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THIS HAPPENS when you drive into a Fortnite rift..!!

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Text Comments (3759)
Tracy Javins (20 hours ago)
Hi Dan tdm
Elizabeth Meyer (6 days ago)
I saw a legendary
Owen Bryant (7 days ago)
Fortnight sucks
4:50 for golf kart in rift. You can thank me later.
Beef Boss (11 days ago)
Hi Daniel Middleton
Kash (11 days ago)
Wood from cactus Video Game Logic
Zach F (13 days ago)
Any one watching in 2020. ;)
JackSpyro _10 (14 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the ‘0’ at 2:23?
Jorja And Charlie lol (14 days ago)
Um since when can a balloon smash cacti
iceskatingkittycats (16 days ago)
drives into rift 4:50
TonyStarkGames TSG (18 days ago)
Ur a noob
J Brennan (19 days ago)
Season 5!!!
Mesrop Moses (20 days ago)
5:27 look at the subscribers part 666 :P
dragan sretenovic (20 days ago)
what in the world is with people fortnite is worst game it the world ps this is not hate for Dan ps i h a t e fortnite ohhhhh sooooo bored 😐😐😐😡
Seang R Lim (21 days ago)
Seang R Lim (21 days ago)
You killed me dantdm 😢
Fortnite Barz (21 days ago)
I am 8 and I play fortnite
DanTDM DanTDM you're amazing I made a song about that I really messed up
andrei valdecantos (22 days ago)
I think someone copied pubg😉and I love pubg
Hyper_Sonic471 (22 days ago)
That portal thing is called a rift portal
Kade7 Haines (23 days ago)
Fined the diffrence 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😝😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Crystal Werewolf (25 days ago)
Fortnite is life
Tristan Noble (25 days ago)
Every one its his channel he plays what he wants
Kyra Black (26 days ago)
so sick dan so sick
Harrisønfire (26 days ago)
*C L I C K B A I T*
umbreon lover 97 (27 days ago)
I ahve your merch
Sara Jordan (27 days ago)
Did you see the 0 damge? 2: 10
Yousuf Nema (27 days ago)
Al Sara Group (28 days ago)
CJ Wagner (28 days ago)
Nathan Zeligman (28 days ago)
So you play on PS4 Dan 😝 I can play with you my PS4 name is Nathan_Zeligman
Gamerboi Cadman (28 days ago)
Gamerboi Cadman (28 days ago)
Lol look at today at 532
Haifa Amir (30 days ago)
Dan play grandpa games 😃
ItsGraceHere _101 (30 days ago)
Go to 44:43 and look at today +...
lavacreep12 (1 month ago)
lol baka
Flashwing V (1 month ago)
Dear dan If you read this I am your no1 fan in the world I have been to 13 of your shows and I enjoyed all of them Your my favourite YouTuber in the world I congratulate you on your 20 MILLION subscribers and I am one! Well dan have a goodtime playing Fortnite keep it up! Ps my name on Fortnite is Flashwing V!
Jasper Aguila (1 month ago)
Luciana Pires Docanto (1 month ago)
You came out the crack
Aaryan Sharma (1 month ago)
Rip tac smg
Legendary Flash (1 month ago)
I did this before but I survived
Sean Byrne (1 month ago)
You can run peeps over😃
Giliane Lefort (1 month ago)
Who loves Dan vids
Justin Belmar (28 days ago)
Giliane Lefort meeeeeee
RippedCracker79 (1 month ago)
drift into a rift
Biggs 3452 (1 month ago)
This is click bait
Miss Zeglin (1 month ago)
Dan plz plz plz play halo
debra hattis (1 month ago)
hi dan my name is jaylen.I'm using my nana's account.
auri acorns (1 month ago)
Oh Dan! I heard ninja got ligma! Please dont get Ligma!
Pvpgamers LOL'Z (1 month ago)
Dan how dare you choose a golf Car over your wife?!?!?
Warren Raetzer (1 month ago)
You can't get the backpack he's wearing, it's never been in the shop or in packs. So only developer's or hacker's can only get them. So he's either a hacker or a developer of fortnite.
Golden Freddy 1974 (1 month ago)
When I drove a shopping cart into a rift, it started playing music and in the corner it said 100'098'999, then I died
Blaze smoke (1 month ago)
Burst AR is better
articalp (1 month ago)
The classic clickbait
Ronan Clark (1 month ago)
jennifer Childers (1 month ago)
Can Jemma here you
Maria Ortega (1 month ago)
Dan you shoed thro grnad so you can get a random kill
Broadcasting Tuber (1 month ago)
Amber Peters (1 month ago)
No intro
Dat One Squib (1 month ago)
i did the drive into a rift thing but instead of bouncing it killed me and my teammate
BEDROCK WARRIOR (1 month ago)
Are you still married to Jemma?
Creeper Cam (1 month ago)
yo cant run over people cuse when someone tried to run over me it just made me bounce
Lincoln Gaetz (1 month ago)
Hy Dan go in to your profile so people can see haw Many kills you have. P.s I love fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀
Aaron Nonnemacher (1 month ago)
ur doo doo
Lyndsey Barlow (1 month ago)
Play yandere simulator
Logan (1 month ago)
play clone drone in the danger zone
sweetcrysp (1 month ago)
Will you ever play Roblox
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
but cool glitch tho
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
im very disappointed in you dan
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
dantdm stop doing clickbait and please do mod reviews again
Andrei Badea (1 month ago)
Dan you could also dance at the back of the kart
Creeper TEM (1 month ago)
Not a fake yay
Justyn Rowedda (1 month ago)
Wouldn't your ball on ok made pop by the cactus?
mlg llamq (1 month ago)
To block golf carts from falling off make walls on the stairs
diane simmonite (1 month ago)
Get a Victory Royale with a Golf cart whos in!?
A Streett (1 month ago)
I find it odd that when you smash a cactus you get WOOD
Khalifa Almazrooie (1 month ago)
I hate seson 5
Timothy Barbour (1 month ago)
A second person can shoot out of it
Pengi Penguin (1 month ago)
Dan pls do more save the world
Reine Sabri (1 month ago)
Omg lucky when I used the car and went in the portal I died XD
Poody Meier (1 month ago)
Wyatt Pierce (1 month ago)
Diamond mine cart are you got the golf cart 5Times
Jennifer Garbow (1 month ago)
i wonder what happpens when you go into the rift when it closes
The Gaming Cat (1 month ago)
i honestly hate fortnite its just a copy from pubg
I already got hyped up from the beginning lol
Kammy Things (1 month ago)
Doug Sarav (1 month ago)
I died when I and my cousin and we died it was fun😺😂😂
Nikodem Truszczynski (1 month ago)
Lol you gonna be trolled Read more
Nikodem Truszczynski (1 month ago)
Lol the read more does not work because I wrote it XD
Free Lore (1 month ago)
Dantdm play dying light pls
Mohd Shazli Draman (1 month ago)
the thing that you ran in to is a portal
Samuel Bainbridge (1 month ago)
yes it is sick
boogrmonkei (1 month ago)
With the golf cart what ever it’s called you can run over your self with takes damage
Sir mews A LOT! (1 month ago)
Drift longer it becomes blue to yellow to red
Fabiola Munoz (1 month ago)
Season 5
#slinging Slasher (1 month ago)
Wait what?
#slinging Slasher (1 month ago)
This is what happens you die
OSCAR BEYBLADE legand (1 month ago)
I got a add for fortnite
Kara Rampley (2 months ago)
Can watch baldi s backs the musical
Emily Le (2 months ago)
Dan is a god
Killer Deamon (2 months ago)

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