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Dawn of the Modern World Mod (Part 2)

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The second installment of this goddamn awesome mod
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Text Comments (11)
Sam Sneedle (5 years ago)
ik Skydaz is awesome
Sam Cadena (6 years ago)
some one hhelp me it dosnt show like the drill thing and stuff
Sam Cadena (6 years ago)
how do u get the digging thing?
El Chupacabra (6 years ago)
Lapinou (6 years ago)
How do you install it ? cause every time I install it it make me black screen mojang black screen ( I deleted META-INF) Please make a video of how to install or help me or give me you Minecraft.jar Please :D Cya
TheMCPanda (6 years ago)
i have this but i can't seem to get it to run on my server can anyone help?
Shipflight (6 years ago)
Hey what can make it dig? is it a turn on button?
D'Artagnan King (6 years ago)
run MC ad admin...
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@ranth44 Hmmm, did you try a reinstall of TMI? If that doesn't work, delete .bin and reinstall everything... If that doesn't work, make sure all the mods and minecraft are on the same version 1.8, 1.0.0, etc. Good luck!
Woof gaming (6 years ago)
how to install?
DrBeastlyPwnage (6 years ago)
good stuff

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