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Top 10 Tips for New HTC Vive Owners

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Whether you just received your Vive or have had one for a while, these tips are sure to make your virtual experience even better -- if that's even possible. In this video I'll show you how to enable many features that in my opinion should be on by default. If you have additional tips or if I've stated incorrect information in the video, please comment below! My Top 10 Tips: The Identify Feature Mirroring the Display Room Setup Tricks Enabling Bluetooth Communication Audio Swapping and Mirroring Enabling Room View "Tron Mode" Controller Battery and Hands Display Advanced Chaperone Settings Loading New Backgrounds Theater Mode =============================== Leave a LIKE for Virtual Reality Subscribe to see more VR games for the HTC Vive Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/FunshineX
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Text Comments (250)
Markinpuff (26 days ago)
Is the Vive clearer than the rift? I purchased the rift, and it’s not really clear. It’s not unplayable, but I’m wondering if this is not an issue with the Vive. Thanks
Tuff Ughz (1 month ago)
can you set this up on the ps4 and if you can how
gewinnste (1 month ago)
I pushed the like button, like you suggested so very forcefully at the end. jk - I genuinely enjoyed it :)
LordofCensorship (2 months ago)
Mine is arriving tomorrow I'm a bit late to the party but alas I am but a poor boy.
Kameron lanahan (3 months ago)
Your camera is trash
rec room gamer (3 months ago)
599.99 what I can not afford that
James Dell'Aquila (4 months ago)
how do you turn down the volume of speakers when you are mirroring it?
Bobby Cratchet (5 months ago)
I wouldn't suggest doing that unless you're the only one playing and you trust yourself. FunshineX Apr 27, 2016
LARSFSO (5 months ago)
Another tips: GET BIG SCREEN! It's full of functionality and really blows your mind! 😃
fakiirification (5 months ago)
if your a hot girl streamer they might want to watch your butt the whole time tho.
BaenSster (6 months ago)
this is amazing and I only knew two of the things
Gasper Erjavec (6 months ago)
thank you, as a new user this was so helpful
Jynx Noise (6 months ago)
Got mine on Tuesday
fredEVOIX (7 months ago)
a new tip for everyone : replace the factory HDMI cable by a display port (DP-mini DP), picture sharpness is much better, I'm not sure supersampling (I use 2.5 for tests) works or is properly transmitted with the stock HDMI it was very blurry before i switched to DP fyi, a good way to test is to download the "london thames river" environement and check the red circle in the middle of the bridge with HDMI all I saw was red dot on a flat white circle now I can see details in the white
Lennart (7 months ago)
Pointing at your monitor or not doesnt matter. You can rotate your play area. Dont know if that was a feature when you recorded this.
Seventy6 (7 months ago)
I’m getting mine this Saturday! :)
fredEVOIX (7 months ago)
don't forget to redo a room setup if you move your bases vertically, forgot to do that and my friend complained he was fighting giants in superhotvr oops thx for the BT audio and camera tips, vr noob here only 2 days of it, I probably won't use the camera chaperone I think loosing sense of direction in VR is a good thing, the basic grid doesnt break immersion as much as seeing your room again
loczster (7 months ago)
Can someone help?? Controller works fine, except when i start up VR. The controllers are not appearing. Even after i press the button under the round control pad. It lights up green but the VR control panel does not show active controller, I have to connect it through usb for 10 secs then unplug it for the light box to pick it up
Ubeyd bin Abdulaziz T (8 months ago)
FunshineX can u help me i have problem with my htc vive controller tracking problems
NeoJD (8 months ago)
I learnd something
Joseph King (8 months ago)
so much waffle. this could have been under 5 minutes.
Is Q (9 months ago)
I dont even have a vive
MobileDecay (9 months ago)
Who knew people would be strapping the 32X to there face one day? 🤔
Yair Shai (10 months ago)
How can I set the vive station & headset to a sleep mode??
David Hardinge (10 months ago)
Fantastic video, but how to avoid stepping on your cat?
XXBOOMYOUDIEDXX (5 months ago)
Eat it.. no more stepping on it
Pixel Dust (9 months ago)
strap one of those pucks to kitty; lots of unexpected fun there!!
Alex Horvath (11 months ago)
poop video
ryanzeuz (1 year ago)
Number 3, WRONG. My arrow in the menu of my Vive is pointing 90 degrees to the left of my monitors. Number 4, I DO NOT HAVE BLUETOOTH. I have a custom built pc, I built it when I was 11. Number 6, enabling the camera does not affect the framerate that you get during gameplay on the HMD. Also, I use a USB 2.0, not a 3.0. I run mine perfectly fine though. Also with an MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4GB.
Error01 (1 year ago)
1 thing that i really wish I had known, too, was that the earbuds that come with the Vive had a little tab on the RIGHT earbud that you can easily feel to know which one is right and which one is left. It even has a little R on it. The earbuds themselves both have an R and L on them, but this is obviously great for figuring out what's what with the headset ON.
Quantum Rage (1 year ago)
you made it sound boring at the start and i almost changed the video but you did explain everything really well and im glad i continued to watch.
Ronald Montes (1 year ago)
Thank you for speaking clearly and slowly. Very valuable information. Thank you so much. I love my HTC Vive and Steam!!! Oh, and my kick ass rig. I have to through props where I hardly ever do and certainly not enough to CyberPower PC.
Friesen 1098 (1 year ago)
my room view dose not look like that it looks shitty
sanlys (1 year ago)
can you choose how the theater is looking too?
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Not in the native app but there are other experiences that have theater style rooms that look different
kuaigon (1 year ago)
And a Oculus Rift ad pops up
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Classic. Guessing a PSVR ad will soon find its way into my vids next
Greganor (1 year ago)
really useful! I'll be sure to set up the camera features that I haven't looked at this week yet!
Stephen Walker (1 year ago)
Base station standby is off by default because, apparently, it can cause problems. I tried that standby mode, and for some reason it wouldn't even start up because of problems getting the tracking started.
Perhaps (1 year ago)
lol vive cost like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars
acidgl0w (1 year ago)
Uh, Bluetooth is not needed on the PC. The Bluetooth is built into the headset itself and it will control the lighthouses and controllers as needed. The option isn't on by default because it requires you to install the Bluetooth drivers for the headset (done using the plug & play when you activate the Bluetooth option in the settings).
HAVO77 (1 year ago)
Thank you for this helped a lot 🍺
SHADOWxWOLF (1 year ago)
i noticed the hand thing on the controllers after i think a few days of using the vive.
Tiosh (1 year ago)
I gave you the first one out of the 10. Any PC user with that much coin to spend would mess with the settings to find that out. Thumbs down, click bait, try again.
Skyboxer (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video man. Finished my new PC build a few weeks ago and Friday my Vive arrives!
weezow69 (1 year ago)
thank u for this video i just got a vive and this helped a lot
Colonel BAAAH (1 year ago)
That tip about the standby mode was super helpful. The lighthouses were interfering with my TV remote and this was a much better solution than unplugging them every time.
Colonel BAAAH (1 year ago)
That tip about the standby mode was super helpful. The lighthouses were interfering with my TV remote and this was a much better solution than unplugging them every time.
Sanya Bennett (1 year ago)
im only 700$ away from a vive oh boy!
scubapro12z (1 year ago)
Sanya Bennett enjoy it! the program VorpX will let u play stuff like skyrim on it
Sanya Bennett (1 year ago)
Just picked mine up.
scubapro12z (1 year ago)
i apologize to you, i assumed you were insulting the Vive saying it was too expensive, so i reacted with an insult
scubapro12z (1 year ago)
i dont consider myself to be, but we all are compared to the real rich. i am blessed however, by being born into america where there is so much opportunity, to have a job that allows me to afford a vive and a capable computer. i wish that on everyone, if they work as hard as i did for it
scubapro12z (1 year ago)
i dont consider myself to be, but we all are compared to the real rich. i am blessed however, by being born into america where there is so much opportunity, to have a job that allows me to afford a vive and a capable computer. i wish that on everyone, if they work as hard as i did for it
TeuCat (1 year ago)
Wait, really? No one noticed the little hands on the Vive Controllers? I noticed that like the day I bought it.
Krystian Blaszkowicz (1 year ago)
Another good tip is covering shiny surfaces. i have a large mirror in my room and for days i have been getting shaky motion detection until i covered it.
MatchTerm (1 year ago)
About the bluetooth part, i'm sure I heard that there is an bluetooth chip inside the headset.
Elaiden (1 year ago)
GamerDashboard yes there is
Sixa (1 year ago)
if only i had a small loan of £700
Christopher Casling (7 months ago)
Sixa they do finance its how I got mine £28 a month for 2 years. cheaper than most phone contracts
Psythik (1 year ago)
This video should be called Top 10 Tips for Retarded HTC Vive Owners. Anybody with half a brain who just bought a Vive should have found most of these things on their first couple of days with the device.
Juicystarboy (1 year ago)
stop recording on a 1 bit square potato
SVENY (4 months ago)
you are soo funny.
supmayn yo (1 year ago)
Do you have to press "install blutooth driver" button after enabling it?
Remona Stormborn (1 year ago)
spent 4 days trying to get it to work - done with it - lol!
ProStashio (1 year ago)
I don't get why people want to play a 2D game in a 3D world where it displays 2D. If you're going to get a app that basically shows you your desktop... why not just take your VR off and use your monitor?
Jack Webber (1 year ago)
i think it's because it shows a giant screen. I would n't do it unless it was for casual games. For fast paced ones the low amount of pixels would give to bad of a dis-advantage.
Freakzontour (1 year ago)
is it really worth the money? im a gamer since age 12. and im kinda worried its not really "ripe" to jump on it. everything ive seen so far looked "clunky" (?!) its like a graphic setback of 5+ years. never could test one, all ive seen are twitch streams and youtube vids. are the games really that polished like id play on my 1440p monitor but feel actually inside of it?
skrface13 (1 year ago)
well its not 4k but its still HD. Ultimately, if the immersion level is great, then you wouldn't be caring about graphics. Trust me. Anyways, I heard there's new software patches that will increase the resolution.
Ivan marinov (1 year ago)
Freakzontour where are you located
Freakzontour (1 year ago)
thank you very much for your reply
FunshineX (1 year ago)
You should definitely find a place where you can demo it, but if you're into video games for graphics, the vive will likely disappoint you.
CACATUA 242 (1 year ago)
Get a dk2 to test VR for cheap.
Justin Lieber (1 year ago)
Mine came In today's but have to wait 5 more days till Christmas!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!
Justin Lieber (1 year ago)
+FunshineX it is amazing dude!
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Hope you're having fun with your Vive!
John Bigless (1 year ago)
Problem : I was unable to do Room Setup, i always got stuck at this part : http://prntscr.com/dkndvp but instead of saying that its not visible, it says that it is turned off.
JaxHD (1 year ago)
try all the ports if you have it in a dacup port or a 3.1 port it will not work and in some cases a dac up port will fry the link box
John Bigless (1 year ago)
+Kyle Robbins I do have a 2.0 usb port.
Kyle Robbins (1 year ago)
John Bigless if you have your usb plugged into a 3.0 port on your computer, try a 2.0 port. For me, 3.0 does not work, as with many other people from what I've seen.
iFayt9034 (1 year ago)
Only turn on bluetooth if you have enough USB bandwidth. I can't do it or else my vive starts freaking out and disconnecting
MrKadjit (1 year ago)
4:50 Everybody who as a Vive have Bluetooth on is computer
y_m_o (1 year ago)
Cinema Mode for people who can't afford a projector lol
fredEVOIX (7 months ago)
8 months later it exist pimax pseudo 5k 8k heasets apparently bad to play but no screen door and amazing to watch movies
Psythik (1 year ago)
I agree that a real projector is better than a Vive for movies. Hopefully computers will become powerful enough in the near future that we can eventually have VR headsets that eliminate the screen door effect completely.
Psythik (1 year ago)
If the edges are blurry then you're not wearing your headset properly. Personally it took awhile before I realized that my top strap was way too tight, causing the back of the strap to rest on the top back of my skull instead of behind my ears. As for pupillary distance, use the included card for measuring that.
Mike Hines (1 year ago)
focus is toward the center due to the lens used. it supposed to help with the 3d effect. but generally the lowest eye separation works best
y_m_o (1 year ago)
Maybe so, but I have a 100inch screen for mine and much better than watching movies on a virtual big screen.
Frostbyte (1 year ago)
Thanks for this, Interesting stuff! I would of found it out by my self if i had my VR now, because i like sneaking around and finding stuff in a dark corner (just messing with settings basically) But I dont have my VR Yet so im just watching other peoples experiences to learn more about it while i wait :3
David S (1 year ago)
I can NOT figure out how to stop viewing videos and developed games in a windowed mode. @FunshineX How do I get an immersive video or game that was not solely from the HTC store or Steam store to work in full immersion? I can not find ANY resources on this at all. S.O.S....... S.O.S
TioKilo (1 year ago)
I just have one question. I had some problems with the compositor when I first started playing. So I found on the Internet that I should directly put the HDMI into the gpu. I was able to play some games. But, when I open up a game that can be seen on my computer monitor, but not in the HMD. In the settings there is still something wrong with the compositor. I have tried everything and I can't figure out a solution. Can you or anyone who sees this comment help me on this?
Steve C (1 year ago)
Hi thanks for the tips. When I click display Mirror I just get a blank white screen. Any ideas?
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Haven't seen that one. Reddit is a great place to post Q's to
Nathen Barnett (1 year ago)
i have a vr place near me they have had 20 vr headset in one room for almost a year
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Perfectly fine if they have adequate shielding between them. It's definitely possible to have many Vives in the same room I just wanted to make sure viewers knew that it can be a challenge preventing cross-signals between the lightboxes
Michael W (1 year ago)
at 11:07 it sounds like to say "I want my boner in my left hand", lmao. Good video and yes I know you said bow and arrow
Bettina Filius (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips! Getting my Vive today, can't wait!!!
L Petillo (1 year ago)
getting mine tomorrow.. exciting times we live in
fireci321 (5 months ago)
have fun
Torchicy Gaming (7 months ago)
sNob I just got it today, it's really amazing how they made this.
Not guy fieri (7 months ago)
L Petillo same here
MinuteMan23 (1 year ago)
I bought mine in my local Microsoft store. No waiting, no shipping charge, and they said I get a 30 day refund.
Frostbyte (1 year ago)
Bought mine like a week ago, still waiting! But i did get the last one in my country apparently before they stock up later this month
thank you for all your tips and help :) ive also subscribed too you.
donutmaster (1 year ago)
The bluetooth mentioned in there is part of the Vive junction box not something you need internally in your PC.
manicms (1 year ago)
Great video, thanks! If I may suggest, put the timestamps in the post so we can click to specific tips.
Vinicius (1 year ago)
Great video!
Don Vincenzoo Game (1 year ago)
OMG !!! right hand and left hand on the controller !!!! i totaly miss that and i was always thinking : WTF !! why they don't show us L and R hands !! it is too well integrated on the controller !! hahahahaha !! AWESOME !!!
Bluelight Gaming (1 year ago)
Do NOT use USB 3.0 with the Vive it is meant for USB 2.0 and 3.0 will cause issues. This has been confirmed by many users and HTC.
Bluelight Gaming (1 year ago)
3.0 has been known to cause tracking and jitter issues with many users. And the requirements don't call for it so that's enough reason not to use it. If u r having no problems, great. If u do then switch. It's simple.
theratchet3789 (1 year ago)
Bluelight Gaming really? because my Vive HMD camera works better and I have less problems in 3.0
Le Whisko (1 year ago)
Joshua C (1 year ago)
Very handy video , just got my vive yesterday (one day turn around time for shipping) will be tweaking my settings to match these. Thanks!
mrtannzr (1 year ago)
I have a USB headset with a relatively short cable, can I connect it to the vive?
Chad (1 year ago)
oh rly thats a good nut
mrtannzr (1 year ago)
+Nigerian Prince there is two. One to connect to the link box and another to connect to whatever you want.
Chad (1 year ago)
mrtannzr the usb port is for connecting to the pc
falovepa (1 year ago)
+mrtannzr, I'll take your word on it, I can't find it, though. I ended up getting a wireless so I wouldn't be tethered to my pc by my headphones.
mrtannzr (1 year ago)
+falovepa on the top there is a little cover that covers the hdmi and USB.
James Spameni (1 year ago)
Awesome, great info!
Sal Hernandez (1 year ago)
Awesome tip video. A lot of stuff here I haven't seen anywhere else.
bananaboy482 (1 year ago)
Thanks very helpful!
iOma (1 year ago)
alright this is helpful but can you tell me 1 thing, in settings my framerate says "Missing frames" and its laggy af. Can i fix that ? without changing the graphics driver?
Gallidex (1 year ago)
he has intel hd graphics 3000😂😂
Krissreisa (1 year ago)
what gpu do you have
Greg K (1 year ago)
you could add single click of the system button - the one under the disc or on the hmd left side, brings up the steam menu. double clicking it turns the camera on. also not mentioned that most people miss is the hmd has two adjuster knobs that pop out and spin to push the Fresnel lenses further back for people with glasses.
John Ink (1 year ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very cool.
Brian D (1 year ago)
in my own experience I'd definitely reccomend getting the PCI E usb 3.1 card advertised as tested by HTC and working with the Vive as a number one tip. I've got a gigabyte 990fxa ud3 rev 4. and I've come to the conclusion that my usb ports are at fault for some issues a bunch of other folks seem to be having regarding being harassed about never ending firmware updates, getting controllers to pair, etc. I've got a corsair rgb strafe that's supposed to use a 3.0 usb as well, and it gives me tons of issues with the built in ports on the mainboard, but if anybody is having issues with their controllers pairing or having to re pair every time they start steamvr, with the controller off and steamvr open, plug it in to any usb 2.0 port with the supplied cable and move it in sight of a lighthouse until it stops flashing green in the control panel, if it didn't automatically turn on, do so, wait for it to stop flashing and start tracking (about 5 seconds) and then unplug it and set it in your playspace. repeat with the other. using the same cable and port for #2 doesn't seem to make a difference for me. also getting your hands on ReVIVE (I wouldn't Reccomend downloading oculus home, Facebook allegedly sends god knows what kinds of data to its servers even with the application closed with it) and use it for oculus titles downloadable through steam, especially monstrum, you'll shit bricks. VorpX is another really good investment. so far I've only tested it with Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Amnesia, but there's gobs of support for virtually any direct x game. lastly, considering you'd need a beast of a pc for project cars in VR in the first place, the AR camera works wonders for finding where your steering wheel is easier.
Sam Cooley (1 year ago)
Psythik the USB'S on your keyboard have an icon on them and you only need both if you only have USB 2.0. if you've got a spare USB 3.0 that your vive isn't using then use just the USB that has the icon of a keyboard on it in a USB 3.0 port
Brian D (1 year ago)
Psythik I've noticed with the corsair that plugging in the passthrough cable causes more issues unrelated to the VIVE, I was moving my PC, was plugging the 2nd passthrough plug in and noticed the case lights and back lights, hard disk light, and cd drive lights all started flickering as soon as it was plugged in, but just the passthrough. I was able to recreate this with the mobo/case ports and pcie ports and chalked it up as the keyboard usb passthrough not being necessary. it had been bugging me for a while, I had just replaced the psu to see if my 10 year old Thermaltake was the culprit, I felt like hanging myself when I realized it was all a keyboard gimmick.
Psythik (1 year ago)
I've also noticed Vive issues with my Corsair keyboard, the K95 RGB to be exact. This beast of a keyboard takes up two USB ports and sucks up so much bandwidth that it makes the Vive have tracking issues, but I've noticed that if you plug half the keyboard into a USB 2.0 port and the other half into a USB 3.0 port, then the Vive works just fine on a 3.0 port without losing tracking after 20 minutes. Took an entire day of frustration before I finally figured this out. But like you said, if all else fails, a dedicated USB 3.1 PCIe card works wonders.
Peter Ian Staker (1 year ago)
What you say is very true. Some motherboards USB ports really dont interact well with the vive. My Asus motherboard was throwing up all kinds of errors when I had my Vive connected. Some of the errors were for devices completely unrelated to the vive. My headset mic would drop out if I tried to use it and the vive at the same time and other times I would get USB error messages. Everything works fine since I bought a PCI-E USB expansion card and hooked up the vive to it.
A Brush With Death (1 year ago)
I just wanted to say thank you. I've been trying to learn as much as I can about my Vive and your videos are by far the best. The others are completely unwatchable with the yelling, screaming and "OH MY GAWDS!!!!" Keep up the great work!!!
Leith Campbell (1 year ago)
Disable camera for better performance.
Vinicius (1 year ago)
Very nice. Thanks!
SpaceDoge (1 year ago)
How did 60 people not notice the hand icons? It was the first thing I noticed.
ZekeDoesYT (1 year ago)
SpaceDoge same, had no ideas what it was was for until I watched this vid
Andre Mendes (1 year ago)
I have my Pc on the left side of my room and the monitor on the front of the room. Which way should I point the controllers to? Cheers
kevin bowman (1 year ago)
Andre Mendes lol. Better late than never.. Lol
Andre Mendes (1 year ago)
Thanks. But my question was 8 months ago ;)
kevin bowman (1 year ago)
Andre Mendes toward the pc.
YoDatCHT (1 year ago)
Celsian (1 year ago)
Wow, thanks a lot!
3:20 why not just move your camera? Think outside of the box.
mrtannzr (1 year ago)
you could, but then you have to get a long AF usb cable to span your room, with this it's as easy as a button press.  Why move the camera when you can just change an option, right?
+matt hanratta So am I. You can just move the camera.
matt hanratta (1 year ago)
He was probably talking about webcam recorded vids
Games Live 4 Players (1 year ago)
We are looking for alpha testers. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698816719
Tom Gillotti (1 year ago)
Do you know if your space needs to be perfectly square or rectangular? I have a couch with a chaise lounge that sticks out... just wondering if I could set up my space around that without having to move it.
Tom Gillotti (1 year ago)
+Xaines thanks guys. Set my Vive up last week. Awesome stuff... tried to upgrade my gpu today... went out of stock too quick, though.
Xaines (1 year ago)
Space can be any shape, for just standing/sitting the space needs to be just a very small box, for a play area there is a minimal requirement but its fairly small. When tracing the area you can make any shape you wish.
James Henk (1 year ago)
no my space is more of a triangle, it just has to be big enough to place the minimum space square within the area you setup
Roshawn Terrell (1 year ago)
This is incredibly fucking useful, thank you...
silverstone78 (1 year ago)
I can not wait to get my hands on this.......been waiting since the lawnmowerman I understand that you can use multible headsets and controllers on same ir transmitters but need two PCs for two headsets? So you could use 4 controllers with one computer then? if so can I expect other controllers even objects and stuff having the same option of being registred by the IR transmitters ex. a ball or even better a VR dog collar for my little dog:-) Would love to be able to register its presence in VR. If you disregard all all buttons and haptic feedback and only focus on the precence registration it should not be $costly or power consuming to make simply accessories?
silverstone78 (1 year ago)
hell why not a dog coop game
Ben (1 year ago)
I don't even have a vive yet, I just like torturing myself.
Graeme Evans (2 years ago)
am i the only one who has no idea which hand the icon is supposed to mean? they make it a solid grey cartoon hand and i have no idea if that means the back of your hand view or the palm, sinch when you hold the controller you hold it in your palm with your thumbs poiting up or out. so which is it? the icon supposed to be of the palm or the back of the hand?
Graeme Evans (1 year ago)
Psythik when holding my vive controllers my hands are on the side of the controller. not palm down flat on the trackpad side fuckwit. if you turn our hands 90 degrees palm down then your palms are palm down with the controller now sideways. if you turn them 90 degrees the other way then they are palm up with the controllers just as sidways but facing the other way. I don't pick them up palm down or up, that's the issue and that's why the ambiguous logo didn't make sense. had they made them vaguely 3d hands it would be clear. but flat 2d single colour icons specify neither way round until you know what way around its supposed to mean
Psythik (1 year ago)
It's supposed to be the back of your hand you fucking retard. When you hold your Vive controllers do you normally hold them palms facing up? Of course not.
Ryan rosenberg (1 year ago)
it´s made the same way as you look at your hands when you strecth your arms. Meaning it´s the back of the hand. Should make sense to you.
Graeme Evans (1 year ago)
+matt hanratta its palms down. so the thumb pointing to the left is the right hand, thumb pointing to the right is left hand. It also seems to set them after you turn them on based on their orientation to the headset,
matt hanratta (1 year ago)
Why dont you just look at it during a session when you know for sure which one is which. I bet which direction the hand is pointing is that controller.
anthony stout (2 years ago)
Thanks, very informative video.
Bat Mon (2 years ago)
vive pre order mess. still waitting on mine. great video, will keep these in mind when jesus comes. he'll be here before my vive.
ABQSentinel (2 years ago)
+Bat Mon That's rough, sorry to hear that.
Bat Mon (2 years ago)
+ABQSentinel Yeah I was very excited until my car stopped working and cost 2 000 to fix. The money I was using for vive -.-
ABQSentinel (2 years ago)
+Bat Mon Yeah, I can understand how you'd be frustrated.  If you're not itching to be an early adopter like the rest of us, then you will probably save yourself a lot of money by waiting until next year when you can just drive down to a local Best Buy or Costco and pick one up for probably around $600.
Bat Mon (2 years ago)
+ABQSentinel true I ordered mine 10 mins after pre orders and haven't heard anything. Customer service was shit and I just cancelled my pre order this week. Honestly at this point I don't even want to be part of this.
ABQSentinel (2 years ago)
+Bat Mon Dude, you have nothing to complain about. If you want to see a real pre-order fuster cluck, then go read the reddit forums for Oculus Rift. There are people who ordered a Rift within 30 minutes of it being offered on January 6th, who were expecting it by March 28th, and they STILL haven't received it! I ordered my Vive at the beginning of April and just got my fulfillment notice. So HTC is doing great by comparison!

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