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Stampy Short - Life Of A Dirt Block

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Welcome to another Stampy Short. This one is about the life of a dirt block. Voice acting by Mini Muka. Villager controlled by Sqaishey. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (10109)
Shayla Chartrand (1 day ago)
This is cute!😀
vector (2 days ago)
crainer favioret video
SpicyPumpkin954 (3 days ago)
0:29 My lookalike
maximum9887 (3 days ago)
Ehhh think I also watch ye mate XD
Matthew K (7 days ago)
Nice Video stampy you never seek to amazaze me 😁
Mr Creeper2468 (10 days ago)
Yay dirt
Rami Karadsheh (10 days ago)
You know humans are made of mud and dirt
PZ 13 (12 days ago)
I hate sand it's coarse rough and it gets everywhere
George Abjornson (14 days ago)
Lol the voice is by Mini
japjap a (15 days ago)
he is squid
RubyPiec (15 days ago)
Oh and of course, COURSE!
Epiloy Plays (15 days ago)
And they already have a more interesting life than me.
peter chou (15 days ago)
NNUUU :( but cobble is better right???
GoldWarsPlayee43 (17 days ago)
Jacob Pledger (17 days ago)
I will never see dirt the same again...
Epic TV (18 days ago)
Why is the dirt British
Jausten Borromeo (19 days ago)
Sam Mok (21 days ago)
Path dirt???
Cutie the Magical fox (21 days ago)
Oh! And of course course!
Drama Lover (22 days ago)
Thanks dirt
I haven’t listened to your voice for I think 5 years 😭💗
CAT LOVER XXDD (26 days ago)
great video
Ender Rade (26 days ago)
Wohhhh dirt 👏👏👏👏 good message to us yeah
Horse lover101 (26 days ago)
Wtf is this
Black Panther (28 days ago)
I watched you're videos since I was 7 and know I'm 10
Aidan McGaugh (29 days ago)
You mean "Life of a coarse dirt block"
Stampy-dairt Me-ITS DIRT 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 U STUPID
Gavin Rosine (1 month ago)
I am now #notgrownup
KBS Gaming (1 month ago)
Its really true!!!!🧐🧐🧐😊😊😊😊
Life of a gravel block? Btw I got TWO minecraft ads lol
GORGIE GLYCTH (1 month ago)
Oliver Gos (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
Binbina Hnamte (1 month ago)
Yesh egnored
Binbina Hnamte (1 month ago)
Binbina Hnamte (1 month ago)
Dogs is the real man's best friend because dirt just doesn't do anything and you can't even craft anything with dirt and dogs just kill things for you there cute and cuttly
StereoMaestro (1 month ago)
#1 part of the ground #2 part of a noob house
Navish Perera (1 month ago)
Gravel falls
Navish Perera (1 month ago)
Scarlet Witch (1 month ago)
Memories. 😄
Let's go racing boys (1 month ago)
How much did Crainer pay you make this video. :) XD
Elizabeth Petrick (1 month ago)
Dirt has a lot of good uses
Gaming Hollow 2 (1 month ago)
Too much Science 😩
Stacey Davies (1 month ago)
Joshua Sargent (1 month ago)
you are not stampy loser
Scarlet Witch (1 month ago)
It's cuz it's voiced by someone else
Dantdms Pugs (1 month ago)
Sarfnic Games (1 month ago)
You say dirt is a man's best friend until he starts throwing it in lava to make space for diamonds...
Sarfnic Games (1 month ago)
And of course... coarse!
ToxifiedSushi GD (1 month ago)
I keep stone for stacking and just in case... :/
Ash Plays (1 month ago)
*What am I doing my life?*
NyanDoge (1 month ago)
This is very true when it comes to Minecraft!
MARIA Gonzales (1 month ago)
sigh i have no life do i evein have a life
xXWolfie WarriorXx (1 month ago)
OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT U STAMPY ;-; I used to watch u almost evry hour of evry day.
Saniyah Chan (1 month ago)
2:39 on the right there are 2 floating trees on 1 tree bet 89% of you didn’t see that
Cheryl Lee (1 month ago)
True that dirt
Korey Whitcombe (1 month ago)
i actually made my first home from dirt
Linux the Beast (1 month ago)
Dirt is my favourite item in minecraft 😀
Aufa Aceh (1 month ago)
Thats right dirt is important What do we first stand on when we spawn? Dirt
Was this voiced by Squid?
Narten 41813 (1 month ago)
Grees blecks -stampylonghead
Nathaniel Burgess (1 month ago)
gravel gives you flint and dirt gives you dirt.
leslie rangel (1 month ago)
Dirt is cheap.
EpicSpider57 (1 month ago)
Can this comment get 10 reply’s?
EpicSpider57 (1 month ago)
This video is just *dirty*
Fritz O’brien (1 month ago)
Ethan Seng (1 month ago)
I would use cobblestone instead
NICOLE GEIGER (1 month ago)
I love you dirt
FrostBiteGaming 491 (1 month ago)
Yea dirt is important! For me because i can Plant in dirt! :)
Avery Ruyle (1 month ago)
when we stat the game to any of us grab dirt before anything else?
Carolin Braun (1 month ago)
Thank you dirt
UK Kikuchi (1 month ago)
water buckets are a mans best friend.
Abhijeet Tewary (1 month ago)
well your right dirt are a best friend
Ceasarr Fajloun (1 month ago)
This actually showed me the good things about dirt although on my Survival world I literally have 18 stacks of dirt
KawaiiCubitz (1 month ago)
This is actually sweet
JEW jew (1 month ago)
Thanx for everything, Mr Dirt!! <3 Much Appreciated!!! :)
Ethan Massiah (1 month ago)
It should actually be life of a courase dirt block, And it is a courase dirt block because Stampy doesn’t want the dirt to grow
Mr Potato (1 month ago)
Iam a dert not a dirt
Brown Family (1 month ago)
I've actually said I hate gravel!!! more than i have said CREEPER CREEPER CREEPER CREEPER!!!
Nuggets In A Bowl (1 month ago)
R0 BL0X3ER (1 month ago)
May 2018? anybody?
parĸ jιмιn (1 month ago)
my first survivle house was made out of wood but it had a dirt floor
Alexandria Harden (1 month ago)
pro.tect (1 month ago)
Lauren Monid (1 month ago)
I ❤️Dirt
Robyn Carbungco (1 month ago)
Stampy y u team crainer
TheDogeBrothers YT (1 month ago)
This video inspired me to make a massive sign above my house saying SAVE DA DIRT! Out of dirt xd Btw my first house was made out of dirt... i still remember using sugar to break stone to get water to a tree farm... Cmon everyone must of thought that trees needed water the first time they played Mc?
Flaming ToxTur (1 month ago)
Who thinks swampy is retarded
cool cat (1 month ago)
Mojang Official (1 month ago)
%100 accurate!
North American Mapper (1 month ago)
2:21 thank you dirt
ninjaboy 77 (1 month ago)
Ac Gameing (1 month ago)
Nice vid
Sara Tsuy (1 month ago)
*crys* t-that was beautiful 😢
Mr. StickGaming82 (2 months ago)
Phizzy Soda (2 months ago)
I didn't know dirt was Russian
Kirsti xxx (2 months ago)
Ya dang dirt hippies
Kirsti xxx It's just a film
TypicalFlower AJ (2 months ago)
Ok now when I saw this video, I'm taking dirt everywhere with me in minecraft XD
Martin Regan (2 months ago)
Map finder male (2 months ago)
Um th3
Sophia Prodanova (2 months ago)
that was kinda funny XD

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