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Duke Nukem 3D PC review

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Finally a realistic review of Duke Nukem 3D, a video game released only on the PC.
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Gustavo Alcántara (28 days ago)
Jeffrey Ridgway (1 year ago)
"Piece of cake?" More like piece of cowabunga shit!
Inzanexx715 (1 year ago)
retrovideogamejunkie (1 year ago)
i though they kill this video for sure this time...
"I dont know whats flatter. These urinals or the Ulsen Twins' chests." Omfg I died
Sara Latorre (2 years ago)
Nintendo64 was the only hardware were sexual content was censored (ironically, it was classified as +18 year-old anyway).
Dustin Porter (2 years ago)
This game is now 20 years old IGSRJ. Let's wish Duke Nukem 3D a happy birthday! 😊
SayHelloToMello (2 years ago)
defiatron (2 years ago)
+SayHelloToMello he said to me that videos are released when they are ready on facebook
Onandonandomnom (2 years ago)
atleast you know how to open the door. i quit the game cuz i didn't know how.
Mr Bubbles (1 year ago)
+Arrowdance Hehe what a mess.
Arrowdance (1 year ago)
Oomph! Oomph! Where is it?
Mr Bubbles (2 years ago)
+koalten j Idiot.
Onandonandomnom (2 years ago)
sorry jeez, infact i found out how.... with help.
Mr Bubbles (2 years ago)
+koalten j Idiot
The BRG (3 years ago)
You know what's sad? How IGSRJ is better than lots of YouTubers like PewDiePie and other shit... #IGSRJisTheBest   #GoIGSRJ
The BRG (2 years ago)
Trancemaster2052 (3 years ago)
You should do a review of Duke Nukem Forever. lol
Pseudocommando (3 years ago)
I oughta break a broomhandle off in your ass!
Scout Pilgrim (3 years ago)
"Duke knows how to walk on one leg. The talented bastard." <-- that shit got me good
SaviorAssassin1996 (3 years ago)
"Unlike Duke Nukem 1, where hecking DOS ends up telling you to buy the rest of the game." Lol that's funny. X3
SaviorAssassin1996 (2 years ago)
Duke Nukem 64 is the best Duke Nukem game ever....although I prefer perfect dark than any other shooter...even Duke Nukem 64 can't beat perfect dark. Update: The elder scrolls oblivion is amazing that I keep playing it.
SaviorAssassin1996 (2 years ago)
+sebastian blakely Good. :)
seb blake (2 years ago)
+Nightcaster460 how are you
SaviorAssassin1996 (2 years ago)
seb blake (2 years ago)
SaviorAssassin1996 (2 years ago)
+sebastian blakely :) Cool.
Liu Kang (3 years ago)
If you were gonna talk so much using that friggin program you should've just actually talked for the review jokes that could've got a slight chuckle from me gets a dead serious look and reaction out of me its a robot talking with no emotion and emphasis i'd rather watch this in silence with subtitles instead listening you trying to crack jokes with that damn talking program that came pre-installed in Microsoft computers back in the 90s
SaviorAssassin1996 (3 years ago)
You son of a thing! Duke Nukem 64 is awesome!
D.E.X. (3 years ago)
Pendulum Panda (3 years ago)
@5:58, I also have that computer.
Lewis Birkett (4 years ago)
use your real voice it sounds fucking stupid like that
David2035 (3 years ago)
you know that's the archfiend right?
Abdullah Tshabal (4 years ago)
Duke can also walk and kick with both feet at the same time
genuine_legend (4 years ago)
this video wont work on my youtube app on my tv!!!!
Kaiba19870115 (4 years ago)
omg what does he said? PEACE OF (thats the part that i cant understand) SHIT
Nic (4 years ago)
I was your 10k sub. What do I get? Free hugs?
TheCommentGuy8 (4 years ago)
Please tell me this review is a ''sort of'' joke. At the late 1990s, Duke Nukem 3D was the DOOM of it's time. I know Duke 3D doesn't look like mush by todays standards, but you have to remember that Duke 3D came out in the late 1990s, not 2008.
deadfishy666 (4 years ago)
Duke was out for like a month before Quake came out. Quake was the Crysis of it's age!
Sluff Adlin (4 years ago)
+TheCommentGuy8 It is all satire and not to be taken seriously, he's poking fun at "angry reviewing" . But part of IGSRJ's style is to give a "shitty" review to even the most successful games (Super Mario Brothers 3, and this). Something nobody else has really done before or since. It's actually really funny if you look at his videos with an open mind.  
TheCommentGuy8 (4 years ago)
+cesarmanuel51 Yes... well... this is ''sort of'' my first time.
TooCooFoYou (4 years ago)
Is this your first time watching IGSRJ?
Zephlonx (4 years ago)
Lol, you're hilarious. This clearly isn't the AVGN, it doesn't even look like him.Where do you come up with such theories? He has no reason to pretend to not be himself.
Damocles178 (4 years ago)
I wonder if this guy will review Forever. It probably wouldn't be as funny due to the negative reception Forever got. While I found Forever to be enjoyable; I just wonder if it would even be possible to make a funny review like this.
RecycleCrystal01 (4 years ago)
Duke fukin Nukem Great!
Matasanos (4 years ago)
love this video
Tyler Morelock (4 years ago)
HE'S NOT AVGN!!! Duh? I think YOU need to compare the looks of AVGN and IGSRJ.
Quinton Mitchell (4 years ago)
duke nukem 3d review
Jack Mormon (4 years ago)
What are you talking about this isn't somebody ripping off AVGN it's the man himself. Listen to how he talks it's identical in every way even the way he edits in clips from pop culture EXACTLY the same.
Danny Does Things (5 years ago)
yes he pisses on the walls xD
Akash Johnson (5 years ago)
This series needs to be complete. Duke Nukem Forever must be reviewed
Watson Dynamite (5 years ago)
What do you mean "lets"? He has no choice but to let people copy him. as I said, he isn't the owner of youtube. there's NOTHING he can do.
Vinyl Stash (5 years ago)
i meant that the avgn lets pepole copy him
Watson Dynamite (5 years ago)
The nerd doesn't control youtube. He doesn't have the power to dictate who can or can't make reviews.
A Player 69 (5 years ago)
there are a puttitties in it xD
discostu333 (5 years ago)
I laughed so hard at this video. Great job!
gurra88 (5 years ago)
364 people don't understand satire.
Don Corleone (5 years ago)
Hahaha xDD I love Duke Nukem but this review is killing me xD
Cesar Hurtado (5 years ago)
to hell with these games fuck this orange juice
A Player 69 (5 years ago)
2:32 what is that?a piece of shit running around
Daniel Neamtu (5 years ago)
Funny how this guy claims he's using his old computer and Duke CD, yet the drawing distance obviously professes that he's using polymost with EDuke32.
Alexander Eriksson (5 years ago)
cpt_salty (5 years ago)
and this was exactly my reaction to diablo 3
nicholas isaacs (5 years ago)
I have it on Xbox
Cameron Kuykendall (5 years ago)
You'd have to be stupid to think his reviews are serious,
orangeTadpole (5 years ago)
I thought it was decent.
The Suicider (5 years ago)
Lmao. Funny as hell man. This game was my life back in the day. Played it 24/7.
kevthebodybuilder B (5 years ago)
ya i know
DismentalBaby (5 years ago)
you suck bitch!!!!!
Argiris Michalostamos (5 years ago)
No he is the same person!:P
Mercy (5 years ago)
LOL a flatscreen in 1996
kevthebodybuilder B (5 years ago)
Lol that's the archfiends voice
iscmpn (5 years ago)
lol the cover is ripping off the Doom cover
manile1 (5 years ago)
Steven Hawkens is that you?
Hhshhshhe (5 years ago)
Don't have time to play with himself XD
az100eletronics12 (5 years ago)
This game is on gog.com!
shadowteam123 (5 years ago)
im rollin! its the robot voice obviously, but duke 64 my fav for sure <3
turner pike (5 years ago)
You what to know how you get this game for free on iPad look up on App Store and look at iPhone and find it
Ryan von Kresseling (5 years ago)
Awesome song choice for the end of the video.
redspecial27 (5 years ago)
"That doesnt stop duke though, he pisses all over the wall."
Ivan Simpson (5 years ago)
And on Playstation, it's known as Duke Nukem:Total Meltdown.
jerad paulson (5 years ago)
yes you are!
Trancemaster2052 (5 years ago)
These reviews are absolutely hilarious. I really wish IGSRJ would come back and start doing reviews like this again. They're some of the most entertaining and funny game reviews I've seen on youtube.
Damocles178 (5 years ago)
I agree though he'd have to be pretty creative to pull it off. Basically he'd have to come up with ideas for the review no one else thought off. He was pretty creative in this review as while this game is praised by many; he still managed to make fun of this game. We just mightn't get the same laugh from forever since it was heavily flawed but still it's worth a try :)
iLikeTheUDK (5 years ago)
@IGSRJ Why didn't you use the redbook version in the intro? It comes in the CD of the Atomic Edition (and it's also extrended): /watch?v=tFWGOclGXhE
Meme (5 years ago)
This game, your ass. What's the difference?
GrimmyReaper (5 years ago)
"fuck me. its a dirty job, but somebody has to do it." i first thought he was talkin about himself o.O
Spirrwell (5 years ago)
He says that in the "review" yet he says the opposite in his description.
Eldiablo681 (5 years ago)
that would be something hilarious
Green Warrior18 (5 years ago)
The live-action movie duke nukem looks pathetic and preposterous, he even don't look like him ;-ppp
GamerNinjaX (5 years ago)
bangasou12 (5 years ago)
to be honest i think agvn could do this better(not getting so angry)
GamerNinjaX (5 years ago)
no im talking about his review, its so nitpicky! I freakin love duke nukem.
bangasou12 (5 years ago)
this game was a acully revultoinary
bangasou12 (5 years ago)
try the demo its so fun
Cqub3 (6 years ago)
It's a fucking parody
Derek Tingle (6 years ago)
3:44 scared the crap out of me!!!
GamerNinjaX (6 years ago)
just like any other avgn rip off, nitpicky as hell
main_gi (6 years ago)
Wrong. He's parodying both.
SrWilson3s (6 years ago)
Ain't no time to play with myself LOL
Ukko Ylihumala (6 years ago)
Wtf duke nukum?
JC Denton (6 years ago)
Oh....Well umm...i knew it!
GOOGLE+SUCKS (6 years ago)
this review is dumb as shit
Danny Does Things (6 years ago)
aww whata cock roach? what a piece of shit xD
Danny Does Things (6 years ago)
JC Denton (6 years ago)
Sorry that's what i meant. My english is just very bad. =(
JC Denton (6 years ago)
AVGN Rip off!
kingcrimson234 (6 years ago)
can't watch the review because of the annoying synthesized voice. if you're going to do fake voice, please use a text to speech program from this century.
Avoozl (6 years ago)
I actually love Blood moreso than Shadow Warrior.
OmegaEnvych (6 years ago)
Nice choise, however, I, personally would pick Blood for my Game Of Choise. Mostly because CD audio doesn't slowing it down on my DosBox.
danin900 (6 years ago)
Avoozl (6 years ago)
I don't really care about Half Life. :/
danin900 (6 years ago)
Half Life rapes 'em all but goddman it, I can't really say one is better than the other really
Avoozl (6 years ago)
I prefer Shadow Warrior over Duke Nukem 3D.
uacv333 (6 years ago)
and im serious
uacv333 (6 years ago)
let me in that alien circle jerk
Logan Tate (6 years ago)
Its called Duke Nukem 3D because its animated
Smokey McPot (6 years ago)
fucking pathetic

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