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MapleCraft Mod

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Mod by Kurtss here!: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/589600-173-wip-maplecraft-maplestory-and-minecraft/ I look into a work in progress mod that adds an interesting cast of mobs and a couple potions based on the popular game, Maplestory!
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Text Comments (17)
Ryan Huynh (3 years ago)
when is it is it finshed
Squizzel Eternal (5 years ago)
pigs stay around the sandy beach remember nautilous
Squizzel Eternal (5 years ago)
pigs stay around the sandy beach remember nautilous
bobby schoonover (5 years ago)
Thats what I was thinking.
xXdarkxkiller22 (5 years ago)
buddy me in windia
david truong (5 years ago)
i play maplstory
Lumineux (5 years ago)
Maplestory is free nexon makes free games
Changmin Lee (5 years ago)
Can't you still do that, Chuck Norris?
Criton Cringle (5 years ago)
enemies are a little too weak.
MonkeyxMoo (6 years ago)
They need Zakum and other bosses and much more monsters in this and also make NPC's villages Heneys and other town in Maplestory. Plus make some weapons and armor from Maplestory. P.S THIS IS AWESOME and play Maplestory it's great.
Dragonspirit999 (6 years ago)
this plus 2d craft |:
ck480 (6 years ago)
--> DietyZiex lol xD
George He (6 years ago)
Oh,and challenge the Black Cat of ardentmill and White Lady of Perion and ban them from the presence of maplestory.
George He (6 years ago)
DUDE I DARE YOU TO KILL PINK BEAN ANd uhh let me get my list here errr....zakum and his 8 arms,chaos zakum and his 8 arms,horntail and his hands,wings,legs,and heads,chaos horntail and his hands,wings,legs,hands,empress cygnus from future henesys,ravana the evil spirit giant,xerxes from chryse,king pepe and prime minister,crimsonwook keep pq monsters,and many more bosses.....................................................(see 119,951 other choices of monsters)
EVERBFMV (6 years ago)
go to 4:37 and in the corner there it is:D
EVERBFMV (6 years ago)
dude the boss shroom was there
Pika (7 years ago)
Hey dude! You need to make those golem blocks into a portal to Orbis! Also. to light it. you need in the crafting grid. to put a red potion above a golem block.. And then you can go to Orbis! :D

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