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*For today and tomorrow. BUT ENJOY IT NOW. NOTE: Once downloaded, just hit LOGIN with no info and you will go right through! Easy breezy! GET THIS FREE GAME HERE: http://minecraft.net/ Or if you're lazy here it is for Windows! http://minecraft.net/download/Minecraft.exe?v=445 Even Mactards can play! http://minecraft.net/download/Minecraft.zip?v=445 HELPFUL LINKS: http://minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page CRAFTING 101 (Keep this open while playing, you'll need it!) http://minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting
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Text Comments (757)
Geoseff Ritona (2 years ago)
back when Minecraft wasn't popular.
Ysbra (5 years ago)
Finally found this video back, been playing minecraft since this video came out :D
kleinkevindd (5 years ago)
then fucking remove this shit
angelswipe angel (5 years ago)
me lol does this work
Verdai (5 years ago)
whos watching this in 2013
Julio1315 (5 years ago)
lucky i miss this offer bull [email protected]
Iain McInnes (5 years ago)
well when i click login it says login failed why?
Dale Mo (5 years ago)
Does anyone have a download link for mincecraft which works, and also has npc villagers, i really dont care if it doenst have multiplayer
Michael Martin (6 years ago)
I want this guy's camcorder...
Jaden Menard (6 years ago)
k ill send you it in your inbox :)
BlitzkriegOPS (6 years ago)
I'm really frustrated that nobody has a cracked single-player game that doesn't require purchasing or logging in for that matter, if you have this i would really appreciate a copy of it! :)
Jaden Menard (6 years ago)
i have a better minecraft that i play with but you cant og online ask me if you want a copy of it. you can play on LAN tho
iloveboobies864 (6 years ago)
No That Site Has A Grip Of Surveys
bob jfjk (6 years ago)
Dont bother, no one wants surveys.
Adrian Contreras (6 years ago)
ip: 740.oo.fi <<<-------
juan rodriguez (6 years ago)
when was this video made
Ryan Angus (6 years ago)
does it still work/is there any surveys needed?
iBomb Gaming (6 years ago)
they like offer you stuff so i dont like it. you have to like download them all
iBomb Gaming (6 years ago)
on fresh download links, it says that you have to offer this stuff
Moises Garcia (6 years ago)
@unholyspaghetti how much did minecraft cost for you
Unholyspaghetti (6 years ago)
Just buy the game people, it's not as big of investment as Skyrim but it sure is fun as hell and totally worth the 25$
Scorpeanna (6 years ago)
but i sucks because you cant even get all the items or blocks
killerofdeath988 (6 years ago)
kevin bagwell (6 years ago)
Unholyspaghetti (6 years ago)
there is a free version... go on the website and click on MC classic
SomeAsianIdiot (6 years ago)
Vivian Vo (6 years ago)
this sucks i cant get it
Jake Matthews (6 years ago)
LOL Have you read when this was uploaded.... And did you listen to what the guy said in the video "It's free this weekend" A weekend does not mean a year retard.
kleinkevindd (6 years ago)
this sucks doesn't work
Cameron Pollock (6 years ago)
they do it is just the crappy old version.
Ilja Jonsson (6 years ago)
Because Minecraft is the new runescape!
Dr1nky (6 years ago)
im watching in 2012, does this works? reply!
Adelyn Robinson (6 years ago)
does this give you a virus? I know that other free ones can give you a virus and I can't risk that!!!!
Kixx (6 years ago)
@CallOfDutyTwyHards Yup.
newbieshelper (6 years ago)
just go to my channel and download minecraft with multiplayer server. i want more people to play in the server! the more the merrier! weee!
Chuck Norris (6 years ago)
lol do you sleep?
luisarias649 (6 years ago)
my computer said it has viruses
Toad boi (6 years ago)
im watching this in 2012 -_-
Jake Kennedy (6 years ago)
How do i get a premium acount?
555hio (6 years ago)
@iSnIfFaBle because there is
Fella From Zagreb (6 years ago)
@SomeoneSoDamnBored hey, I just joined, I'm DeniZg200 in minecraft too
Matt Moore (6 years ago)
@soup5000200GO BUY THE GAME, Thats what I did, i got torrented
TheMightyWill (6 years ago)
@flyinghamster555 THAT'S WHY I SAID IT WAS LEGIT!! NUMBNUT!!!!
martinshoosterman (6 years ago)
@flyinghamster555 ok shut up you retarded idiot you dont know what your talking about and you are 75% stuped... see i can also make up numbers
flyinghamster555 (6 years ago)
@martinshoosterman you my sir are quite dumb no offence. 75% of windows virus programmers have switched to programming viruses for apple, and 90% of the apple/mac users have no virus protection software because they think they are invincible because they have a mac. so think again, windows is slightly better with actual video software and lots of good supplys.
flyinghamster555 (6 years ago)
flyinghamster555 (6 years ago)
flyinghamster555 (6 years ago)
you are having troubles from getting it from the actualy site? your idiots, buy the game or gtfo no offence. stop trying to pirate stuff that is made free.
masterkat6 (6 years ago)
148 people here have macs...
Superarragon5 (6 years ago)
Householdhacker sent YOU?!?!
SkyTech RTS (6 years ago)
Mine is completely black.
Ben Miller (6 years ago)
i am haveing a very hard time downloading a free version of the game without haveing to go through a whole of tarded ads please someone solve my problems b4 i give up and steal my friends
martinshoosterman (6 years ago)
what are you talking about mac is way better
TheMightyWill (7 years ago)
JK. This is legit :)
TheMightyWill (7 years ago)
Doesn't work. It's just a virus
Is it safe??
InsanityLucio (7 years ago)
@sargentblackout jack off this is 1 year old vid!
Joshua Plum (7 years ago)
stupid just google mine craft for free.
robotmamo (7 years ago)
Tristan Batchelor (7 years ago)
Loooooooooooool. Umm this video was made a year ago tomorrow. I was tricked so I write this now to hopefully prevent further trickery. And it was just when I got my hopes up, too....
fullyauto5k (7 years ago)
this sucks it says too many logins!amit it doesnt work! d
smashypeople (7 years ago)
it just says for me "to many failed logins"
Syahmi Samri (7 years ago)
wow! you released this video on my birthday -.-
brandon35335 (7 years ago)
@SomeoneSoDamnBored fuck you, you fucking spamer, I'm joining
AWFootball45 (7 years ago)
ur a fucking jew!!!!!
Aleister Black (7 years ago)
diabloein (7 years ago)
doesn't work. Can't get on the game. Asks for account info and if you leave fields blank it says to many failed logins and locks out.
Nicholas Telles (7 years ago)
@TugaGamers2011 that didnt work
media fire .c om/? bd9ca0elewwyygb no spaces 5 minecraft accounts for free!!!!
Anonimo Anonimo (7 years ago)
@Sirca2combatArms how i enter your server? i want to be part of the game no matter only as player or moderator :)
You Haugen (7 years ago)
try this people: youtube.com/watch?v=WoV_8CAPcZU youtube.com/watch?v=WoV_8CAPcZU youtube.com/watch?v=WoV_8CAPcZU
hotcookie000 (7 years ago)
heh.. i ain't got no sound :/ tho if i did i bet it would be cool
Sirca2combatArms (7 years ago)
JOIN MY HAMACHI SERVER!! starting out need mods and developers to help get it going ID: EliMinecraft666 PASS: 123 IP:
mr122sf (7 years ago)
Merel Hilhorst (7 years ago)
you are so fucking handsome!
Yair Weinstock (7 years ago)
@Blartcanonlywish shut the fuck up you fat ass racist and why you hate us i just lived my life and you hate me WTF
Jack Rosenthal (7 years ago)
@Blartcanonlywish fuck you bitch
Gamer7112 (7 years ago)
sign up at gamedonator and sign up with this code! fd8e1d
Chipichowa (7 years ago)
Advertisments PISS ME OFF.........just sayin
killhaloring (7 years ago)
Mactards....really ? fucker
Stim Patch (7 years ago)
i hate u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yorick Schouten (7 years ago)
Join No hamachi!
Faris Baig (7 years ago)
f... you b....
Matt Moore (7 years ago)
@soup5000200 btw search up minecraftsp
readthisname1 (7 years ago)
Or you could just go to Minecraftforfree . c0m It's that simple it's a cracked version.
Calibrex (7 years ago)
@iTeachAppleTech Well I have to agree. The only reason I moved to Linux is because of the boot time windows had, and most of the games I wanted to play required a graphics card. But when I switched I tried to play those games again and they run perfectly.
Calibrex (7 years ago)
@iTeachAppleTech lol
I Am PGed (7 years ago)
@echinopis stfu I have windows but still
I Am PGed (7 years ago)
@iTeachAppleTech Stfu just as well as echinopis should
Calibrex (7 years ago)
@iTeachAppleTech Im a Linux.
codeboy7 (7 years ago)
ht tp://fre em in ecraft.m e/?r ef=216 434 go here without the spaces this is the real link, this guy has the wrong one.
:3 (7 years ago)
Ägare M. (7 years ago)
haha i like how you called them mactards
NotCute_ (7 years ago)
Enemies are tryna GETCHA.
Matt Moore (7 years ago)
James Buigues (7 years ago)
@ilvarsmailo1 lol i agree
Matt Moore (7 years ago)
@soup5000200 i bought it
Sander Hansen (7 years ago)
Go to h ttp:// PremiumClick. org /? ref= 26636 And share your own link every where, you lonly need 20 people that go to your link
Ilvars Mailo (7 years ago)
u luk lik rambo

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