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FTB Pyramid Reborn - 05 - Lava, Shock Absorber, Refined Storage

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A new Pyramid map was created by the FTB team! Not quite a speed run - but still trying to complete the map quickly and efficiently. Download it on the Twitch Launcher or here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-pyramid-reborn
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Shantel Guetgen (6 days ago)
I think you can see how to make it on Avasva . This is just an advice ;)
Ben Thatcher (12 days ago)
so much work to replace the Actually Additions fluid collector
BATMAN (14 days ago)
hoe is in middle chest on the bottom left
Sweetest Pumpkin (14 days ago)
Clay tools can mine obsidian
Kevin Duffy (8 days ago)
I noticed this in my playthrough, but it seems like that should be a bug. Skipping lava generation entirely doesn't seem intended.
Rabennase3 (14 days ago)
BTW: You can make obsidian with the ressource generator. You will need grid power for the speed upgrades, the won't work without.

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