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Stardew Valley - Moo Moo - Part 32

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Next episode - https://youtu.be/Ak49EB0NaGk Welcome to my let's play on Stardew Valley. Join me as I improve my farm, meet new friends and explore. Enjoy. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose Instagram - www.instagram.com/stampycat
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Text Comments (2432)
TRISTAN CASHEN (10 hours ago)
Eva Achtzener (18 hours ago)
milky or chocolate
TheWonderling (1 day ago)
TheWonderling (1 day ago)
I agree lol🙃
TheWonderling (1 day ago)
Star Fruit is the most valuable thing In the game
thebakedpugtato 101 (1 day ago)
Cow no2 should be called Meadow as a reference to mario carts moo moo Meadows course
Elite gaming Tv (2 days ago)
Gast boy (2 days ago)
Daisy haisy
MiMi Winkelman (3 days ago)
Jeffrey Sexton (3 days ago)
sky games (3 days ago)
Call it stampy jr
Daveyboy vlogs (4 days ago)
Name your cow Boo Boo!
tom (4 days ago)
star and william 19 (4 days ago)
Kate F (4 days ago)
hey stampy if you sell all that mayonnaise you'll get over 7000 gold
Clay Wolf (4 days ago)
Cal or Calvin for the cow please
Lee Ferguson (4 days ago)
Dairy or True Moo
The True Terrarian (4 days ago)
Name the next cow, Jarell
Nicole Mccaddon (4 days ago)
Name it Milky Pleaseee😯😯😯
Nicole Mccaddon (4 days ago)
Get it
Nick Gimena (4 days ago)
Maltesers for the cow
allycat871 (4 days ago)
Stampy... pop your crab pots down in the pond at your farm. Saves walking all the way down to Willys and you will see it and remember more often to check them :)
Wolfie_is_Gaming (4 days ago)
Milk Wood
Ryan Keith (4 days ago)
You should name it Boots
Athanasios Nacopoulos (4 days ago)
It's name should be Molly
Garnet McCarthy (4 days ago)
Milky name the cow milky
Theo Warner (5 days ago)
EPH (Dave) (5 days ago)
Name the cow Georgie Or Cate
masterchief S117 (5 days ago)
Antony Gibson (5 days ago)
Daisy or ShootToKill
Cheryl Cagle (5 days ago)
Name your cow Erm 2. in honor of your old helper.
Andie Sodini (5 days ago)
Name the other cow bullseye
Feathertail 1232 (5 days ago)
Milky way Spottey Painted pig Moldy pumpkin Sea shell Sir milky way the ||| Sir milking ton
Dean Machine (5 days ago)
A also play splatoon 2 my level is 20. i also play Zelda.
Dean Machine (5 days ago)
MR moooooooooooo
Rez rats (5 days ago)
Name it food
David Johannesson (5 days ago)
Name the other cow milky
Dominik Brockway (5 days ago)
Molly Moo
Beef My Bakes (5 days ago)
call the next cow you get Daisy, please.
George Pattinson (5 days ago)
Name the other Cow The Milkman
Elijah Hopton (5 days ago)
name the cow Lucy
Isaac austin (5 days ago)
The name should be crow
Debbie Freed (5 days ago)
Name your second cow Mocha please
Cash Domes (5 days ago)
name the cow galaxy after the milky way galaxy
Zappy _06* (5 days ago)
you should name your other cow Sir Milky the I I I
Turbold Boldbaatar (5 days ago)
are you a male or a female?
Andrew Laney (5 days ago)
William Dabbelt (5 days ago)
Jin Nurain (5 days ago)
gogu the cow
PandaWizard 17 (6 days ago)
PandaWizard 17 (6 days ago)
Cheesecake 🐮
Miss_Puppy 123 (6 days ago)
Name the other cow Daisy (=
Mauro Vandersmissen (6 days ago)
Or milky
Mauro Vandersmissen (6 days ago)
Name it milk
Emily Ball (6 days ago)
M N (6 days ago)
Build a kitchen because your house will become huge
Paarth Gupta (6 days ago)
Name the cow no potion effect because in Minecraft milk takes away all potion effects.
Connor Androutsis (6 days ago)
I have 3 cows their names are Garry, Cupi, And Pepsy. Stamps upgrade ur barn and coop. Upgraded coop gives ducks and dinosaurs.
TheDamon13 -chan (6 days ago)
Pumpkin, that should be the cow's name
Who_is_Zaylen (6 days ago)
name your cow buttermilk or dairy queen
Anna Gavin (6 days ago)
Jacob Donovan (6 days ago)
The cow name should be Bessie
Cheeto Lord (6 days ago)
Mr. Bagels
Blake Atkinson (6 days ago)
Name the Cow Blake
Emily Wilberg (6 days ago)
Stampy if you could get a steel axe go where the wizard lives go upwards until you get to the log is then you will chop it with your axe than enter with a sword there will be monsters and you can get lots of hard wood every day
Other carrypotter
I meant the cow
Eric Fogle (6 days ago)
you should name it Mr.Milky
Peter Knorpp (6 days ago)
Jaco Fry (6 days ago)
Jaco Fry (6 days ago)
Sell your mayo it gives you 250 gold
Madeline Winter (6 days ago)
Please name the cow Milk. Please.
Buritos Banditos (6 days ago)
Call it Lennard
Mohammed Al-Harthi (6 days ago)
Idris Mason (6 days ago)
Call the cow Alfred (he could be Al, your pal)
Starry Moon (6 days ago)
Sir Moo
fearless bella (6 days ago)
Name it oom oom
Charlie Clements (6 days ago)
Steaky the pure
NOOBBLOX (7 days ago)
sell the things you make with the chicken eggs! (don't know how to spell)
NOOBBLOX (7 days ago)
name it cheese cow
Ömer 2004 (7 days ago)
Captain Jake Gamer (7 days ago)
Armando Gamez (7 days ago)
Meg Thompson (7 days ago)
Name the other cow either Betty, Bertha, Jeffry, or Ellie
CEC416 (7 days ago)
Name it “Noo Cow” because lots of people call them “Moo Cow” and because it’s gonna be your new cow
Arlie Gibson (7 days ago)
You must name it mosh room
Hannah rose walz (7 days ago)
Poor Stampy Time troll
Hannah rose walz (7 days ago)
Theredpartyhatgaming (7 days ago)
Sir milking ton the lll
Charles Wibonele (7 days ago)
Name it Buttermilk Stampy.
Sleepy Fox News (7 days ago)
name the cow Fritz
Bosco Guzman (7 days ago)
Who else saw purple shorts in the bed room at 2:43?
Majestic Creeper psr (7 days ago)
Your dog is adorable
jack morris (7 days ago)
How about milky for a name ?
Julie P (7 days ago)
Name her Misi!
Julie P (7 days ago)
(Miss - eee
BlueSoldier 1123 (7 days ago)
Name the cow Milky White
SuperEvan106 (7 days ago)
Name the other chap Moo Moo Jr
The Rod (7 days ago)
You should name the cow Creo
Kawaii Prissy (7 days ago)
I think you should name your cow Cookies and Cream and CC for short! :)
Yousif Shemiss (7 days ago)
Stampy name the cow yo-yo or yuo-yuo
best cow
Penguin 19 (8 days ago)

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