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Kobolds And Catacombs Card Review Part 1

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00:00 Jasper Spellstone (+Lesser Jasper Stone/Greater Jasper Spellstone) 00:53 Wandering Monster 03:41 Crushing Walls 05:38 Aluneth (Mage Legendary Weapon) 07:43 Drygulch Jailor 09:45 Unidentified Elixier 12:03 Dragon Soul (Priest Legendary Weapon) 14:39 Kobold Illusionist 17:21 Sapphire Spellstone (Lesser Sapphire Stone/Greater Sapphire Spellstone) 19:41 Rin, the First Disciple + Azari, the Devourer (Warlock Legendary) 22:22 Gather Your Party 24:54 Guild Recruiter 27:12 Carnivorous Cube 29:33 Marin the Fox (Neutral Legendary) You can also find me on: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/G2Thijs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThijsHS Stream Highlights Playlist: http://bit.ly/2yBM0mI Thijs' Ladder Encounters Playlist: http://bit.ly/1POddTh Video Editor: ZeForte
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Text Comments (227)
Affe TV (10 months ago)
gooilt rekroter
Affe TV (10 months ago)
haHAA <3
ip kh (11 months ago)
warlok: what if u take the spell that makes spells cost health and take the minion that makes u invulneruble at your turn
Urukosh ! (11 months ago)
Your thumbnail looks like the typical spotty nerdy face to punch into. Than your to loud volume and annoying unfunny references and jokes from a 6YO kid ffs. So annoyng. GET THIS AWAY FROM MY RECOMMENDED FFS!!!! UGLY
Jared the Science Guy (11 months ago)
Im just saying: Kazakus Potion --> Add 3 demons to your hand ---> Azari next turn....
Thomas Bybjerg Brock (11 months ago)
Aluneth To paraphrase Firebat: Mage have Ice Block. Tempo Mage with 2 Ice Blocks, just got 6 more cards to melt your face.
Your Lord and Savior (11 months ago)
Aluneth is for burn Mage. You’ll overdraw if you’re playing a technical deck like Quest Mage.
Czaruje Sobie (11 months ago)
Cant wait to play against highlander priests summoning 3x 5/5 with dragon soul. Yaaaaaay !!!
Metal Cranberries (11 months ago)
Overlordsen (11 months ago)
Is it just me or does it always sound like "boners" when he says "bonus"?
Overlordsen (11 months ago)
Oh, and "dicks" instead of "decks"
Kenso Kume (11 months ago)
14:42 Use Roll the Bones with Kobold Illusionist with Deathrattle Rogue deck
Random Guy (11 months ago)
They're really pushing mill warlock
Dreadedscoper (11 months ago)
just spellbreaker rin and win?
Bee (11 months ago)
I never realised how terrible his pronounciation is untill i heard him read out some of these cards... like dayum he streams in english for like 8 hours a day, doesn't he?
Andrzej Dudeł (11 months ago)
Make 4 mana 7/7 great again! Can't wait for face shaman.
juttyism (11 months ago)
I don't know how the timing works with Wandering Monster yet but it's possible that it diverting the attack to a monster would Then cause Snake and Venomstrike Traps to trigger. Also more generally playable (most hunter secrets are) secrets for hunter means Putricide gets better and better.
Ralf Payas (11 months ago)
Can we Kazakus potion into this Azari? that would be insane..
Thomas Schuldt (11 months ago)
im thinking cube + jade rogue 1/1 deathrattle's =) or aya
Harel Barok (11 months ago)
Destroy your hydranox
Nicholas Gill (11 months ago)
Marin the fox + Moat lurker = PogChamp
Jay-Jay SchmoYÓho (11 months ago)
isn't there a card "add two random demons to your hand" or something? what if you get azari from this :D
Doctor Poopypantz (11 months ago)
Before you spend money on this game, remember how you hoped every previous expansion would make the game better, but none of them did. Before you spend money on this game, remember that the meta will suck just as bad as it does now literally within 10 days of this expansion's release. Before you spend money on this game, remember that even Blizzard's nerfs and "balances" are designed to make money, NOT to make a good game. Before you spend money on this game, think about how bad the game is. How embarrassingly bad. And then remember how many games you could buy on Steam for the cost of the preorder, especially during a Steam sale. Just something to think about.
Sea Wolf (11 months ago)
Your eyes look tired Thijs!
George Ninua (11 months ago)
Harrison Jones sitting there and loling xD looks like a comeback for him xD
Marronii (11 months ago)
Prince Malchazar, Azari, Barnes, much luck = win
Nathan Warren (11 months ago)
Boy I can’t wait to get tilted from wandering monster spawning in injured blade master and him winning the game flat out.
heavyarms55 (11 months ago)
The weapons are gonna be, at best, so-so. There are so many ways to remove them.
Matt Schilling (11 months ago)
From watching the new card announcements all I could think was RANDOM!!!!!
Fabrii Smite (11 months ago)
19:41 that legendary is shit
Soldier 0f4Tune (11 months ago)
Could you get Azari, The Devourer as a random demon from an effect?
MrJamedawg (11 months ago)
your fuckign accent makes my face bleed after listening to it for too long...
MrJamedawg (11 months ago)
did u say tar-jet? instead of tarGGGGet
David Adrian O Mais Brabo (11 months ago)
26:20 Lmao
Roland Lee (11 months ago)
guild recruiter, 2 mana 2/4 : (draw a card), play 3 mana yeti. A lot of value there is you count the draw...
Roland Lee (11 months ago)
If you put a firefly on a combo deck like that, you deserve that 3 mana cost fly :)
tcoren1 (11 months ago)
Roland Lee or summoning a 3 mana firefly...
Rafzalo (11 months ago)
5 mana 9/11s all day every day
奕翔王 (11 months ago)
Now you can't put the biggest minion in middle because of explosive shot. And also can't put it on two sides because of crushing wall. Hunter's remove spell is OPOP
Woutva (11 months ago)
So... can Carnivorous Cube target itself with its battlecry? Cause 5 mana for 2x 4/6 seems pretty sweet as well.
Hahahahaaahaahaa (11 months ago)
I have to assume that kazakus potion cannot put Azari in your hand....right? Right blizzard? ...
CarpRunner (11 months ago)
24:55 Guild Recruiter could be put in Big Priest. It pulls Barnes, but also saturates the deck.
Thomas B. Del. (11 months ago)
Rin is the Fadigue Warrior worse enemy, of he can't have all the Dead man's combo in his hand it's GG
iNøVaTiOn (11 months ago)
Madam goya a 1/1 recruit, then play Gather the party and Recruit a recruit XD
Szymon Bauza (11 months ago)
Rin is for super greedy control matchups. It's just one spot, it's just little overcosted for just minion so its really good answer for current meta game.
tcoren1 (11 months ago)
Szymon Bauza nah. Both raza priest, jade/big druid and (of course) tempo rouge would kill way before you finished casting all 41 mana of stuff to destroy their deck. That's assuming you drew it in the first half of your deck, where it would be remotely relevant
Psychratic (11 months ago)
carnivorous blood of the ancients play dead
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
I don't think the mage weapon is good, draw 3 cards everytime+ 1 you draw normally it's like draw 4 every turn. What I mean you will end up milling yourself and if you have 2 many low cost cards then you get rekt if you don't draw the weapon.
Nightknight (10 months ago)
burn mage anybody?
Dust IV (11 months ago)
I think you build a new deck around it. You just need cheap cards so you can empty your hand quickly. Burn mage most likely.
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
banson houry Problem with that then becomes if you don't draw this card then you are in a lot of trouble. I don't think it's a card for quest mage, mabye for a new mage deck that will come with this expansion.
C. Yan H. (11 months ago)
Quest mage would love this, allows them to run really cheap spells with no drawback
Ian Rose (11 months ago)
Carnivorous Cube + Hadronox Gg
Jannes Carpentier (11 months ago)
Carnivorous cube your own carnivorous cube, value town!
Jaypee Anarna (11 months ago)
the last 2 cards can work with each other I guess
Tadz Palys (11 months ago)
Hey guys! Thijs here, just wanted to remind you guys that this shitty unimaginative game is the only way i make money so of course im gonna act super excited about every card i see. Please keep following me even though game is completely unaffordable to any of you shlubs with regular jobs and families (oh, and of course poor people, but seriously, fuck poor people). I dont wanna be one of them so just subscribe and what not so i can continue to play a rich childrens card game as a carreer, thanks again!
Mike Bassani (11 months ago)
Even though plenty of people make legend f2p and you're just mad...
Michael Bi (11 months ago)
Tadz Palys somebody's mad
Rocko (11 months ago)
16:55 it could be used with tar creeper very well
• Bananofilo • (11 months ago)
Carnivorous cube + Carnivorous cube + spiritsinger Umbra= rank 1 legend💪
Spicy George (11 months ago)
9/11 only costed 5 mana?
TeeDabs (11 months ago)
Azari wont be able to be played in time to destroy more than 5 cards
TeeDabs (10 months ago)
I was playing quest mage last night and he played Azari when I had a combo piece still left in the deck. I was right about there only being 5 cards left tho! lol
The Lich King (10 months ago)
I got rekt by it and it ate 12 cards, definitely enough to win the game!
伊凡 (11 months ago)
I am your Taiwanese fan. You are the first overseas live-host I've ever seen
Spacedorge Worf worf (11 months ago)
The seals should cost 4 instead of 5 and that way it would be pretty viable
iAm Explizit (11 months ago)
I give up
Bart W (11 months ago)
Marin the fox isn’t a pirate? Sure
Noah Parks (11 months ago)
The legendary weapons seem suspiciously similar to relics from Eternal; the Priest one is just a slightly changed Calderan Cradle.
Duplo Ratox (11 months ago)
I dont know about this legendaries weapons because if you drawn they in late game you lost so much value
Simple Rick (11 months ago)
Put it on 1.5 speed...You are welcome frienddd.
Kacper Tomasik (11 months ago)
I feel like this expansion is just setting up the next one
nexoos 1237 (11 months ago)
Do you need to play the cards to upgrade it? Or just do the gain armor and overload thing?
Mr Spaghetti (11 months ago)
nexoos 1237 i think it upgrades in your hand, if u play it, its gone
Mr. PoopyButthole (11 months ago)
I can already see the clips of people getting Azari from sindragosa
Mr Spaghetti (11 months ago)
george obryan Azari is a generated card, it's not a legendary, Rin is. would be funny, but it won't ever happen.
Vlad Fedorov (11 months ago)
2 most hated classes getting unreal buffs, though they're broken enough and not fun to play against already. Skipperino the metarino time.
talatos (11 months ago)
if you destroy Aya with the Carnivorous Cube and destroy the Carnivorous Cube with a SECOND Carnivorous Cube how many aya's would you then get after all the Carnivorous Cube are dead?
Niccolò farina (10 months ago)
Mirage Caller in Priest do this effect and carnivorus Cube on obsidian statue is OP
Alexander Blixt (11 months ago)
You would only get 2 extra Ayas, since the deathrattle of the second one will just be "Summon two carnivorous cubes", not "Summon two carnivorous cubes with Deathrattle: Summon two Aya Blackpaws".
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
Yeah, that's a good combo. Or better cube blood of the ancient one, then cube the cube for an ancient one and you'll have 2 more ancient ones when the other cube dies.
Mr Spaghetti (11 months ago)
talatos how much aya could a carn cube aya if a carn cube could carn aya?
Brayan Barbosa (11 months ago)
Dirty rat + crushing walls = legend
Antonio Romero Martín (11 months ago)
Can't wait for the clips of guild recruiter pulling out Doomsayer
George Ninua (11 months ago)
why would u put doomsayer in deck that is build for recruit sinergy? what kind of deckbuilding skills is that ffs =D damn netdecks what have u done to ppl.
Henry Touchdown (11 months ago)
I expect Aluneth ice block shenanigans will occur, for situations it's hard to do exactly 3 damage
talatos (11 months ago)
"kobold" isn't a own race :/
Cameron Ross (11 months ago)
Carnivorous cube with Obsidian Statue
Sinorox (11 months ago)
Blood of the ancient one with the Devourer cube
elliot (11 months ago)
George Ninua every deck doesn't have to be super competitive some people just like playing fun decks
George Ninua (11 months ago)
good idea u build deck around it and 1 card just 1 card ruines your whole deck... 1 silence, hex poly return effect devolve effect and this effects are run in almost all decks and those that dont run them are aggro and token decks that will kill u till u do that and even if u pull it against them its kinda useless coz if aggro decks dont kill u till that they have already lost coz they are out of gas. So better use devourer on eggs at least u get 5/5 budy :) or with warlock u can eat egg and then eat devourer with that 1 mana 1/1 that eats minion and gains +2/2 :) so its 5/5 + 3/3 + 2 aditional eggs that protect you from board clear effects :)
champion of wits (11 months ago)
Drygluch jailor +mountain giant or twilight drake. Mind blown New meta control pally
Mr Spaghetti (11 months ago)
adway kasture oh wow, yeah didn't think of that
patatjebolle (11 months ago)
Rin the First Deciple: And then the final minion got into your hand and then out of your hand by dirty rat and then ggXD
gamer7916 (11 months ago)
patatjebolle a 10/10's still not something to laugh at
MrColtux (11 months ago)
Leeroy, carnivorous cube, play dead x2 with 2 discounts or coins or that deathrattle cost two less card in play is a 25 damage combo
Kres Jansen (11 months ago)
blizzard better makes it impossible to got azari of bane of doom or the trafficker, and similar effects, it would be totally broken.
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
+Kres Jensen That's not possible because Azari is a token not a real card.
Teorox (11 months ago)
Kres Jansen Just like how you can't summon whelps with summoning cards it's the same for Azari ;)
Mr Spaghetti (11 months ago)
bane of doom doesn't proc battlecries, so it'd just be a 10/10, which yeah is still scary i guess. but since he's a generated card (notice he's not a legendary, he's not anything) i don't think he'll be in the rotation of demons
lebronjames (11 months ago)
this is exactly what i was thinking
Hogscraper (11 months ago)
I have a feeling that the leg weapons will lose a durability every time they pop off. Otherwise that mage one is ridiculous.
Dyllan Jones (11 months ago)
yeah, just if the effect proc's, it should lose a durability
Hogscraper (11 months ago)
I was thinking like how Sword of Justice and Antiesh work.
Dyllan Jones (11 months ago)
Hogscraper they have 0 attack how else will they lose durability?
Antonio Ortiz (11 months ago)
The classes that don't naturally have weapon are at a disadvantage because they can't bait out weapon hate cards
tcoren1 (11 months ago)
vili rantala 5 mana draw 3 is pretty good (like cabalist tome) and both agrro and control mages are interested in draw via arcane intellect, so paying one extra mana for the benefit of literally winning the game if they didn't draw their ooze is pretty good. The big problem with this card i feel is harrison.
Knavenformed (11 months ago)
It takes 3 turns to gain value. 3 is good and as a passive better, but 6 mana for 3 is not.
iandakariann (11 months ago)
Antonio Ortiz well mage gets their 3 cards at least which is almost worth the value alone. priest is trickier but I'm not sure how useful it'll be even without the here cards.
Smitten Kitten (11 months ago)
drygulch jailor is awesome with divine shield paladin,
Yugioh Cube Tube (11 months ago)
Carnivorous Cube in my Hadronox wild druid Deck! Sludge belcher for days
Kres Jansen (11 months ago)
wandering monster into injured blademaster seems preeeetty good
Murloc Leader (11 months ago)
wandering monster into howlfiend seems preeeetty bad
Diego Wang (11 months ago)
0:53 king cobra easy removal
André Cécile (11 months ago)
0:53 best card is probably either the 3mana 2/8 or a cobra
tcoren1 (11 months ago)
André Cécile injured blademaster is probably better than 2/8
Winds (11 months ago)
Where on earth did Thijs get the idea, that the expansion has a lot of deathrattles. People assumed this with KFT and were wrong there as well.
Zack Poko (11 months ago)
Winds Ben Brode said KFT would have deathrattle synergy and there were a lot of death rattle cards added when you look at it. Not a lot of great ones though.
Riccardo Brandolini (11 months ago)
Every N'Zoth deck will play Carnivorous Cube
DreadStare (11 months ago)
Even more Hunter secrets. Secret hunter is already annoying to play against.
Louroux HS (11 months ago)
7:44 hand drake giants paladin
EchmesAmok (11 months ago)
In 2030 we'll have like 50 hunter secrets, and like going into wild and playing a 30 secret deck
Eisenwulf666 (11 months ago)
In 2030 nobody will be playing hearthstone,probably something similar but directly in your mind through a neuro jack
Haydon Aitchison (11 months ago)
Eater of secrets reference.
Olaf Dagiel (11 months ago)
i know who you are !
Riccardo Brandolini (11 months ago)
EchmesAmok cool ahahahah
Jordan Holman (11 months ago)
Ancestral spirit shaman gonna be op
Haydon Aitchison (11 months ago)
everyone knows about the famous mediehv + kun + ui combo. soon everyone will know the medivh + cho'gall + violet illusionist + Seal combo. ultimate tempo
Haydon Aitchison (11 months ago)
lol, for Cho'gall it's the next spell not minion.
Haydon Aitchison (11 months ago)
Riccardo Brandolini (11 months ago)
Haydon Aitchison is the next card, not all cards
Wizard Bear (11 months ago)
After this set gets released will whispers of the old gods go to wild?
Riccardo Brandolini (11 months ago)
Wizard Bear nop
Forsen's MOTD (11 months ago)
Anybody else is scared about to being self-milled by Aluneth?
tcoren1 (11 months ago)
Forsen's MOTD just play it in a tempo deck (instead of AI maybe?). If you aren't playing control then milling doesn't matter
Toby TOWNSLEY (11 months ago)
Hholllyyy shit. . . Warlock legendary +violet illusinist+blood bloom= GG
Spacedorge Worf worf (11 months ago)
It’s like a 5 cost innervate
Spacedorge Worf worf (11 months ago)
Salty God that’s just saves u 3 mana and 5 health once
Toby TOWNSLEY (11 months ago)
still gud tho
Toby TOWNSLEY (11 months ago)
ah ok
OldManPastry (11 months ago)
Beer Meyer (11 months ago)
Im waiting for the 3drop emperor cobra stopping a 10drop
Mazzyman (11 months ago)
You could get an infinite chain of kobold Illusionists
Exocentric (11 months ago)
Guild Recruiter is insane. It should be read as 5 mana 2/4 draw and play a 4 mana or less minion for free. Even a lowroll like Loot Hoarder is good.
Tom (11 months ago)
Exocentric but for your lowrolls to be good you have to sacrifice alot of early game minions that help you to not lose in the early game.
Exocentric (11 months ago)
You build a deck where even the lowrolls are good and the highrolls are 2/8's with taunts, Mana Tide Totems or 7/7's. Madam Goya is bad because you swap a minion already on board. Completely different from this card.
Tom (11 months ago)
Exocentric not really. You don't control what minion gets pulled so the chance of it having bad trades is quite high. It also doesnt trigger battlecries and stats are distributed on weak bodies. Do you perhaps think madam goya is any good?
Scotty J (11 months ago)
Have people not figured out that Hearthstone is a con yet? You can say other card games do the same rolling format (pokemon, mtg, etc) but at least they are real life items. Spend like €40 on an expansion where there's about 12 good cards and 3 OP decks each time. Also they remove or nerf cards and just release them with a different name in the next expansion.
Eroda (11 months ago)
blood of the ancient one ---> carniverous cube + play dead/feign death
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
Muddy Crush Well, in that situation you already have 2 ancient one and a cube waiting to be triggered again.
Dan Animations (11 months ago)
Eroda ...polymorph
Zafras Frozen (11 months ago)
+Eroda Yeah, I also see a lot of potential for the ancient one in this expansion. If we get more cheap cards that create copies it could become a competitive deck maybe.
iandakariann (11 months ago)
Eroda omg, do it in wild. one emperor tick can let you use blood and ooze in the same turn.
Luciano Bradley (11 months ago)
Barnes and Rin could work nicely together.
Papa Doc (11 months ago)
I dont get it, why are Kobolds not an own race? like it brings so much more options into the game and also Kobold is in fact a race. Thats what I dont really get. Like Elementals are apparently a race, beasts are, but Kobolds arent? Like come on bring a bit more "story" into the game. To some people it might not seem important but if they make a fantasy themed card game, make it at least like a logical fantasy game by introducing more races
Lorge Heccin Shamwow (11 months ago)
Kerem Bulut problem with not releasing synergy Kobalds right now is that they are releasing a ton of Kobalds in this expansion, meaning they probably won't release any in other sets. After all, this expansion is literally named after kobalds.
Papa Doc (11 months ago)
yes, not yet. thats why they should start release cards with synergy slowly
Lorge Heccin Shamwow (11 months ago)
Kerem Bulut also mechs were pretty op
Lorge Heccin Shamwow (11 months ago)
Mech also have synergy with other mechs. Kobalds dont.
Papa Doc (11 months ago)
Thats not true. Mechs were also there and every class could have some kind of synergy with em. Also they could release cards that synergize with Kobolds as a tribe or race whatever you call them, in the future. Thats why I said it opens up more options, more creativity.
Jhazzrun (11 months ago)
by the time azari is played the opponent have drawn all their cards anyway
Murloc Leader (11 months ago)
ivailo mazdharov Both those cards are rotated out in next rotation and you need to have All those cards which means you need to probably wait even longer to make the combo
ivailo mazdharov (11 months ago)
umm , everybody seems to be neglecting a bloodbloom + Violet Illusionist combo
M`lady (11 months ago)
I`m pretty sure you cant recruit noncollectable minions
Murloc Leader (11 months ago)
+MDoorpsy wait what? what are you saying
MDoorpsy (11 months ago)
Could be some recruit card to cheat it out early
Aaumond (11 months ago)
At first I thought Rin was a very good and interesting legendary, because I thought it was "Battlecry : Destroy the enemy Hero". That would justify such a long effect (even if that would be a bit too powerful). But this ? Destroy the opponent's deck ? Meh. Feels like it's not worth the sacrifice. I hope I'm wrong, though. But I feel like it would be better in a control-heavy meta.

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