
fort gamerlol (53 minutes ago)
Dan I have some of your old and new merch and everything so I was wondering may we please collab it would be the best thing that has ever happened to me
Mary Swift (55 minutes ago)
ᒪᑌᐯ TᕼE ᐯIᗪ ᗪᗩᑎTᗪᗰ! ᗩᑎᗪ YᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩᗩY ᖴOᖇTᑎITE ᑌᖇ ᗷETTEᖇ Tᕼᗩᑎ ᗰE Iᑎ ᖴOᖇTᑎITE......... ᑎIᑕE ᐯIᗪ! ᑌᖇ OᑎE Oᖴ ᗰY ᖴᗩᐯ YOᑌTᑌᗷEᖇᔕ!! ❤️
Zach Attack (1 hour ago)
DaN I LoOoaVe uuuuu
Toby Thompson (1 hour ago)
Try to do a golf game at lazy links
ENDER MINER (2 hours ago)
Dan raft or house flipper
Ethanisop Bekfast (2 hours ago)
Your duos partner or squad mate can shoot out of the golf cart if they aren't driving
Epic Stuff 2 (2 hours ago)
Rowe Gamer (3 hours ago)
You can power slide more to get a bigger boost
Fortnite is kinda fun and all but you need to do minecraft misadventures bro
Ender Bro (3 hours ago)
Whats fornite
Letty Torres (4 hours ago)
It's not nice
H20leo655 G (4 hours ago)
Dan what lvl are you
sorry (4 hours ago)
Dan you pay a concerning amount of attention to people who are rude to you when it comes to fortnite. Also your golf cart skills are impressive.
Milki 917 (5 hours ago)
Milki 917 (5 hours ago)
Hello dan
Jelly Jr. (5 hours ago)
Finally u know
Jelly Jr. (5 hours ago)
Akiylah Rogers (6 hours ago)
Your eyes were red, are you Ok Ok😷😷😷
Lucky Legendary Hero (6 hours ago)
What happened to Miitopia?
Chasling Playz (6 hours ago)
Why is it that whenever I shoot someone *WITH A PUMP SHOTGUN* AND THEY don't die, but THEN THEY SHOOT ME with a pistol ONCE and I die!? It is always sooooo annoying! =(
George Masterson (7 hours ago)
Baller Wright (8 hours ago)
Notice how dan kept the green ar over the blue
46Ridge (8 hours ago)
From where Fortnite is going PubG is gonna go bankrupt Boi
William Smoak (8 hours ago)
I hope playground ltm comes back this season.
Bottle Flips YT (9 hours ago)
When I did this with my friends I fell from the rift without a parachute and ended up with 12 HP!
Rebecca Weichey (9 hours ago)
Play palidins!!!
Panda bamboo Gamerplays (10 hours ago)
If playground mode ever comes back,dan should race with the car with fans or some friends he knows.
Panda bamboo Gamerplays (11 hours ago)
I find it scary every time someone uses a rift because I’m just running and then I hear VVVSHHH and I freak out xD
Roblox player (11 hours ago)
That was me shooting u
Captain Ram (11 hours ago)
Those 396 dislikes are PUBG fans
Awesomeness Games (11 hours ago)
once I was playing squads and this person on my squad took my shield when I was about to grab it and I was almost dead (he had full health) so what i did is I got the golf cart and he was on the back, I rode through a rift right at the edge of the map and let it fall off the edge I jumped out in time but he didn't :)
NotThe Gamingbros (11 hours ago)
Play bee swarm simulator in roblox
Xtreme Legacy (12 hours ago)
Unfortunately red is the highest the golf cart can go when you want to boost but on playground if you had 4 people, 2 on each golf cart one driving and one on back, it could be an awesome fight
Alex Morgan (12 hours ago)
Do u play roblox
Takis Masters (13 hours ago)
Can you play with fans
Copelin Neeley (13 hours ago)
You are the best
Copelin Neeley (13 hours ago)
Play more Fortnite
Sean Moore (13 hours ago)
Do you suppose you can get the Suoer Mini Turbo from driftimg more?
on live stream
Alex C (14 hours ago)
Dan the subs you got from a clip of that day that you had was 666
Kevin Grant (14 hours ago)
Xx_Yo_Its_ Ash_xX (14 hours ago)
Wood from catcus Fortnige logic
hellonightmare (14 hours ago)
R good for. PS4
Luna Da Vamp (15 hours ago)
Dan... play GTA it's better than fortnite and there are guns there and you can drive things there too and si races
Tobias The gamer (15 hours ago)
POWER SLIDE is rip off of halo
jb - Ayari (16 hours ago)
Dan u found the map at dusty but try to find the one at risky plz read this whith a squeaki voice
lightningking 910 (17 hours ago)
Power slide also known as drifting
Jeremy Jem (17 hours ago)
I'm believe I Can Fly :)
The gaming Nugget (17 hours ago)
Who else misses playground mode
JENNIPF (17 hours ago)
I missed season 5 a little cause I was on vacation but I could still watch you at least
Morgan Landy (17 hours ago)
If you get down quick enough you can use a rift twice
DJVapes (17 hours ago)
AlexGaming TV (17 hours ago)
is dan ali-a now???
Tyler Robbins (17 hours ago)
Dan it's not rift it's drift
Tyler Robbins (17 hours ago)
Tyler Robbins (17 hours ago)
Golden Jam (18 hours ago)
I wonder are those curse words I hear for his outro...
Mikey Bakhit (18 hours ago)
Dan maybe we can play together
Maryam Khan (18 hours ago)
Hi Dan!
BETRAY 6 (18 hours ago)
its official Fortmite is copying Pubg
The Best (19 hours ago)
Triple dan
THEdragonslayrr _ (19 hours ago)
You can knock your own teammates with the car when flying offa Mountain and they jump out and the cart lands on them.
Firdaus Fitria (19 hours ago)
Dan can you play Slenderina X
Nerf Squad Army (19 hours ago)
Can you please do a video of Dantdm vs ninja in fortnite.
fnaf gamer (20 hours ago)
It's guy to told PUPG is sucks no t you
fnaf gamer (20 hours ago)
Not you dan
fnaf gamer (20 hours ago)
It's mine opinion idiot and someone opinion
Radioactive Diamond (20 hours ago)
Oh btw you can shoot in the karts. You just have to get into the other seats
Radioactive Diamond (20 hours ago)
Wait... Did dan use a clickbait thumbnail? Ah, I dont care dan is still da best
Please pin me
Bobby Keane (20 hours ago)
The battle of the golf carts!
Bobby Keane (20 hours ago)
I REALY want to play fortnite
Cactus Games (21 hours ago)
You can laser with the epic tac smg
Mason (21 hours ago)
Roshan Sadiq (21 hours ago)
Mark Jelani (22 hours ago)
Dan can I play with you?
Poppy FromTheLove (22 hours ago)
Dan the blue hair person had a blue shiny hair all of the other peaple had blue shiny hair
HeyIm Jeff12 (22 hours ago)
I love these 3 uploads in one day! Sorry I copied someone else's comment :( but love your videos :D
Microsoftfan 98 (22 hours ago)
Now fortnite is ripping of PUBG because you can drive.
Kyky power (22 hours ago)
I need to see a PUG !!!! XD
Kyky power (23 hours ago)
I'm liking the 3 vids in a day Dan!
BFL Squad (23 hours ago)
The guy that sniped you had the rarest pickaxe
Martin Cramp (23 hours ago)
man fortnite season 5 is epic
Fortnite Pro (23 hours ago)
youtuberobot22 14 (23 hours ago)
Dan play pubg instead pls
Cool Dude (1 day ago)
It can do some dorifto !!! (Eurobeat Intensifies)
Cool Dude (1 day ago)
RoboGamer YT (1 day ago)
Play PlayersUnknownBattleGround———>PUBG
Do u have season five battle pass? 😜
Patrick van Diest (1 day ago)
play more
Muhamad Ali Alimin (1 day ago)
dan you can hold the drift to add more speed
Fortnite Gamer (1 day ago)
can you friend me on fortnite my name is angta10
Fortnite Gamer (1 day ago)
fortnite took over the world dun dun dun!!!!!
This is awsome
Andrea Perez (1 day ago)
Mickey Worrell (1 day ago)
Dan I say you should read the twisted ones
InceptionTime (1 day ago)
Croatia or France?
efrain jr (1 day ago)
My big brother and his friend drove in to a drift and his friend got squished by the shopping cart
Frosty Beast (1 day ago)
Poke legend (1 day ago)
You are awesome
SlashStrikeZ136 (1 day ago)
I hope dan doesn’t become Ali a
Braydin Mellow (1 day ago)
The mlg og tdm your cool and Amazing

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