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BFB 1 1 25 but i switched some bodies

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This is the edit were i switched some BFB bodies: Pencil to Pen Match to Blocky Ruby to TV Bubble to Saw(Cannot see) Book to Ice cube Ice cube to Book Gaty to Basketball Taco to Bracletey(Seen in a cloud) Dora to David Teardrop to Barf Bag Saw to Rocky Taco to Balloony Lollipop to David Leafy to Coiny Roboty to Black hole Rocky to Taco Cloudy to Grassy aka ,,FLYING GRASSY!'' Woody to Remote Nickel to Teardrop Balloony to Lollipop Yellow Face to Dora Bell to ,,SPINNING MATCH" Foldy to Liy Marker to Firey Fries to Gaty
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Text Comments (204)
ChrisShwafer (8 months ago)
0:35 yeah he’s dead
MILEZ 2017 (3 months ago)
ChrisShwafer succ
Sronnie Aloha (5 months ago)
PanAce_gorl 'Sucked'
Bitch.Im.Wheezing (7 months ago)
He got succed up
You have 666 subscribers I just ruined that ;w; (I subbed)
Lexi Yang (5 days ago)
Why is puffball puffball?
GigTheToobbie (29 days ago)
taco from inanimate insanity is here!
Bloxy Co1a (1 month ago)
Omfg what happened to balloony
Azmi Zin (1 month ago)
Taco got Inanimate Insanity not bfb
Ricky Ricardo (1 month ago)
The reason why rock talks
Brindletonian (2 months ago)
Pencil to Pen Match to Blocky Ruby to TV Bubble to Saw(Cannot see) Book to Ice cube Ice cube to Book Gaty to Basketball Taco to Bracletey(Seen in a cloud) Dora to David Teardrop to Barf Bag Saw to Rocky Taco to Balloony Lollipop to David Leafy to Coiny Roboty to Black hole Rocky to Taco Cloudy to Grassy aka ,,FLYING GRASSY!'' Woody to Remote Nickel to Teardrop Balloony to Lollipop Yellow Face to Dora Bell to ,,SPINNING MATCH" Foldy to Liy Marker to Firey Fries to Gaty
Luke Ciarelli (2 months ago)
i get it Pin Pen they sound the same
Hmph. (3 months ago)
0:26 Shiny Inanimate Insanity Balloon
Kiarra Pablo (3 months ago)
-TV has arms -ice cube has arms -book is armless -rocky has arms -grassy can fly -match is just spinning -Gaty has arms
Domenico The Mc (3 months ago)
Domenico The Mc (3 months ago)
Pin this just because
Strahinja Milicevic (3 months ago)
Sophiekouhai (3 months ago)
I loved seeing Taco as Rocky.
Carolina Midence (3 months ago)
Ice cube has arms
SpongeBob SquarePants (3 months ago)
Request: BFB 1 but everyone are Powerpuffed
SpongeBob SquarePants (3 months ago)
Request: BFB 1-30, 1-31 and 1-32 but teams are swapped. List: Death P.A.C.T. & The Losers A Better Name Than That & Beep Team Ice Cube & Free Food Iance and Bleh
Hello tails (4 months ago)
Lol this is so cool
Minion And Dory Fan (4 months ago)
What is That App Called Where You Edit BFB Scenes? (Just Asking)
Minion And Dory Fan (3 months ago)
SuperULT (3 months ago)
adobe animate CC its not free
bfb iance (4 months ago)
ICY and book just switched THIER each others bodies XD ICY IS BOOK AND BOOK IS ICY
Carmina Olmedo Barranco (4 months ago)
Ranco (4 months ago)
0:46 that's why you don't do drugs
ENDERGAMER (4 months ago)
Coiny don't hug a black hole dude
Paloma Olmedo (5 months ago)
What happend to the voices and the genders?
WaterProofCat (5 months ago)
Grassy Is god now
WaterProofCat (5 months ago)
Match 😂 😂
LEN1X (5 months ago)
wait how did you edit this
Strahinja Milicevic (5 months ago)
LEN1X I download the files for BFB and i used adobe animate to edit
뽀로로뽀로 (5 months ago)
뽀로로뽀로 (5 months ago)
nadjib_ (5 months ago)
I always lose it when I see Match as Bell
Sronnie Aloha (5 months ago)
WHAT THe????? 0:58 also what the heck is stapy and lightswitch (i mean liy) 0:47 on together they are not friends!!??? also same as foldy
george theodoridis (6 months ago)
Wow ,rocky is tall
Gaming along with Andy (6 months ago)
CGG (6 months ago)
0:35 coiny just killed himself
That Blue Noodle (6 months ago)
Of what is 1 1 25!? It's just ep one
Dead channel (6 months ago)
0:46 you spin me right round right round
Ericnots (7 months ago)
Can you do another OST The part when 8-Ball gets squished
Block Games (7 months ago)
0:46 now Dora can talk normal
Luke Ciarelli (2 months ago)
Ethan Gamer tv dora learned english
remote (7 months ago)
wtf why am i the piece of shit thats scared of everything
Daniel Guglielmo (7 months ago)
Stapy and Puffball are the same.
Swag Anderson Gamer (7 months ago)
If Ice Cube And Book Switched Brains
Monica T (7 months ago)
Welp, Coiny’s ded
1st Scene: Limbed TV Pen Armed Ice Cube Armless Book Basketball Bubble: Bracelety Four David X Also 1st Scene: David Armed Ice Cube Barf Bag 2nd Scene: Basketball David Stickless Balloony Armed Rocky With High Legs 3rd Scene: Coiny Black Hole Armless Taco Limbless Floating Grassy Remote Armless Teardrop Lollipop 4th Scene: Dora Limbless Floating Match (From TBFDIM2 With The String) Armless Liy Stapey Firey Armed Gaty Puffball
gay (7 months ago)
0:58 what is happening anymore
leafy's twin sister's (7 months ago)
Snuggs 1 (7 months ago)
Grassy teardrop taco remote you guys look like you all need assistant lollipop I’ll help you to
Jack153901 (7 months ago)
if i get pinned ill buy you cookies and if you hate cookies ill buy you cake and if you hate cake ill buy you a loser doll and if you hate loser dolls ill buy you a BFDI. and if you hate bfdis ill buy you a four if you hate four ill buy you an X. if you hate X ill buy you a mephone if you hate mephones ill buy you a announcer if you hate announcers ill steal firey's speaker box and give it to you if you hate that ill give you a puffball speaker box if you hate that then you have no soul
Adrian ThatSavage (7 months ago)
Why does lollipop sound 36
Slymonster 79837 (7 months ago)
0:36 I knew you join Taco Grassy Remote/maria laura Nella & Teardrop
Ethan Thompson (7 months ago)
Pen Pie / Yoylepie (7 months ago)
Emmanuel Pavon (7 months ago)
What there can't be two Davids and Dora
Maria Foka (7 months ago)
whaaaat?Rocky speaks?
0:47 match is flying like crazy
Rolan TGK (7 months ago)
You already made Dora to David but you also made lollipop into David too!
RolanTGKchannel3 Channel 0:26 two david!?!? And balloony looks like balloon from INAMATE INSANITY IS CANCELLED
Cactus Companion (7 months ago)
I mean I don't understand how you got the technology to do this but radical
Lilo Tey (7 months ago)
Shukyi Law (7 months ago)
Jennifer Albanese (7 months ago)
-------------------------------- I I I I I GO ICE CUBE I ____________________ I I ---------------------------- I I I • • I I I I L____J I I I -------------------------- ,I I,
Diamondy 1000 (7 months ago)
David is Dora David is lolipop This does not make sense to make him 😂😂😂 to make him too people🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Allison N G E L (7 months ago)
0:24 daddy long legs
Chicken 4 War (6 months ago)
SoCyanide ! Jh
Eric Vico (7 months ago)
0:39 if coiny is leafy than that means
computerguy19 (8 months ago)
fortune teller (8 months ago)
Lol Rocky is tall
ActionableMary 222 (8 months ago)
0:22 C:
Gaty MMO (8 months ago)
My body switch Pencil-match Match-pencil Bubble-ruby Ruby-bubble Icy-book Book-icy Gaty-foldy Dora-David Teardrop-pillow Saw-pen Taco-blocky Lollipop-eraser Leafy-firey Roboty-yellow face Me-spongy Cloudy-puffball Woody-teardrop Nickel-coiny Balloony-flower Yellow face-roboty Bell-herself Foldy-gaty Stapy-himself Marker-fries Fries-leafy Puffball-cloudy
Chara R (8 months ago)
This is amazing, het frightening...YOYELCAKE!
timat (8 months ago)
0:38 limbless grassy
Hi There (8 months ago)
0:34 RIP Coiny he hugged a black hole
Cookieandmilk 244 (8 months ago)
The only object that dint have a difrent body was *STAPEH*
Candiied Candles (8 months ago)
Nice job
Young Potato (8 months ago)
0:47 LOL
Sashimii (8 months ago)
The fuck are you all on about Stapy not changing bodies? NEITHER DID PUFFBALL BUT NOOOOOO YALL GOTTA JUST IGNORE HER
Gumru бфюдыды (8 months ago)
Dago iz zo gude.
Pumpkinbast Breton (8 months ago)
Okey Dokey...
FunnyKitty74 (8 months ago)
0:46 Match Is Probably Bell
Gaming Fortnite (8 months ago)
This is super weird guys lol lol lol also how can a coin hug a black hole
lordy animations (8 months ago)
0:49 first time than liy and stapy are friends
Susan star (8 months ago)
wow rocky u have loog legs 0:25
THE MEME MAN XD (8 months ago)
Baloney is so small
The Tiny Unicorn (7 months ago)
Gaming Fortnite (8 months ago)
This is bfb or bfdi 1 bfb 1 also bfdi 1
The Tiny Unicorn (7 months ago)
It's only bfb.
Stephanie Garcia (8 months ago)
Have her body?
Stephanie Garcia (8 months ago)
Why puff ball
nerfdis (8 months ago)
rip stapy
GaboAnd Waffles (8 months ago)
Puffball is ok
GaboAnd Waffles (8 months ago)
Stapy is ok
MrRocky (8 months ago)
0:26 erm, didn’t David already join the team?
It a clone david
HoodsIsGone (8 months ago)
TheWaterFlame1234 (8 months ago)
How the elimination will go if BFB was like this: 1: Pen 2: Coiny 3: Bomby 4: (Never seen yet) 5: Black Hole Edit: pham nails helped me with number 3.
pham nails (8 months ago)
In 1 26 and 1 27 Bracelety is Bomby
friend of everyone (8 months ago)
TheWaterFlame1234 true
*a wild coiny appeared* *firey sended out grassy* *grassy uses fly* Lol
CNick JetiXD (7 months ago)
Pencil - Pen Match - Blocky Ruby - TV Book - Ice Cube Ice Cube - Book Gaty - Basketball Dora - David Taco - Bracelety and Balloony Teardrop - Barf Bag Saw - Rocky Lollipop - David Leafy - Coiny Roboty - Black Hole Rocky - Taco Cloudy - Grassy Nickel - Teardrop Woody - Remote Balloony - Lollipop Fries - Gaty Yellow Face - Dora Bell - Match Stapy - Stapy Foldy - Liy Marker - Firey Puffball - Puffball
Stephanie Garcia (7 months ago)
Blu3Fox2004 wait puffball is herself!
hacker the Poop (7 months ago)
Blu3Fox2004 h
The Tiny Unicorn (7 months ago)
255Snowball What do you mean? He spelt them right..
hacker the Poop (7 months ago)
Blu3Fox2004 ,
DerpyZygarde (7 months ago)
:0 you made a mistake! It’s balloony and taco
My version: Pencil to Cloudy Match to Nickel Ruby to Balloony Bubble to Taco Icy to Pin Book to Donut Gaty to Saw Four to X Dora to Teardrop Taco to Pen(seen in a cloud) Teardrop to Pillow Saw to Tree Lollipop to Remote Taco to Black Hole Leafy to Bottle Roboty to Pie Rocky to Liy Woody to Marker Cloudy to Stapy Nickel to Foldy Balloony to Fanny Yellow Face to Barf Bag Bell to Firey Jr. Foldy to Ringy Stapy to Loser Marker to Leafy Fries to Flower Puffball to Icy
hacker the Poop (7 months ago)
FrankieTheDeadDVDFan11/Frankie Renda j
Bfb bomby (8 months ago)
0:49 ummm LIY, are you ok?
BattleAwsome (6 months ago)
Liy's eyes are really far apart
a channel (7 months ago)
I think she's sick. She said she was friends with Stapy.. *_HMMMMMMM_*
Slymonster 79837 (7 months ago)
Bfb bomby your "hey firey you lit up my fuse" is deeper than BFDI version
Ethan Thompson (7 months ago)
Cake (7 months ago)
Bfb bomby ew
Star Eevees (8 months ago)
Coins Can Hug Blacks Holes I Never Know That! (On 0:36)
Beanette Garcia (8 months ago)
0:19 it fits
ItzElectroGamer (8 months ago)
Awesome and funny!
ItzElectroGamer (8 months ago)
already! You love my comment!
Eskoskiswitch (8 months ago)
spinning match is the best ever
Eskoskiswitch (8 months ago)
i'm not liy i'm a ruler
BFBFan2009 2018 2 (8 months ago)
Shut up liy
FunnyKitty74 (8 months ago)
Auklaus GAMING (8 months ago)
0:44 rip match but she likes being limbless more then having limbs
I Vainxe I (8 months ago)
0:58 Puffy said my NAME
GNAnimations (6 months ago)
Wooosh puffy to the rescue
old tv remote (7 months ago)
Dans' Atout Anda (7 months ago)
Lilo Tey (7 months ago)
Oh Kay Doke Kay 0:25 THATS MY NAME
Circuits (7 months ago)
Oh Kay Doke Kay did u make tejos account for that joke
Bushbops 555 (8 months ago)
stapys the same

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