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Minecraft | Become The Wither Mod

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Could we try to get 20 likes for such an awesome mod? :-) This mod makes it so that you are the wither. As the wither, you can fly in survival. You can also make wither skulls to throw and explode. The animals will run away from you, but the mobs will not attack you(except the enderman). You can battle the enderdragon, which is like the point of why the enderman is still attacking you. ●The Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1550986-142you-are-the-wither-mod-be-the-wither-v14updated-again/ ♪ Music By ApproachingNirvana: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana ♪Song Name:
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Text Comments (43)
Ender_ Coder (3 years ago)
To get the star you need to kill the wither
Marty Frederickson (4 years ago)
you kill the wither and after you have done that he will drop the nether star just so you know ;)
XxTheDarkOnesxX (5 years ago)
2:55 Holding a iron dick sword
swegg (5 years ago)
what about diamond wither dick teehee
GlichCentral (5 years ago)
Iron wither stick :o
SirAxart (5 years ago)
rmac 58 (5 years ago)
TheAsianAwesomeness (5 years ago)
i want to see what the carrot looks like on it now
Josh Dowdall (5 years ago)
The wither has six dicks
Paul David (5 years ago)
was soll daran langweilig sein?
Paul David (5 years ago)
you get the nether star by killing the wither boss :D
RIG (5 years ago)
Why you no be mini wookie?
Bazillau (5 years ago)
SirAxart (5 years ago)
2:55 big iron dick :D
Ben Mau (5 years ago)
Langweiliges Video zeig mal was du jetzt kannst
fanofthetoka (5 years ago)
totally not worth the star, but good mod.
What if you have a custom texture for the Wither?
DefianceUnstable (5 years ago)
very very true and i totally agree with that personally i liked the video i was just answering his question. great job by the way.
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau Bazillau
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Looks pretty badass if you ask me xD
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Thanks for being so amazing <3
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I cant sing to save my life :P
Bazillau (5 years ago)
...is an awesome human being
Bazillau (5 years ago)
yeah, I was just a noob at the time of recording this
Bazillau (5 years ago)
potatoes gonna potate and thanks Harry =)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I might so stay tuned xD
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Most youtubers ask for likes. At least I don't do what most do and demand likes for their next video to be uploaded, youtubes just fun but its also good to know that people support what you do :-)
1123maxi (5 years ago)
Another great video dude! ;-)
DefianceUnstable (5 years ago)
probably because he asked for likes, people dont like when youtubers to this. to remind them to like if they like is ok but to just plainly say Lets get 20 llikes! is just rude.
MrGrootVids (5 years ago)
Yeah :D Lets make a server! If you need help with plugins and permissions please contact me :D
xenezort (5 years ago)
don't you get a nether star by killing the wither boss?
MC Service (5 years ago)
Imperial Editor (5 years ago)
I saw your miniwookie video about subbing here, so it did :)
NowLetsPlayMinecraft (5 years ago)
Sorry, but why the dislikes? Great video Woo...Bazillau <3
NuclearDwarf (5 years ago)
You should do a screw the wither or some sort of music video. You would be great.
N7Garrus (5 years ago)
Thats cool have you noticed the wither looks like herobrine with the eyes
COWDYBOY (5 years ago)
Kinky Crystal (5 years ago)
CHALLENGE: say Bazillau 10 times FAST
Alejandro Chávez (5 years ago)
He Bazilau you should make an intro for your videos (in both channels) like you have your "byeeee" ending. It'd be pretty cool.
Hans Lidon (5 years ago)
Lets make a server :)
Fox (5 years ago)
:U so many of these kinds of mods
Dinkleberg (5 years ago)
love it mini wookie/bazillau
Zrrq (5 years ago)
Thanks for showing me this.

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