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I'm Baaaaaaack- Minecraft: My Version of Tekkit Ep. 1

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Well, I'm back from my trip and I have many game vids to get out which I will. Here's the first! Enjoy! :D
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blythe1114 (6 years ago)
hey im having problems getting tekkit
TheWayneofpayne (6 years ago)
Haha thank you for the support! :D
TheWayneofpayne (6 years ago)
Haha thanks but Tekkit isn't the problem it's just using a laptop to record means I have limitations on how many mods I can run at once and still get smooth video. Thanks for the offer though! :D
Vicnu (6 years ago)
if u need help with tekkit, add me on skype: vincentpikand
Vicnu (6 years ago)
Nice Bro Keep Going I Was One of the first subbers :D

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