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This mod is a very awesome addition to Minecraft. It allows you to transform into the many creatures and monsters of Minecraft! Link to Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1171650-132-shape-shifter-mod-usable-buggy-updating-further/ Tags: phobicbus minecraft mod madness Shape Shifter Mod "Shape Shifter Mod" "Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod" "Shape Shifter" update install lets play notch twitter facebook 1.8.1mods rage custom map mod loader survival video player commentary 1.2.3 open world build craft 1.2survive beta 1.9 minecon pc gaming spiders skeletons zombies minecraft update 1.2.5 prerelease widescreen howto respawn rage quit 1.0.0 mod review 1.1
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Text Comments (173)
LPSFatCatlovecup gaming (10 months ago)
were can we get the mod????
Ana Rivera (1 year ago)
Ana Rivera (1 year ago)
good Video
Morgan Whitson (1 year ago)
Gamerly Forest (1 year ago)
Darksurka TV (1 year ago)
love 😍
Mikolaj Sienkiewicz (1 year ago)
lepiej żeby nie było że jak mi powiesz ciekawego w domu
Samuel Gonzalez (1 year ago)
meteré un dedo🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
linken daily vlogs (1 year ago)
can it be on a xbox one
linken daily vlogs (1 year ago)
is it on pc
SkyDragon1522 (1 year ago)
2:42 Endermen r also my favorite mob!!!!!
γινετε αφτο στο x box 360
MARCATT 72 XD (1 year ago)
Talan Kring (1 year ago)
PopularMMOS all ready show cased this mod.....
Talan Kring . Z#'.Knitting
SirN000b (8 months ago)
You idiot look at the date and it's also a different mod
Carmelo_ _Charles (1 year ago)
fuck you wan you said hello
Barbara Holley (1 year ago)
I'm a creeper
i8678 maya (1 year ago)
Ute S. (1 year ago)
Dan Jinga (1 year ago)
Zu Zu tare
Dan Jinga (1 year ago)
William Oliver (1 year ago)
how do you get that mod
Evren Tanrıkulu (2 years ago)
Shirley van der graaf (1 year ago)
Logan Fraser (2 years ago)
Nancy Moore (2 years ago)
I want to see katelyn as a cat and kawaii Chan as a cat.
Emma Davis (2 years ago)
why is their no witch
Fiona Davis (2 years ago)
Wolf Wolf
Dawid Dziubanski (2 years ago)
hi mack
Michael Greaney (2 years ago)
Glo Arias (2 years ago)
the diamond armor on the wolf looks like a dog diaper
Mobs Queen (1 year ago)
MineSky_ Craft (2 years ago)
do video how to dowland this mod
Mariana Brescan (2 years ago)
If you see another creeper it should explode mustn't
Mariana Brescan (2 years ago)
Read this ,because this is just a joke
mizzsincity Salazar (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if this works out for me
Elizabeth Mccall (2 years ago)
Good job
Busratuna Busra (2 years ago)
ne ??? yazdını anlamadılm😕😕😕😴😴😴😀😀😁😁😉
Agy Sanchez (2 years ago)
death box
how do u change the animal i dont have minecraft.jar i only have .minecraft
Kayla Gulley (2 years ago)
Mitchell Bryant (2 years ago)
홍순애 (2 years ago)
홍순애 (2 years ago)
Melissa Gates (2 years ago)
Lucy Hendryx (2 years ago)
Diego Pliego (2 years ago)
radoslav iliev (2 years ago)
張JJ (2 years ago)
Mason Christian (2 years ago)
Carlos Sanchez (2 years ago)
Rainbowgaming555 (2 years ago)
This is a bad copy of the morph mod
azalea mcgregor (2 years ago)
It really is but the morph is better than this and popularMMos and DANtdm already did this mod but they reviewed it much more better than this person
Lauren Ganz (2 years ago)
where can you get the mod😳
zSasukE Uchiha (2 years ago)
Rip Headphone USers and 100% Voilume
Virgínia Campos (2 years ago)
+Marco Vittorioso 6,o,ukmyjyk u,j
de gekkoboy (2 years ago)
+zSasukE Uchiha yes
Ryan Newman (2 years ago)
Edward Martinez (2 years ago)
shut up
Callie TM (2 years ago)
lol picko
Martina's Buildings (2 years ago)
nice ocelot
W.D. Gaster (2 years ago)
How do you get it in xbox 1
天度夢幻都 (2 years ago)
Hdhfh Hfhfhch (2 years ago)
Like number 1000
Nack (2 years ago)
za drek je to
Mandy Gray (2 years ago)
ScoreStealer (2 years ago)
Hey guys sorry for advertising, but i just started a gaming channel and only have two videos lol, but i will be posting more and would appreciate if anybody looked at my page
Sonicat Animations (2 years ago)
Miku Hatsune (2 years ago)
lolero sayan (2 years ago)
nose nuncá que idioma hablar sólo ingles
Michel Frank (2 years ago)
Minecraft minecraft Kkkkkkkkkkkk
arda okumus (3 years ago)
No giant full diamond armor noooo
siekiera 1972 (3 years ago)
Trochę dziwne nie powiem □◇↓↑←◀↓◀▶→●☆°☆○♧◆●♧•◆◀◆○◆•◆●◆←●→○→◀◆☆▶◆:'(:-(:-D:-D;-);-);-)▪
lpsOrav (3 years ago)
Press o
MLVF Gamer (3 years ago)
What's wrong with your voice
dumbo1 (3 years ago)
Margo Hannan (3 years ago)
Ben Richardson (3 years ago)
i wish u couled make your own shape shift 
Pikalver111 ! (4 years ago)
How the hell do u get it on a iPad mini
zogbie9143 (2 years ago)
+zarah erskine he's on pc
Lockout Gaming (4 years ago)
Please do spider i want to see it
The 24H Gamer (4 years ago)
f a c k you 
lexi peterson (4 years ago)
What is the description
Wiggly Dragoon49 (4 years ago)
can I tack you hom
Marisol Navarrete (4 years ago)
cool creeper
William Carscadden (4 years ago)
you suck
Creepers sucks
Ulrich Lamb (4 years ago)
You keep saying ummmmmmm Why?
Arhimed (4 years ago)
FantasyEst (4 years ago)
so loud
Bryson Cobb (4 years ago)
Your shape shifter thang is awsom dud!!!!!!!
eddie sip (4 years ago)
Where do you download it?!?
Sergio (4 years ago)
Wow that's so stupid u took 4 only to use the creeper
Demitri Deluca (4 years ago)
will it work
Zulema Sandoval (4 years ago)
in the link
Zulema Sandoval (4 years ago)
RIAS GREMORY (4 years ago)
Does it work for xbox 360
Grunty Pumpy (4 years ago)
where do can i download it?
Blur Blur (4 years ago)
Get a better microphone
Patrick (4 years ago)
get a better mike
GUNLUCAS GT (4 years ago)
what Button do i click on to pick mob
Moist Seagull (4 years ago)
i dont no
Moist Seagull (4 years ago)
no really
Moist Seagull (4 years ago)
how do i install this mod
Xx_PowerMiner_xX (4 years ago)
hit O
Phil Anderson (4 years ago)
You did not do all of then I think
Jorgie (4 years ago)
xXOctan3Xx mob disguise and shapeshifter mod are different. Shapeshifter mod you can be the mob and have its abilities. The mob disguise makes you look like it.

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