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XRAY Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.12 [REVIEW/DOWNLOAD]

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The Xray Resource Pack works with Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7. All in all Xray Texture Pack is available for every Minecraft version! We'll try to keep the links updated! Be careful using the Xray Texture Pack on PvP Servers. Usage of X-Ray is forbidden on most PvP Servers because of "Unfair advantages". Only use it if your allowed to use cheats! ▶️Download XRAY Resource Pack 1.13.2, 1.13 https://minecraft-resourcepacks.com/xray/ ▶️Download XRAY Resource Pack 1.12.2, 1.12 https://minecraft-resourcepacks.com/xray/ ▶️Download XRAY Texture Pack 1.11.2, 1.11 https://minecraft-resourcepacks.com/xray/ Keep in mind that XRAY might be forbidden on your Minecraft PvP Server. However many players still use it to easily find diamonds. Be sure to download the Texture Pack from the official links. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpaHvUOk3F0 • http://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds • http://instagram.com/nocopyrightsounds_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpaHvUOk3F0 Different Heaven • https://soundcloud.com/different-heaven • https://www.facebook.com/DifferentHeaven Credit: Video, Thumbnail: Pack Nation Thread about the Pack: bebetextures.com
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Text Comments (60)
Mustslide (5 months ago)
its a texture pack not a mode right?
SupeGaming (1 month ago)
yes, that's right it`s not a mode
IceEnderman3773 (2 months ago)
It’s mod not mode
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
I don't know how it exactly works. sry for that^^
Mustslide (5 months ago)
Pack Nation but it in the blocks folder theres no blocks
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
yes its a pack. but most pvp servers are already using anti cheat plugins that make the x-ray pack useless there.
H2NB Gameplays (24 days ago)
it works perfect on team extreme server
FyreFalcon (25 days ago)
my minecraft jsut crashes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Arjun Bhatt (28 days ago)
__lukanation __ (1 month ago)
its in my resource pack folder but when i use it i havent the x ray function pls help!
Rm Heart (1 month ago)
My resource packs won't read the texture pack, any help?
Guili Recs (2 months ago)
like si vienes solo para luego jugar en 2B2T :v
Balázs Tóth (2 months ago)
Teraro Gamer (2 months ago)
Xray with light map = diamonds
corefracture (3 months ago)
Easy uhc
emilio leverone (3 months ago)
0:52 mikecrak papu
The Tyron10 (3 months ago)
i dont like hacks but the addor packs are so good sorry dislike on this vid srry
Jack J (4 months ago)
all these kids like "oH mY gOd u R ChEatiNG"
MEOW!!! MEOW!!!! (1 month ago)
: D
DePortablePlant (4 months ago)
TrophicChip7354 (4 months ago)
all im here for is dat fps srsly
Jana Sayers (4 months ago)
I not using it
Jana Sayers (4 months ago)
Chris Van Oosbree (4 months ago)
Do you think you or someone else will make this compatible with mcpe? Since i really like this texture pack
MEOW!!! MEOW!!!! (1 month ago)
MEOW!!! MEOW!!!! (1 month ago)
Chris Van Oosbree i dont think SOOOO
ㄧㄧ ㄧㄧ (5 months ago)
Nice pack but can't work in hypixel UHC
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
thats when servers are using anticheat.
Zage (5 months ago)
lol wtf
nils.scoot03 (5 months ago)
Are Thear one X ray Texturenpack ore Mod Only for emeralds ore diamands ?
ALMAS Origami (5 months ago)
Are u serious xD u gotta be kidding me...
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
haha :D the pack is meant for singleplayer or private pvp server playing with friends
Nahykow (5 months ago)
Its awesome but it would be better if it was not showing minerals, xray is bad
Jaba (5 months ago)
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
marie-a roy (5 months ago)
Does this pack is legal? Beacause my wan't to download it but he is not shure
Leno Muffin (2 months ago)
marie-a roy no, on the most servers you can get banned
marie-a roy (5 months ago)
Pack Nation do you have a xbox one? Because I would like to play with you ☺
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
+marie-aroy thank you 😍
marie-a roy (5 months ago)
Pack Nation ok thx and continue your channel beacause I love it ❤
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
yes its legal but you should not use it on servers where x-ray is forbidden ^^
Tytanous (5 months ago)
looooooool wtf
Staroblox (5 months ago)
LOL This is fun and confusing
ElexoMC (5 months ago)
ok please dont give out cheating packs next time
ElexoMC (3 months ago)
nah bitch
Kittensmarch (3 months ago)
get over it kid
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
WuPe (5 months ago)
Wow, cool pack
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
WARCONIX (5 months ago)
Only few peoples are here ;)
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
yesss cause its about xray textures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
CuTie_AngeL (5 months ago)
lmao and wtf are you serious ??? give cheats ??
mixer (4 months ago)
im gonna get this but i dont use it in online servers if their owners dont wanna it
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
Yes, but it only works on pvp servers that have no anticheat plugins.
CuTie_AngeL (5 months ago)
it's ok it still cheat but ok :)
Pack Nation (5 months ago)
Calm down. The pack is not working on most pvp servers.
ホJiiKloM (5 months ago)
Smite Main LOL (21 hours ago)
Neo (5 months ago)
why do you dislike? its just another ressourcepack
Privz (5 months ago)
JiiKloM ホ Br safado

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