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Text Comments (2666)
Cameron McGill (5 days ago)
And cyclone
Cameron McGill (5 days ago)
I love you Jeff and moosecraft!!!
Bali Asia (5 days ago)
Anne Angas (5 days ago)
moose do the teamfortress 2 mod
Scott Hau yam seung (6 days ago)
nerf mod
Angela Richardson (6 days ago)
That was aswd
MrMic DogMan (10 days ago)
Shadrachshine Panda (14 days ago)
Spider queen mod
Samuel Riley (15 days ago)
Paw patrol mod
Chona Serrano (16 days ago)
Back fast
Mohammed Rayane (16 days ago)
I love you music
bakka Harris (17 days ago)
if you are watching this in 2018 like this comment
bakka Harris (17 days ago)
make friendly mobs
Hulon Williamson (17 days ago)
Plz do the sonic mod I'm sonic 56 for the mose milk gods
cris De Faria (17 days ago)
Minecraft ya
cris De Faria (17 days ago)
cris De Faria (17 days ago)
cris De Faria (17 days ago)
Rival Rebels mod
Blake Wheaton (17 days ago)
Moose milk and Bekfast for life
chachachoey 12 (18 days ago)
Cyclone is aswd tell the frog
Dino Campers (18 days ago)
Please check out the carpenters block mod p.s.bekfest
Tom Fawcett (18 days ago)
Hi moose I love your vidios I watch all of your vidios
carissa rose (19 days ago)
You r 😎
carissa rose (19 days ago)
I am collin
carissa rose (19 days ago)
carissa rose (19 days ago)
I Love your sos
Skylar McLachlan (19 days ago)
Harry Potter mods
Raazia Azeem (20 days ago)
Do ninja mod
Aphmau Lover (24 days ago)
Can you do the furniture mod please :3
Justin Ellison (26 days ago)
this is my favorite because I think its my 1st 1 I think idk
Ralph Mayhew (26 days ago)
I like jeff
John Boyd (26 days ago)
GTA mod
John Boyd (26 days ago)
Michael Weil (26 days ago)
liatsabr mod
Michael Weil (26 days ago)
my name is nathan
Michael Weil (26 days ago)
yuo are asome
Gear Givz (26 days ago)
Kuro Nekko (26 days ago)
Stanley Harrington (27 days ago)
please do the beacon modAnd by The Way moose milk is the best
Corey Drake (27 days ago)
Do the gun mod
Nader Ghanem (27 days ago)
I subscribed and turned on notifications and do milk mods
Huma Ali (27 days ago)
jourdan Sylvester (27 days ago)
beyblades bust
Cord Ferrie (28 days ago)
do the coolest mod even
Danyfuentes123 (28 days ago)
Maze mode
Rafael Melgar (30 days ago)
great creepers moose craft
Vaughns Media (1 month ago)
do elemental withers
Jan De Wachter (1 month ago)
Adobe the goot mode
Wayne Naquin (1 month ago)
Don't I got a mod for u try the dead space mod or halo mods
Wyatt Brisco (1 month ago)
Do the swords mod
ivy o na na na lovely (1 month ago)
Caleb Barnard (1 month ago)
Kylie Sproul (1 month ago)
Evry day i watch you
Barbie Lover 201 (1 month ago)
I paused it at 12:13😱😱😱
Bob Delaney (1 month ago)
Dog Mod
Darren Butts (1 month ago)
Go back to the tnt portl and set off a huge nuke
Andrew Barti (1 month ago)
Star Wars mod.😁
roblox gamer101 (1 month ago)
get all of the creepers and make them blow up,and blow them up in a house made out of opseadion(i cant spell i dont really play mincraft)and then play hide in seek in it
Miss Trap (1 month ago)
Intro song?❤❤
dankmemekid last king (1 month ago)
He made a duck noise
Tnt mob!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!
The magic Potato 877 (1 month ago)
More enchantments mod like if you agree
Nate Daniels (1 month ago)
The gravity stop mod
Sariah White (1 month ago)
Killer bees mod
DaQuan York (1 month ago)
Ice creeper rocks
Sarah Dissakarunaratne (1 month ago)
Call me Sarah btw
Sarah Dissakarunaratne (1 month ago)
Jumping Mod
Julia Verheijen (1 month ago)
Julia Verheijen (1 month ago)
is there a harry potter mod???? i am a real harry potter fan
Color Geeks (1 month ago)
is there a harry potter mod????? i am a real harry potter fan
Mumba Clement (1 month ago)
It mod
knvg Davis (1 month ago)
Thx you made me happy I was having a bad day
Manuel Ynostrosa (1 month ago)
Don’t mess with savage Jeff
Cool Callym HD (1 month ago)
Moose milkshake mod
FANGIRL rapmonster (1 month ago)
K-pop mod plezzzzzzzzzz
Kim Perry (1 month ago)
City Badlife
Kim Perry (1 month ago)
Mystical creatures mod
Terrence Vaughan (1 month ago)
omg I'm died breakfast
My kids creeper Minecraft i am creeper Mum
David Myers (1 month ago)
Alonzo Craig (1 month ago)
😐 is that the best song ever I think it needs a new beat to the end
Alonzo Craig (1 month ago)
cat gamer catgamer (1 month ago)
Fish mod
Sara Wendell (2 months ago)
Do dinosaur mod
Niko Simmons (2 months ago)
Shaun Peters (2 months ago)
LPS Supergirl 08 (2 months ago)
Zombie mood
LPS Supergirl 08 (2 months ago)
Skeleton mood
Terryrsy Nason (2 months ago)
Jeff can you do the tsunami mod
Lisa Soraghan (2 months ago)
I am actually aidan can you mess with the full size wither storm mod can you not heart cyclone
Robert Oliver (2 months ago)
Kayla Scarborough (2 months ago)
moss mod
Kayla Scarborough (2 months ago)
robot mod
TrayGrim Lover (2 months ago)
FABIAN !! (2 months ago)
You should do more tnt
Amanda Ransom (2 months ago)
Really weird wait I’m really weird
wyatt roberts (2 months ago)
guns mods
Alan Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Burning map's
Jeff Walker (2 months ago)
King kong
Chloe P (2 months ago)

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