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Top 5 Minecraft Command Block Creations of November 2014!

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In this video I bring to you the best Minecraft Command Block Creations of the month. Make sure to check out all of their channels! Fancy Particles by Purple_: http://youtu.be/x4zGKfGpQIU Custom Fireworks by Octavigon: http://youtu.be/xw4ZHe7lCUk Firework Show by guenstig: http://youtu.be/E4RfXlVUGz0 Firework MCEdit Filter by GentlegiantJGC: http://youtu.be/AJYPQof3yVc Kind Creepers by RedNomster: http://youtu.be/mGUZc87Jdxo Valkyrie Bombers by Dragnoz: http://youtu.be/mNt0GNI9lH4 Inverted Explosions by Squirtdude and Eease: http://youtu.be/PXV9qoZRjP8 Donate here: http://bit.ly/DonorCP ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: And Bedroom Lies Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/12jNdvN
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Text Comments (100)
ShadowPhantom (11 months ago)
So cool with the inverted explosions. ITs pretty cool how it works
Um 2016?
Ethan (2 years ago)
Srsly........ ( 1:04 - 1:07 )
Chris Casanova (3 years ago)
Fukki (3 years ago)
Are u german?
eric roe (3 years ago)
/summon Zombie ~10 ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:diamond_sword,tag: {ench:[{id:16,lvl:5}]}},{id:diamond_boots,tag:{ench: [{id:0,lvl:5}]}},{id:diamond_leggings,tag:{ench: [{id:0,lvl:5}]}},{id:diamond_chestplate,tag: {ench:[{id:0,lvl:5}]}},{Damage:1, id:skull}],CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName:AngryBob}
The Master of Killer (3 years ago)
slicedlime (3 years ago)
Cool thing - I would love to see this come back every month (and to be on the list, of course :-) )
Couch Camping (3 years ago)
Bronze baby! :D
Henning (3 years ago)
I knew most of them, but it´s a good video
a commend...
EeaseMaps (3 years ago)
Vrail Nightviper (3 years ago)
I love this creation of the month thing! Let's continue it! :D
GamingDischarge (3 years ago)
Do this monthly!!!
Redempt (3 years ago)
Could you check out some stuff on my channel? I have only two videos as of now, but I think they're worth looking at. My GriefDenial one is really pretty epic.
chompy101 (3 years ago)
small youtubers with really good redstone skills, sounds familiar
chompy101 (3 years ago)
also, you say small youtubers, but the smallest one you did had over 2000 subs
Durchblick (3 years ago)
Wow cool creations! Make more of them :O
MCEvan99 (3 years ago)
Do more of these :D
The Three Myths (3 years ago)
Can't wait for next month! We'd better start creating...
Couch Camping (3 years ago)
One of my Subscribers had told me about the existence of this video. Came because I was featured, stayed because this series is going to be awesome! :D #Bronzebaby
JakeMClarke (3 years ago)
Can this be monthly, and possibly a way to apply?
King Sticky Keys (3 years ago)
You said to leave a comment and a like. I did...Now I expect a new one for December xD
woopi (3 years ago)
Where is Cubehamster's black hole?
Fede Broglia (3 years ago)
Great compliation ;) I'd love to see something like this next month!
Skjold (3 years ago)
already saw all of the videos! :D i would definitely like to see this as a series! <3 -skjold
My little snake nooo!O!! haha Great compilation serie :P
myttoh (3 years ago)
Killer que haces en esta clase de videos ¬¬
Nicolas Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Hehe found you
Brenderman333 (3 years ago)
Check out my redstone playlist. I do some proof of concept stuff and I am a smaller youtuber. You said that's what you wanted to help support!
Mr_Rede_de_Stone (3 years ago)
This top five was very cool ! Looking forwards to see the next !
SibboGuy (3 years ago)
This should be weekly :D
# (3 years ago)
Are you going to do this every month?
ItzaMeLuigi (3 years ago)
Was expecting for you to be on it all 5 times :P
guenstig (3 years ago)
hey thanks alot. amazing. I'm so proud now ;)
rsmalec (3 years ago)
Love the fireworks.
rsmalec (3 years ago)
This is so awesome!!!!!
McMakistein (3 years ago)
Eventhough I already knew all of the videos I really enjoyed this! Please continue this series! :D
Marijn (3 years ago)
What!!! Not birds by Onnowhere?! What's wrong with you ;)
Marijn (3 years ago)
+GermanCreepers | Mapmaking ah
Marijn (3 years ago)
Awesome concept, keep on doing this!
Brodern (3 years ago)
I made a 100% fully working Portalgun in vanilla minecraft with Comandblocks. **Insert more self-promotion here** :P lewl
Brodern (3 years ago)
+GermanCreepers | Mapmaking Watch my tutorial video ill explain how :)
Brodern (3 years ago)
+herobrine123x Lets talk on skype. Ill send you my skype on youtube messages :)
Brodern (3 years ago)
+herobrine123x Yes but then I could make it so that the player gets shot out of the other portal half the amount of blocks fallen. If i fall 10 blocks into the orange portal and get the score of "falling" to 10, then i would get spit out of the blue portals 5 blocks, and my score would reset.
Brodern (3 years ago)
+McPigFin That is true, ill imploment that too :)
Symix (3 years ago)
+herobrine123x u can detect fall distance :) there is scoreboard stat for it :)
WizardXZD (3 years ago)
Can this be a monthly thing? I really want to be on a list ;-;
WizardXZD (3 years ago)
+chompy101 Wow. I usually get 2 or 3 comments on my videos.
chompy101 (3 years ago)
because I don't usually get responses to my comments or videos
WizardXZD (3 years ago)
+chompy101 Dude, it's youtube. Why would you not expect a response?
chompy101 (3 years ago)
I don't know, I was not expecting a responce
WizardXZD (3 years ago)
+chompy101 too* And why do I need to know this?
Team Wooloo (3 years ago)
Dayum, it's time to come up with something awesome. Does somebody sell inspiration?
cplnerf (3 years ago)
cplnerf (3 years ago)
:O You should still mention it! xD
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
Dude, that was not released in November.
Asdarwars (3 years ago)
hmm more research would be great.. maybe involving the community ? I mean really epic per example was the black hole by cubehamster and wubbi. although I love the format!
SQRTdude (3 years ago)
I feel honored!
Maze (3 years ago)
+Theaplusnb He have fans? :D
Theaplusnb (3 years ago)
+Theaplusnb Probably because the comment was 3 weeks ago.....
Theaplusnb (3 years ago)
Wow, your comment hasn't been spammed by fans.... YET!
ZeV :P (3 years ago)
Corbin Shipp (3 years ago)
NOPEname (3 years ago)
These are really nice! ^^ And it's also a cool idea to make such a video ;)
AlphaBetaR (3 years ago)
This is a great video concept. Please, do more.
Muffin Mystery (3 years ago)
What about my rainbow sheep launcher?
Nimmin (3 years ago)
Nothing groundbreaking, pretty easy actually. Also, I don't want to look at a lag fest for 3 minutes.
Muffin Mystery (3 years ago)
I had a dream where there was a little quartz book that said "Crushed Pixel" and "Roman III" engraved on the side.
GamerLappen (3 years ago)
You forgot the guy who brought birds into mc with commandblocks
GamerLappen (3 years ago)
+CrushedPixel My mistake.
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
Yes, but his video is older than November!
Muffin Mystery (3 years ago)
onnowhere I think he was called
Drosselbard (3 years ago)
I maybe regret uploading my last concept on 31. 10. D:
PlayLikeLars (3 years ago)
+NOPEname | Map Making Ich :O
Drosselbard (3 years ago)
+TobiBot pff :C
NOPEname (3 years ago)
+TobiBot :O
ChiliLP (3 years ago)
I loved this vid. Sadly, I already knew everything already, but other than that, it was really great.
Mercury (3 years ago)
gentlegiantJGC (3 years ago)
thanks for the mention
Nemkay (3 years ago)
Please to that weekly. I love this series!
Nemkay (3 years ago)
Really? ._. You know what we are talking about. May change the title. Greetz
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
Day 11: Still trying to figure out how to create a Best Creation of the MONTH series weekly. Lol
xlr the Leech (3 years ago)
Yes, weekly, please weekly.
Robin Kugler (3 years ago)
entereloaded (3 years ago)
Hehe alredy knew dem All :D but nice vid ;)

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