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Minecraft: Hunger Games - Game 6

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Server - http://www.MinecraftHG.com This is a series of us playing on survival games which is based off the book and movie "Hunger Games". Hope you guys enjoy and if so please leave a LIKE :) *If you want to join, try to join any of these servers at http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/pages/servers/ and click where you are (your location) and try joining any of the servers.*
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Text Comments (198)
Josh Johnston (3 years ago)
Great old time
Minegdvhs15 (3 years ago)
good old times i miss them
pon jon (4 years ago)
May the odds be in your favor
Hannah Henry (4 years ago)
Its may the odds be ever in your favor
Kaz (4 years ago)
Old times doods
Quaze (5 years ago)
you cant get it
Shannon Berrier (5 years ago)
danny are fucking kidding me
dakota failing (5 years ago)
anybody that says he's a noob is a jackass!
dakota failing (5 years ago)
you should of Turned around and ran
your the noob not danny or ihascupquake we are all learning
dude chain is better than gold dumbass
Muffens (5 years ago)
He misses a chest at about 5:20
cpdion (5 years ago)
Chain chest plate is better that gold, you noob. Get your facts straight before you say anything.
Jorge Sanchez (5 years ago)
Jorge Sanchez (5 years ago)
LordEnderdragon (5 years ago)
Chain chestplate is better you noob @mantyr45
mantyr45 (5 years ago)
There is a fucking gold chest plate in Danny's inventory yet keeps the chain chest plate on. Danny is worse at minecraft than ihasCupquake.
mantyr45 (5 years ago)
He passes 2 large chests and a smaller one. Danny sucks at minecraft.
MegaSpike1020 (5 years ago)
You walked right past a chest at treetops at 5:15-5:21
Jason Bi (5 years ago)
They got awesome armor and lost it all
Jason Bi (5 years ago)
u forgot about switching to levers on the pumpkin thing
Kaitlyn Stone (5 years ago)
anyone see the chest at 4:10?
Conor Armstrong (5 years ago)
plz do facecam
JollyPics (5 years ago)
The cannon booming straight after the pig died? LOL, when did it become a tribute? :P
UltimateGamerKA (5 years ago)
Right after you killed the pig a cannon went off. The pig was a player apparently.
Shut The Front Door (5 years ago)
Danny. Max, and Jordan are fucking awesome and sexy as fuck. ♥ Love You Guys ! ♥
QuinnDoq (5 years ago)
The guy they killed in the water had an iron ingot, max didnt see it when he died
Camper76 (5 years ago)
why didnt danny get the two double chests in the last house
Miguel Mayers (5 years ago)
That sucks
Mehdi Soleymani (5 years ago)
it happenes to me alot
Mehdi Soleymani (5 years ago)
if u open a chest at spawn and there is nothing in it check it again
Dylan Torenbeek (5 years ago)
i did not see it yet.
Sarah StyHorEatDair (5 years ago)
What recorder do u use to record it and post it to utube?
Wirajuri doesminecraft (5 years ago)
Hi guys you are awesome
Anthony Dasilva (5 years ago)
Calypso (5 years ago)
your not allowed to brake those
Brandon Miller (5 years ago)
me too sparta
oneshot123hd (5 years ago)
I love your texture pack
BlackEagle Oz (5 years ago)
*sigh* This video is so calm without Jordan.
Braeden Jordan (5 years ago)
what i do is pause it and read the comments
Blitzen Anderson (5 years ago)
Mason Beckler (5 years ago)
A chest is right next to you ideation!!!!!!!!!
gagandeep birdi (5 years ago)
stop dreaming about diamond swoards
gagandeep birdi (5 years ago)
why is writting and all the other i tems look small.... make them bigger ...u bearly can see them..
faphub (5 years ago)
Well get better internet loll
duckenterprises (5 years ago)
Which would have been nice if you could break blocks.....also *chests*
Eric Schubert (5 years ago)
all because of game 5 i subbed
Mauris Merida (5 years ago)
peeebs321 (5 years ago)
i dont u can break them... its a rule
Mauris Merida (5 years ago)
Dawn (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if Danny is the best of MinecraftFinest :l (like u 2 to Jordan and Max)
Ghadi Radwan (5 years ago)
omg danny!!!!!!!!! at 2:29 there was a large chest thumbs if u saw it
alex mendiola (5 years ago)
you kill me do
alex mendiola (5 years ago)
your my hero
tyler panuccio (5 years ago)
What is the IP address
josh drill (5 years ago)
This episode was a downer :(
xvj18 (5 years ago)
you need to say to your team to chill the fuck up!!
Kristina Moushati (5 years ago)
mr.krabs has a daughter named pearl you should put a room for her
MMORakirs (5 years ago)
You can't break anything in these hunger games servers
Turn1p1nator (5 years ago)
where is the link
brandon guerra (5 years ago)
Pineers u misted a chest dumb ass
Moyzes M (5 years ago)
No wonder this video was only 10:00 minutes long!
Tay (5 years ago)
What texture pack is he using
gaspingrabbit (5 years ago)
I saw you guys on this server once!
Jürgen Tammepärg (5 years ago)
thumbs up if buffering doesnt piss you off!!!!
thomas smith (5 years ago)
hey buffering is from your computer
TomsTing Tong (5 years ago)
whats the intro music called? ive heard it before its good please reply
Okami (5 years ago)
Thumbs if buffering PISSES YOU OFF!!!!!
jdmstyle huang (5 years ago)
danny you serously missed the chest my name is javan.
squintcarpet115 (5 years ago)
squintcarpet115 (5 years ago)
tobyuscuss (5 years ago)
buffering sucks!!!!
Podrick (5 years ago)
5:26 chest
900reddyoshi (5 years ago)
...I danny autistic?
Ian Franceschelli (5 years ago)
"im pimmed" :D
Spencer Robinson (5 years ago)
i was just saying because the stuff in those chests could have saved u at that time.
Jessica Valdez (5 years ago)
TurtleTankz (5 years ago)
like if minecraftfinest is epicccccccccc
fabian8675 (5 years ago)
missed them 2 big chests in the beginning :/
MusicGuitarMan95 (5 years ago)
Someone add me on xbox i'm a COD troller!!!! Metalscream28 just send me a message with the friend request so i can know thats its from youtube :)
Sarah Fletcher (5 years ago)
stupid buffering!!!!!
tmore james (5 years ago)
Jfdsfgj (5 years ago)
make more hunger games
ZombieGangster123 (5 years ago)
You guys are hilarious.You should Add me on xbox to see a really cool survival games (pSyChO Games) map- pSyChOxPIEx115
randy ream (6 years ago)
u guys are awesome and i know were everything is on each map oh also try the xbox version
Spencer Robinson (6 years ago)
missed chests 2:28-2:40
Matthew Harrold (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you love minecraft hunger games! xD woohoo
Frankenstien Kelp (6 years ago)
As soon as you killed the pig the canon went off at 8:06!
Exise (6 years ago)
whats the song at the begging called?
gabatila00 (6 years ago)
More videos plizz once i looked thees vids to 4.20 am and i had to go to 8.00am to shcool333333
CrashingFilms (6 years ago)
He already checked it, it was empty
Ryan Hamelin (6 years ago)
you guys are awesome,do more vids of these please <3?
SpookyPanda (6 years ago)
Can some one say what the name is of the song in the intro PlZzzzzz
scarfy303 (6 years ago)
i luv dis series upload evory day plz <33333333333333
dale loveless (6 years ago)
ya i love the hunger games
scarfy303 (6 years ago)
i luv da hunger games <33333333
Hey I'm A Fox (6 years ago)
Wat is the servers ID number
Liam Maloney (6 years ago)
omg lag is so bad ion my computer
Laurence Daw (6 years ago)
please do more hunger games
TH3C00KI3THI3F (6 years ago)
at 5:41 i was like "GET HIM! GET THAT MOTHERFLOWER!"

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