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Minecraft MEGA NUKES, Stealth Bombers and Forcefields - Rival Rebels Mod #2

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Subscribe Today: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=finbarhawkes Today I show off the Mega Nukes from the rival rebels mod which are devastating! I also show you guys the stealth bomber which you can now shoot down and it will fall out of the sky! And finally force field which missiles and lasers can bounce off of in a awesome way! Mod Here: http://rivalrebels.blogspot.co.uk/
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Text Comments (308)
Elena Polozova (2 months ago)
Riad Trakic (9 months ago)
What is the texture pack?
thepromoose (1 year ago)
Make a Theo bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DORIAN [YT] SFS GAMER (1 year ago)
the mega nuke is theo
TacticalIdiot17 (1 year ago)
And "no" means you are too close to the blast site! come on!!!!!
TacticalIdiot17 (1 year ago)
the out of range means you can't shoot that far, NOOB!
Thunder Hean (1 year ago)
Noob In A German Tank (1 year ago)
Whos watching on 2017 ?
Gradient Strike (1 year ago)
Rian2008 Fitzsimons (1 year ago)
I love The Tsar Nuke Try 3!
Logan Pinger (1 year ago)
this is killa keemstar, lets get rigggghhhtt into the news...
Lizzy star (2 years ago)
Dang, the tsar was beastly
Sultan Al-Jobran (2 years ago)
مافهمت شي
Sultan Al-Jobran (2 years ago)
مافهمت شي
MURICAN MAN (2 years ago)
In real life the tsar bomba could destroy the entirety of Japanapan and part of china in one hit
Humsamuel (2 years ago)
A real nuke is detonated obve the ground...
A Person (1 year ago)
+Mr. OrangeFlan Exactly.
Diggle Doggle (1 year ago)
Mx Gamer They were, 600 metres above the ground
Viruz (1 year ago)
hiroshima and nagasaki bombs where not detonated in the air i was talking about test nukes being detonated in the air
A Person (1 year ago)
+Mx Gamer Nagasaki..
Humsamuel (1 year ago)
Mx Gamer See Hiroshima...
Tom Tatty (2 years ago)
How many millions of people he has killed in that poor city..... LOL 😆
King Karl XII 🇸🇪 (2 years ago)
Beautiful nukes mate
gaming việtnam sàm (2 years ago)
John McKeown Young (2 years ago)
😰um OK that was............... AWSOME😄
Hoisted Sightseeing (2 years ago)
This mod is amazing just like you
grubby chum (2 years ago)
bubble gum yum yum
brutis sarge (2 years ago)
The Tzar bomba is a Russian hydrogen bomb
Destroyer6115 (1 year ago)
brutis sarge it was created by soviet region
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
M4ks_SUPER (2 years ago)
who version?
Gaming Eagles (2 years ago)
it broke out of bedrock
Joshua Pringle (2 years ago)
Wow! The shockwave actually does destroy stuff.
Saba Kutalandia (2 years ago)
dude that want nuke that was meteor
Gariel Games (2 years ago)
.......................... -_-
Janjan Rota (2 years ago)
4nuclear head 4nuclear back
Zigi K (2 years ago)
Star & Darth Play (2 years ago)
Very big like
Gino (2 years ago)
Hey dude guess wut *WHOA *LOOK ░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░ ░░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████░░░ ░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░███████▌░░ ░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████████░░ ▐▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████▌░░ ░▌▄███▌░░░░▀████▄░░░░▀████▌░░ Now That's A Troll
irish butcher (2 years ago)
This mod ruined my laptop. Thank you.
Eli Gerald (2 years ago)
What mod is this
いいなさんさん (3 years ago)
Amber Adams (3 years ago)
Alexis Davis (3 years ago)
Swithin Games (3 years ago)
a tsar bomb would flatten the whole of manhattan it was set off in russia and it shattered windows in sweden
GameReal (3 years ago)
How do you get mods with out getting viruses?
Jeremy Yip (3 years ago)
I love newkes there awesome
Jeremy Yip (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Yip Fuck my brother is using my account again...
+Jeremy Yip Say that when one is heading to your home town/city.
Soviet Nafia (3 years ago)
Awesome 😀😀😀😀😀😀
The Triggered Gamer (3 years ago)
+OwnedPersonPerpatraitor 101 Dun dun tssss
More like Allah akbomb
Domino the Dominator (3 years ago)
The real Tsar Bomba would've vaporized the whole city.
Domino the Dominator (2 years ago)
+creeperkillermc 135 The fire ball it made was only 5 miles wide. Compare that t an average sized state.
Maubi (3 years ago)
Hello I'm from Turkey and learning too spek enngliesh sory for bad speling
Sebastian lopez (1 year ago)
Domino the Dominator ur a dumbass if u dont get the joke
Domino the Dominator (3 years ago)
How come your name is perfect.
Chipped (3 years ago)
What happens when the reaction isn't equal in real life?it sounds....bad...remeber if you WHANT to be scared.... Look up Russian sleep expirement
Cian picard (3 years ago)
CreepyTacos (3 years ago)
the force field dont work for me
Syklone FPS (3 years ago)
Ngoceh mulu
The Blues (3 years ago)
Dalton Cates (3 years ago)
the second bomb left me speech less
Jessica Winegar (3 years ago)
Ben Pera (3 years ago)
i subscribed cuz of the plane split lol 
sukhvir tut (3 years ago)
I can't wait to see the next vidoi
sukhvir tut (3 years ago)
Hi bitch
marjorie scottkelly (3 years ago)
what does it look like on the inside of the nuke
thang Nguyenvanthang (3 years ago)
Three Musky Beers (3 years ago)
If i were you i would make vidios of you having wars with missiles and mega bombs! with your friends! that would be so cool!
Apfarr06 Funtime (3 years ago)
I hope evry body liked the video
Zach Comer (3 years ago)
U just earned a new sub 😃
brads epic gaming 22 (3 years ago)
How much is this mod
Greg Rietmann (3 years ago)
You suk
roberto moore (3 years ago)
RHINO STEPHAN (3 years ago)
Not english
RHINO STEPHAN (3 years ago)
Is spikilinshe french
Chris Smith (3 years ago)
What is the map called
Knowledge Transfer (3 years ago)
LOL, The Car bomb was a Russian bomb, and what it did there was nothing, the Car bomb was 3000 times more stronger than the Fat man bomb...
Suuhhh Shepherd (3 years ago)
+Anonymous Gaming Those are literally all the same...
Knowledge Transfer (3 years ago)
+Brett Rollberg Czar isn't a ruler, it's like a king, but bigger, like an emperor but smaller.
Brett Rollberg (3 years ago)
+Anonymous Gaming No you didn't quit making excuses and Im pretty sure a ruler of Russia was called a Czar
thunderbosz (3 years ago)
+Anonymous Gaming Tzar bomb is a nuclear fatman is a atomic
Suuhhh Shepherd (3 years ago)
Actually it is 1 2 3 4 5 9 32 0349 3402-9521 9234832904 8394839204
Dakota Cromwell (3 years ago)
use that as a self destruct devise if david wins the war and blow him up
Ryan (3 years ago)
kelajuan (4 years ago)
map link plz
Weashoo (4 years ago)
I thought it would take a TSAR to blow up that colosseum but NOOOOPPPE
shelbymustang1994jd (4 years ago)
Payloads delivered via ICBM'c ordinarily detonate about 100 feet above the surface to effectively level standing structures, but when detonated on the surface, you have Nuclear Winter as a by-product, because as the large amounts of ground materials are carried up into the vaccuum created by the explosion, they are sent back out (irradiated) and become ash that slowly trickles back to the ground much like snow, these materials usually carry Alpha (wont penetrate a sheet of paper) and Beta (can penetrate normal clothing) particles. NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suits aren't capable of stopping Gamma Rays but are very effective in stopping Beta due to the thick rubber used in the material, the gas mask is to stop smaller irradiated dust from entering the lungs, of which Alpha could still be deadly when in contact with the body. I fucking love Cold War History(I don't really think it ever ended to be honest), that era taught us so much in a period where this knowledge would be NEEDED someday, because 30,000 Nuclear Weapons were just a phone call away, and 30 minutes later, their targets would be decimated, just the thought of the aftermath kept world leaders from ever making that call. All is fair in love and War.
Jacob Howell (4 years ago)
You forgot a larger sized nuke!:(
Woppo Productions (4 years ago)
Just get to the point
Shin Su (4 years ago)
WARWRAITH (4 years ago)
you should have done one in a building
VibroidToe52 (4 years ago)
bitnbytes01 (4 years ago)
The bombs would be more destructive if set off in the air from a drop point and triggered about 50-100 ft from the ground like proper bombardments are carried out, most of the blast is absorbed by the ground in your demo, so this is minor damage compared to a real scenario that would occur from a real 50MgT,  even a 25T would have obliterated an entire city not just a few buildings .  cool mod though.  
VJokzerModz Thebest (4 years ago)
next time put it under ground
Curtis Nobles (4 years ago)
i loved this video
bladewind_Demon (4 years ago)
the "tsar bomba" in the mod is nothing compared to the actual bomb. if you had detonated a full scale tsar bomba in minecraft you would have to sprint 20 miles, or 38,800 blocks away, and once you had sprinted that far (which would have taken you two hours by the way) you would sit while all the trees around you were knocked down and watch a mushroom cloud billow 205,000 blocks high into the sky ( thats 814 times higher than the standard max build height). cool mod, don't get me wrong, but not quite accurate.
WelloBello (4 years ago)
If it was accurate it would crash in approximately two thirds of a second
caige mathern (4 years ago)
You know how you said, "I think this bomb used to be real"  Well you are correct, but the TSAR Bomba is worse than all the nuclear bombs dropped from WW2 to 1963 combined. This bomb contains 58,000,000,000 (billion) LBS of TNT. Big enough to take out Vegas and Chicago combined, in just under 45 seconds.
Cullen Spell (4 years ago)
can i get the map
Anas (4 years ago)
you can enter cheat wheater to type: /wheater clear, rain, thunder
Chop PorkChop (4 years ago)
That mod is epic
Serria182 (4 years ago)
Say Hello to ground Zero. AKA Finbarhawke's Insane moment. Nice Work.
j10boaz (4 years ago)
the experimental pills can kill u or make u look like u are in godmode
Sami Paavola (4 years ago)
The bomber pieces should explode when they touch ground or something :D
Julian Mueller (4 years ago)
Forget antimatter that zarr thing all the way
Jeffery Green (4 years ago)
I say he should use one of these on david and fmb gone easily
heime hart (4 years ago)
whitch map is that ? (lol witch)
WelloBello (4 years ago)
You mean which? A Witch is a monster
brendan lau (4 years ago)
should put this in FMBs base inside that cave that they built
Deadly Soren (4 years ago)
this have to be in season 5 of voltz or even better add it now
A_Dry_Noodle (4 years ago)
That was awesome add it to volts i want to see Davids reaction to this going off in his base awesome HAIL FINBAR !!!!! HAIL FINBAR !!!!!! HAIL FINBAR !!!!!!! FOR THE EMPIRE !!!!!
G Combs (4 years ago)
you guys should add this to voltz wars
Jonathan Moore (4 years ago)
He's planning on it
Garth HetaBlade (4 years ago)
NOOOO Edd will use tons of these now lol
Jimmy (4 years ago)
Do 2 next video
oschabaum (4 years ago)
The TSAR moves the land on the outside up by 3 to 4 blocks
Garrett Davis (4 years ago)
You should do either the Sync mod or the Bacteria Mod. Both very useful for war.
Max Frerichs (4 years ago)
I wish  that I could use mods :( They are awesome but i can't get them to work no matter what
karen smith (4 years ago)
Do a combination of the Morph Mod and Mo creatures Mods plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
tyler fisher (4 years ago)
for anyone out there who wants to know what the tzar bomb it was made to stop world war 2 and we where making it to stop the germany and the americans actully never launched the bomb and its actually in someone house disarmed and its only the chell so thats what the tzar is and the word tsar was a king and he was the worst king so we made fun of him by naming the bomb after him so that it symbolized his death 

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