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ONLY ONE BLOCK CHALLENGE! (Minecraft Build Battle)

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Text Comments (993)
[ MACSKA] (2 days ago)
some people don't appreciate the art that you all know
Dont worry, they are celebrating the mediocrity day!!! Nice job anyway
My my (3 days ago)
Thats felix the cat
Simon Bro (3 days ago)
water isnt a block?!
koko lay (5 days ago)
ONLY 'POOP BUILDS' CHALLENGE!!!(that would be tough)
Nerfer (5 days ago)
Why were you talking about nipples?
Aaho Cuisine (5 days ago)
10:28 that cat is Doraemon (it was a show in Japan but now it is in India too idk about other countries if they have or not)
RIDHO PRO (6 days ago)
Victor Limon (7 days ago)
Why do you guys always complement other people’s builds but to your guys you say it looks good.
Andrew Lau (7 days ago)
Only rating super poop challenge
Ersin Akbayir (8 days ago)
Only obsidion chalenge
Lennergy (8 days ago)
If you love more Jerry or Harry like
MonD JCG (9 days ago)
KUY IN THAILAND IT MEAN D*[email protected][email protected]
JinKang Lee (9 days ago)
kuy is mean
LeeItBruh (9 days ago)
10:25 Doremon
YON IVAN DRIE (9 days ago)
only red colors challenge
BlueAngel Gaming (9 days ago)
Kuy is thai accent it will mean dick in english
JGCCañizares (9 days ago)
Yow jerry harry i have a challenge for u 2 guys (Just play on a single computer)pls
Pongsakorn muymee (9 days ago)
K U Y is mean Dick in Thailand.
Markey (4 days ago)
Pongsakorn muymee 555555555งงเลยมาไง
Pongsakorn muymee (9 days ago)
I'm not kidding.
6:54 Omg *KUY* !?? Slly!? 😂😂😂 (Its mean "penis")
Just CripCraft (10 days ago)
Jerry and harry dont know doraemon? Lel
Hyunjin (10 days ago)
10:29 doraemon
kimm20 TH (10 days ago)
Kuy=ควย= fuck
Wolf Bart (10 days ago)
Only glass challenge
TitleCasting (11 days ago)
"KUY" is bad word in thailand it's mean "f**k"
Saye Upin (12 days ago)
Jerry don't even know doraemon.
Akkrawat Anusakulroch (12 days ago)
Kuy it's mean dick in thailand
Fatchickenman3 Erazo (12 days ago)
You should do only red challenge
Mallinal HD (13 days ago)
Haha not won
Vio Putra (14 days ago)
No jhon cena song wkwkwkwkw
Daniel Smart (14 days ago)
Only wood challenge
Primo Penaflor (15 days ago)
only light block and wool
The Flame Elemental (15 days ago)
The first round is absolute BS
Scout Mistake (16 days ago)
6:57 K U Y It Thailand Language It Mean Dick.
GREATBEAST550 Ajpw (16 days ago)
Dammit Harry Potter never gets old.
Noob Animation (16 days ago)
kuy is mean dick in Thai use many time to find( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
Nelson Limmm (17 days ago)
Why not building soldier on tf2 character Like ur skin :DDD
Raine pantaleon (17 days ago)
only build wool challenge 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Stone Boy19023 (17 days ago)
only 10 block challenge
da_thicc_thearioust (18 days ago)
You should have built the pixel are on the ground b3cause then you would have been able to see it better and the clay would be his face
ATTREBUS PREVIA (18 days ago)
Just always vote ok
KUY it mean -D**k- in thailand XD
ThePlushChannel (19 days ago)
you stol mangles noise from my channel near the end
Marvel Aulia (19 days ago)
Vinson Troy Amberger (19 days ago)
Well the first one wasn’t a bath its just a bathTUB lol
Arda Aslan (20 days ago)
-chalenge:D - CHALLANGE = put row block
Caleb Webb (20 days ago)
How about every block challenge
Genos_Dragon _Vn (20 days ago)
Build only with glass
asker üzüm (20 days ago)
Only tiyn çuvallar
Heng Hui Tuan (21 days ago)
10:26 that cat is call Doramon
the to chanel ko (21 days ago)
the to chanel ko (21 days ago)
KUY ควย 5555
Kuy=ควย 555555
Axop 2232 (22 days ago)
Only grey challenge ?
giøţa 4414 (22 days ago)
Kadir Budak (22 days ago)
Only 64 Block challenge I love you
YT_TH_0w 3 (23 days ago)
kuy means peep in Thai(he is Thai I know by looking at his name)
Marcelo Bayquen (23 days ago)
You lose
Hi I'm Lexie (23 days ago)
6:33 What is that thing??
Nik Azher (23 days ago)
No picture challenge
I need healing (23 days ago)
KUY mean d*ck in Thailand
Red Cap (23 days ago)
Why did you not use water in bath P.S its not Block
Prathomthon Arsinsakul (24 days ago)
KUY it means dick in Thailand bad kids always use it like bad word
prem tube TH (24 days ago)
Kuy in thai mean di*K
Moson GG (24 days ago)
6:54 "kuy"only Thailand know what it's mean if u want.... It mean "penis"
Eytan W (24 days ago)
You could have put water in the bathtub because water is not a block
eyinhow 21 (24 days ago)
Vring saul and potato back please bring them back
Joshfoxy010 MOONCLIPSE (24 days ago)
Only diamond block challenge
Monokuma (24 days ago)
No block breaking challenge (once placed you can't break the block anymore)
Kurt Zeke Dogma (25 days ago)
... hypixel art
Jeffrey The Gamer (25 days ago)
are you two brothers or gay thing and where are you talking about girls nipple you must suck on them if ur talking about it and i am new
Kuy means dick...
Dxbings Vlogs (25 days ago)
Only black challenge
Ice Is Real (25 days ago)
Im still confused about harrys voice and jerrys voice
Magda Lena (25 days ago)
My challange is: Only polished blocks challange
Ahed Umair (25 days ago)
Thumbnail starts around 11:20
Fresh a Gaming Do ! (25 days ago)
That wasn't 1 block challenge!!!
cassie lps (25 days ago)
*We can't get one like but we can get 2.3K*
jet park (25 days ago)
do only one colour challenge
Haz wizZrBLX (25 days ago)
Big ben
Haz wizZrBLX (25 days ago)
I know waldo
Do last place challenge plz
07darkninja07 (26 days ago)
Bro Water isnt a block so you can place water and water is liquid and the challenge was Only 1Block but it didnt say only 1Item for building challenge even so you are able to place water and lava
John Francklin Revina (26 days ago)
Hey Grian is with you guys😂
THsakamoto Koonnon (26 days ago)
6:52 KUY it is bad word in thai. It mean di*k. 😂😂😂
Wavebronze (26 days ago)
ahmad arifandi (26 days ago)
6:53 that guy must be from indonesia....
AiryJupiter1127 (26 days ago)
The words that you said doesn't mean anything in the clock theme is "it's a clock" in korean: 이거 시게임
MR bonnie Michael (26 days ago)
That suck u should win
I'm Cheese (26 days ago)
Don't change the floor challange!
NateHasPups (26 days ago)
Only Nate build (I suck)
7.05 it means dick in thai
Fiailoa Leiato (26 days ago)
That was my choice
LTP Player (26 days ago)
6:56 kuy it's mean dick in Thailand XD
xXMillyPlays MSPXx (26 days ago)
ONLY talk on chat CHALLENGE
Shadowy Gamer (26 days ago)
Round 3 clock your "time" has come XDDDDD
soviet ooflin' (26 days ago)
*O N L Y A I R C H A L L E N G E*
Adi Natan (26 days ago)
victoria klipii (26 days ago)
Do...or just try only legendary challenge...I know that you will win !!!😊
Bee Artistic (26 days ago)
Have to say one of the weirdest conversations over minecraft ive evver heard

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