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Flight Simulator - Realistic Training in 2016

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Season 1, Episode 21 As a developer for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d, I get a lot of questions about the state of flight simulation in 2016, and how a flight simulator can be used to accelerate or cut costs on getting your pilot's license. I'll show you my basic setup in this video, so you can see what GA training should look like. Computer Specifications: Intel i7 990X Extreme Edition - 6 Cores at 3.8Ghz. Nvidia GeForce GTX580 12GB DDR3 RAM 7200RPM 1.5TB Hard Drive Windows 7 Home Edition (64-Bit) Product Links: Prepar3d 2.4 http://www.prepar3d.com/ AccuFeel http://www.a2asimulations.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=54 Carenado www.carenado.com RealityXP http://www.reality-xp.com/ Garmin Trainer http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3531 VATSIM www.vatsim.net Multicrew Experience www.multicrewxp.com/ Homepage: http://www.friendlyskiesfilm.com Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/friendlyskiesfilm Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/friendlyskiesfilm Thanks to all my supporters on Patreon! $1 - Erik Sharp $1 - Luis Ochoa $1 - Torsten Brasch $1 - Randy Cabrera $1 - Yasin Khan $1.32 - James Waxmonsky $2 - Tobias Hoffmann $3 - Michael C. $5 - Luca Muller $5 - Jacob $5 - Jonathan Ruxton $5 - Henrik Hodne $5 - Gary Veduccio $5 - Vlad Railian $5 - Ted $10 - Keith Robinson $28 - William Stell If you love my aviation videos, please consider subscribing and donating even one dollar per video to http://www.patreon.com/friendlyskiesfilm Every little bit helps and allows me to bring you more awesome aviation experiences. -Nick Cyganski
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Text Comments (1170)
Drew Leevy (5 days ago)
Raketenclub de (5 days ago)
this is an extreme unergonomic and unconvenient setup .....
Liam (19 days ago)
He was way off centerline lol
J. Holmes (24 days ago)
Had 2 hours in the air. Humbling experience. Wasn’t scared, perhaps overwhelmed is the word. My first instructor got diagnosed with cancer. The second one officiated football with my dad. Neither gave me a great deal of learning. Only 2 times up, I’m expecting too much. Are these simulators useful? Would love to have some experience before I go through the process. Love watching you fly with Tyler. He seems like a total dick, but damn, I would love him to teach me. Dude is awesome, as are you.
Dan Bridge (1 month ago)
How can you use an Ipad in a plane but we are constantly being told not to use a phone?
Friendly Skies Film (1 month ago)
Doesn't matter in a non-commercial plane ;) iPads are actually FAA approved for use in commercial cockpits too. They call them, "electronic flight bags."
Robin Van Der Moolen (1 month ago)
A real tutorial on youtube, thanks! 👌👍
A.Vikram Reddy (1 month ago)
Great job
Saurav Panja (1 month ago)
Microsoft flight simulator which edition? And what is the brand of the controller/joystick
Friendly Skies Film (1 month ago)
It's Prepar3d 2.3, and Saitek.
Chris Arroyo (1 month ago)
How much can one expect to pay for a set up that is comprable to this?
Sel Loves (2 months ago)
Excellent Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Rozardner Flying Bird Reality (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for how to get pilot license minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate after many years got great success with it.
Anhad Singha (3 months ago)
Do you have rotar pedals in a plane?
SkyCharger001 (3 months ago)
Can't you use the pedals of a racing-wheel for the rudder controls?
Friendly Skies Film (3 months ago)
Soooort of. So long as you only press one pedal at a time, I suppose. They would also lack toe brakes, but so do some airplanes that I fly.
Leo Krueger (3 months ago)
As you said "I have returned" I enjoyed your program very much. My problem, I'm a previous small plane pilot with limited amount of time after soloing about 25 years ago. Now a very senior , I again want to fly the least expensive way. my problem. loading the simulator. I have the new X plane 11 simulator with a the Logitech yoke and throttle assembly. Two screens loaded on the DELL 10, 64 bit program.1. My simulator say's my graphics is too high. 2. How do I balance the inside panel size with my surround vision as you have shown.? My ability to transfer information from the manual to computer is more difficult at age 85 than 60. Can you suggest a simplar method that I can handle? Where can I buy this help or find someone who just wants to help a friend.?
Rafael Jimenez (3 months ago)
What is the best flight simulator on the market that is the most realistic?
swagger jeff (3 months ago)
what bout vr
swagger jeff (3 months ago)
While its true that you will need a beefy pc for it to run smoothly, if you have the htc vive "touch" controls (the ones that you take in your hand as "virtual hands") or the oculus rift touch controls, you can actually interract with all the buttons, throttle, sidestick/yoke in the aircraft. by the way I love your videos!
Friendly Skies Film (3 months ago)
Works great for people who can afford the processing power, but sadly, does not work for flight schools, since you have to have the position of every physical control interface memorized.
Amilcar Veneciano (4 months ago)
Whats the name of the eye tracking device?? Looking for That here in SCL
Henrik Carlsen (4 months ago)
No one flies X-plane? Always the abandoned FsX
Lioneta Osorio (4 months ago)
What software is this that you are using?
GoodISnipr (6 months ago)
I used to use a Logitech Wingman Extreme (Basically a PS3 controller but has a throttle slider on the right shoulder) for my pc games. I must say, I truly miss it and if someone has one that WORKS I would consider buying it. Last year I saw one at a garage sale and was so happy. Got it home, plugged it in, half of the inputs didn't read. I opened it up and it looks like they spilled soda on it and cleaned it off externally but it was fried internally and they waited for a sucker (yay me!). For near 10 years now, I have been using the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. It doesn't have the throttle at the shoulder, but it has served me well for games like Descent and MSFS2004 (25 yr anniversary, history of flight edition). The left stick is yoke, the right stick is rudder, I use the left two shoulder buttons for throttle increment up/down with a repeat on. The right two shoulder buttons are mixture control increment rich/lean with repeat off. Where the triangle and circle buttons are on a PS3, I have set to elevator trim nose down and nose up respectively with repeat off. Where square and X are on a PS3, are my flaps with repeat off. Pressing the left stick down activates the wheel brakes. Pressing the right stick down toggles landing gear. The hat is view panning. I forget what I set the Start button (on a PS3 controller location) to, I haven't used it in any flight in the last 6 months at least. The Select button (PS3 location) is set to rotate through the view options. I'd say, "Keep up the good sim vids!", but I actually just came from one in which you raged quit and wanted a refund from a horrible knockoff that looked like the code was copy/pasted from MSFS.
airmuseum (6 months ago)
I'm one of those old DOT/FAA "Master Pilot" pelicans. ATP ASMELS Rotor & Glider IA&I & GIA&I. Been flying sixty years continuously. The major difference between flying a sim and the real deal is the loss of kinesthetic sense in your ass and no control pressure feedback from the airplane. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln..how did you like the play?
Jeffries (6 months ago)
Hello all...Can anyone of you real pilots quide me on what i need .Basically i love flying but i a passenger and want to experience being somewhat of the pilot perspective .I am not a pilot obviously but i would love to buy a flight simulator that is the most realistic version with tutorials on what i need to know and do when starting out .So flight simulator controls all that .What aircraft to start flying and work up to ,any advise appreciated .As well any forum advice appreciated as well..Help a brother out ..many thanks
Friendly Skies Film (6 months ago)
Yay! Enjoy :)
Jeffries (6 months ago)
That's great thank you for your help.It's exactly what i was looking for .
Friendly Skies Film (6 months ago)
For simulator tutorials made with real world piloting closely in mind, I would point you towards Aviator90 from AOA. Excellent product that will walk you through all the basics. Oh, and it's free!!
Stacey Dash TV (7 months ago)
can u make a dvd for training tutorial step by step on how to fly a plane.
Stacey Dash TV (7 months ago)
can u tell me how to find a run way.
Stacey Dash TV (7 months ago)
where do u get this stuff
Tiny Force Corps (7 months ago)
This guy is a talker.....so annoyingly....! Dislike for sure
Friendly Skies Film (7 months ago)
Next time I'll convey my thoughts with annoying facial expressions only.
cherfieldm (7 months ago)
Thank you sir for sharing, this is really i needed, some guidance what to purchase. Please list it down the items, because I can hardly get the wordings? Especially the three small camera attached to the hut, to get a good view of the outside surroundings. Thanks, Cherfield
Michael Winkler (8 months ago)
I loved the video. Any chance you could describe the systems requirements to handle all this? Also, are there radio stacks that could be gotten? As to my background ... I am returning to be a CFI, and love the opportunities you open up with what you shared .... Many thanks MIchael [email protected]
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calliberjoe (9 months ago)
get trackhat instead of track ir less expensive but its also durable
Captain Khan (9 months ago)
Outstanding performance great video thanks for sharing where can I order flight simulator hat and other cool products you have thanks in advance.
glibsonoran (9 months ago)
One thing I'd recommend is reversing the position of your stick and throttle. In the left seat throttle's always going to be on the right. For aircraft with a stick, side sticks are on the left and you almost always use a center stick with your left hand. Even if you're using simming for an aircraft that has a yoke, your coordination is going to be for right hand throttle. Great video though! :)
HAITHAM ALI (9 months ago)
nice cap man
Rolex Kings (9 months ago)
Have you tried A2A's Piper PA24 and 28 and Cessna 182T ....etc...they're much more realistic than most?
John Groesbeck (9 months ago)
Can you point me to the video for setting up MS FS Steam, with Saitek yoke and throttle quad. I want to set switches so I am not always using the mouse pointer. Thanks.
Hi M (10 months ago)
Where can you buy the trackIR?
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
Veni Vidi Amavi (10 months ago)
it’s be nice if I had a setup at home, does it vastly help PPL students or ? not sure if I should actually try to buy and set up on my ancient pc or not :L
Ali Baba (10 months ago)
Nah dude, I like xplane more, p3d is fsx but expensive af.
Fred Fahrenbruch (10 months ago)
I would love to know your settings for trackir. I have my speed down to .05 and it still doesn't move as smooth as yours. seems to go all over the place, which makes it hard and quite frankly a little dizzy. My smooth is UP about half way. Any help ?
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
Yay! :D
Fred Fahrenbruch (10 months ago)
Friendly Skies Film it does work much better using F7 in X Plane 11. Thanks for the help !
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
I honestly prefer to fly with FS2004 when using TrackIR, and have precision mode off, though. The latency of the camera movement is less than 50ms, where it's probably 300ms with Prepar3d. Let me know how it feels in X-Plane.
Fred Fahrenbruch (10 months ago)
I'll give that a try. Would like to be able to use it when flying XPlane 11. Thanks.
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
Tried pressing F7 for precision mode?
Rick Jones (10 months ago)
ThePiper Warrior looks amazingly like the Piper Warrior, more then the Archer....use xplane 11 and oculus rift for in the the cockpit flying....real rudderpedals....
AleMonster3 (10 months ago)
What flight sim is that
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
AleMonster3 (10 months ago)
Friendly Skies Film do you know where you got the game like steam or something
Friendly Skies Film (10 months ago)
Doggy the Husky (10 months ago)
Check out FSW
JON Gergeceff (11 months ago)
Very cool
Hassan adam osman (11 months ago)
Thanks man
Friendly Skies Film (11 months ago)
You're welcome! :)
Antonio Miguel (11 months ago)
Great lesson. Many thanks.
Fredi Häni (11 months ago)
want to see the piper warrior check this link out! : https://www.justflight.com/product/pa-28-161-warrior-ii-fsx
786free1 (11 months ago)
Hi, I am nee to this. Which flight sim are you using?
786free1 (11 months ago)
Friendly Skies Film thanks.
Friendly Skies Film (11 months ago)
Sebastian Pichler (11 months ago)
Nearby loud occur finish German opera administrative fellow require object.
Mark McCulfor (11 months ago)
What music does he have as his start intro thing?
Ken Gunn (11 months ago)
What an impressive tutorial, well-expressed and relevant. You've got me interested in updating my kit and flying simulator again. Thanks.
Lee Miles (11 months ago)
thats not realistic training using a flight stick for it use real yoke and pedals and stuff stupid
Friendly Skies Film (11 months ago)
Served me well enough.
SuperSpineman (1 year ago)
Nice video. Great work. Love the head tracking! Nice to have 3 screens for realism. Pedals a must for muscle memory. Radio work has always been my weak point.
Thomas Polzer (1 year ago)
You show an EYE Tracking system in your video. I am an Flightgear user, please look for my channel, and I am interest to buy an eye track system. Thanks for infortmations.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
It's a head tracker, called TrackIR
JG27 Korny (1 year ago)
That is a great channel. I see the flight sim as an excellent tool to learn about the procedures. Still I have no idea if what you learn on a flight sim is useful in the real plane, as it is also possible to adopt a lot of wrong habits in the flight sim.
SuperCatbert (1 year ago)
hi, whats the best sim for me and my 9 year old son to learn to fly on. thanks,
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Prepar3d is my choice, but a lot of people love X-Plane just as much.
Healthrelief (1 year ago)
Maybe I missed it. What is the software for learning to fly? I am currently exploring how to learn to fly virtually then hope to proceed to human, real lessons. Will the software instruct gradually using game play? Do a show on virtual learning for people like me who want to take first steps towards learning how to fly. I am assuming setting up in house flight simulator much safer, easier and cheaper to learn how to fly.
Michael R. Barr (1 year ago)
Great Video - nice work!
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Thanks, mate :)
DeltaOscarWhiskeyGolf (1 year ago)
There is a more detailed warrior is by just flight now
stanko9 (1 year ago)
I really like the fact that you are a real pilot, And I like you’re video a lot, but I lost you when you actually speak To ATC, are you on line with someone, or does the Flight sim have A recognition voice? I have Microsoft flight simulator X (steam edition) And x-plane 11, please explain…..I need to know!
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
As I say somewhere in the video, it's voice recognition provided by Multi Crew Experience. Glad you're enjoying the videos :)
respect your life. airplane is dangerious vehicle.... read Al-quran if you want to know real purpose of life... "there is no God but Allah"
Neverlowandslow (1 year ago)
Sry if this sounds rude, but I honestly don't understand why you don't use x plane 11, honestly I use the Piper Archer and also the Piper tomahawk - I'm learning in a Grob G115 so thats quite similar, and it's honestly far more realistic as a flight model than FSX (used to have it) And, with a couple of add-ons the scenery can be breathtaking also. Thanks :)
Neverlowandslow (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film haha yeah I was only saying mate enjoy flying :)
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
It can't be rude if I don't care! Haha, we all have our preferences :)
Robbie Manning (1 year ago)
what current Sim would you suggest is Most Realistic for a Nube pilot
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Quinn B (1 year ago)
Hey. You said that this kind of practice is good for when you're getting ready to get your license. Does it serve as good practice for licensed pilots too? Does that software feature any other aircraft or just that one ?? Thanks.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Great practice all around for procedures. Practically any aircraft you want.
James Gallagher (1 year ago)
I *must* get Track IR...
pjt (1 year ago)
I doubt it but I maybe able to lend you some of the more advanced flight sim gear. I have a bunch and I recently moved out to Western Mass again about an hour from Worcester if you ever wanna barrow some of the stuff for a video
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Thanks for the offer! We have some simulator projects that come up at our flight school occasionally. Shoot me an email :)
NiCiStHeK ! (1 year ago)
Hey, I use the X52 as well!
kris pryo (1 year ago)
@2.25 you said "it tracks the movement of my head into the GAME .." . So as a P3D developer you've admitted that P3D is a game? I think you just contravened your own license requirements.
Juan PlaysFIFA (1 year ago)
Is there any add on scenerys your using?
Thai Q. Ly (1 year ago)
Hello all... I'm looking to get into flight sim training... could you please help give recommendations on the software and hardware somewhere between $500 - $1500? Thanks.
Rene Hundhammer (1 year ago)
such an bad landing u should learn bit more
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Sorry, too busy flying my real plane these days, but still want to produce content for my simulator guys.
The best thing I use the sim for is practicing holding patterns. My CFI is a real stickler about maintaining altitude when turning in a hold +/- 100 ft and speed within +/- 10 knots with the proper time on the inbound and outbound legs. Using a real yoke with real foot pedals in the exact plane you fly ((Cessna 172) in training in the same airport you train at (KUMP) with the real weather enabled with the real time makes it even more useful, especially with unpublished holds that the CFI makes me do. How to enter the pattern... all good!
Rick Jones (1 year ago)
Oculus Rift and xplane 11
flight dave haynes (1 year ago)
David from England, you talk very fast, do you do lessons, can you send me the information on all the stuff you use on your ipad, email me on [email protected] look forward for your reply, David Haynes.
Ed Silky (1 year ago)
Where are links to ANYTHING you used? I would love to get the very same setup, but I can't find any info from this as to what to acquire.
Dom (1 year ago)
nob here looking to buy a simulator. is this fsx or xplane 11? i dont know what to buy.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
You could google the names of the things I talk about :P
Clyde Dyer (1 year ago)
Good Job!
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Thanks, mate.
adambomb42x (1 year ago)
Do you know if Lockheed Martin employees get a discount on Prepar3d?
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
I don't, sorry :-/
Duo Discus (1 year ago)
enorme ! Vous animez des videos pour faire decouvrir le monde de la simulation mais votre simulateur ressemble à un jouet. Pas de palonnier. Le joystick posé sur la table (pourquoi pas en haut d une armoire !). Vous avez deja vu un avion avec un manche à cet endroit ???). Montez dans un vrai piper et vous ne retrouverez rien de vos gestes. Vous ne faites pas de la simulation mais du jeu.
Lautaro L (1 year ago)
what was the name of the "webcam" and hat?
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Sure thing.
Lautaro L (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
TrackIR 5
mathew klos (1 year ago)
what nane of that game ? and what year ????????????????
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Prepar3d. Under continuing development.
アッキー (1 year ago)
How much all together?
Alex Master (1 year ago)
Hello. Sorry for the machine translation. Tell me, please, How much is the A2A Piper Cherokee 180 for the FSX close to the original? You, as a pilot, can give an assessment. What is closer to reality FSX or X-plane?
phapnui (1 year ago)
Things have come far since my first time using a flight simulator. In 1969 I was going through Army rotary wing flight school. During instrument training, we used an old link trainer converted to a helicopter cockpit and all we had were instruments to look at. Our only assignment was to fly a holding pattern that was printed out on paper. No sounds, and only a little motion. Now anyone can have a great simulator on their desk top with all the controls, ATC, and the works. Do they have VR nowadays?
OHTYCH 100 (1 year ago)
Can you play flight simulator on a laptop?
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
If it's a very powerful laptop.
Magnet Discovery (1 year ago)
Hello . Great Video.  But I have few questions please . 1)      Are you a mechanic  for Lockheed Martin's  ? Or a pilot?  Or Both ? 2)      Do you have your own aircraft ? 3)      What Simulator is that ?  FSX ? Or X palne ?   Thanks .
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
3rd party software developer. Yes, a 1977 Piper Warrior. It's Prepar3d v2.5.
davidtsw (1 year ago)
Well, I disagree with calling this a realistic setup for serious training (except for the GPS addon which I frankly had no idea about). Here´s how it can be greatly improved, IMO: 1. Virtual Reality instead of TrackIR. TrackIR was good a few years ago. Now it´s 2017 and we have Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It´s probably the single most important piece of hardware if you want to feel like you´re actually sitting in a plane and flying. And it´s a much better way of spending around $500 than buying multiple 2D displays and pretending this is what it looks like in real life. 2. X-Plane 11 instead of old FSX/P3D. More realistic flight model, much better lighting system and equally good aircraft available. And if you care about the scenery then it will cost you much less than all these FSX addons you need since the stock scenery is so bad. 3. Talking to a machine is not realistic. Period. Vatsim is good. Pilotedge is the way to go if you´re serious about your training. It´s not cheap but this isn´t supposed to be cheap. It´s supposed to be good and realistic. 4. Using an actual yoke instead of a joystick seems logical if flying a Piper. And rudder pedals are a must if you ask me. How can you twist your joystick to fly a Piper and call it realistic flight training in 2016 ? 5. Use a realistic aircraft! This is just a toy from Carenado which is slightly improved by a global addon (AccuSim). It will never be as good as a well modeled single addon such as the Airfoil Labs C172 or the VflyteAir Piper PA28 Cherokee 140. And X-Plane has some very well modeled helicopters, too if that´s your thing (R22, Schweizer S300CBi, Bell 407, etc.) 6. Not essential at all, but looking at real scenery does help the immersion. In X-Plane, you can download photo real scenery for an area of your interest and then add realistically placed building and trees on top of it. For free. Definitely available in the western US which is the coverage area of Pilotedge. 7. Something you didn´t mention - a weather addon. Crucial if you´re practicing IMC, not so much when doing VFR but still improves the overall experience. SkyMaxxPro and xEnviro seem to be the best options for X-Plane. I seriously hope no one will follow your advice here because it can be done much better.
tim campbell (1 month ago)
For someone who wants to build a flight simulator for both planes and helicopters, it being 2018 can you please list the best equipment? Thanks. For example, who makes the best pedals, throttle, VR, etc.
Tony Merlot (1 year ago)
Have you tried that tracknoir from the U.K. $30
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
I've tried other vision based trackers, and was not super impressed, to be honest. I'd rather have the accuracy by wearing the reflectors. You can also buy or make a version that clips onto your headset if you don't like the hat.
KG7YTS (1 year ago)
besides the computer and monitors, how much would this setup cost
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Software - $60 Track IR - $120 Joystick - $60 Carenado Airplanes - $25/plane
Ami Hoosin (1 year ago)
what software are you using
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Get hooked, work hard, and get your license :) You can start training now and solo when you're sixteen!
Ami Hoosin (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film thx + i am 15 years old and i realy like airplanes what is your recommendation?
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Description. P3D v2.5
coma13794 (1 year ago)
Great video, except synthetic ATC does not hold a candle to actually speaking with real people. It lacks the nuances, pressures, and validation that comes with human to human interaction. You mention VATSIM as one way of doing this, but for real world flight training, PilotEdge is a good option as it uses real world frequencies (there's no controller list) and it provides ATC 15 hrs/day, 7 days/week at 60 towered airports (and that list is growing). Full disclosure, I am associated with PilotEdge, but thought it was still worth mentioning.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
As I've flown at airports all over the world at this point (but not the in-between parts) I find that you're correct also. I was more referring to the task of learning a whole different set of airports and sectional charts when I find most students at my flight school have a hard time mastering one. At my point, I would find the challenge almost enjoyable, but that's after 250hrs. I just hope to see the industry grow to the point when we can have everywhere covered some day. I realize it's a daunting number of controllers, but I can still hope. I like to think that I can help that happen just a little but as a youtuber.
coma13794 (1 year ago)
I understand the initial reaction. For what it's worth, most of our US-based customers are in California, the pacific northwest, east coast or Texas. I actually live in NJ myself. Having flown coast to coast and back in a GA aircraft, I can say with some confidence that ATC is the same wherever you go. Airports vary between busy and not busy, as well as towered vs non-towered, but other than the DC SFRA, the NY SFRA and the Eglin SFRA in Florida, but there just isn't anything really unique about the ATC in one part of the country vs the other. If I had to choose between synthetic ATC for my home airport vs real ATC in another part of the country, real ATC would be a no-brainer.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
I've always wanted to try it to be honest, but it just didn't have quite the appeal not being anywhere near where I fly geographically. I make sure to recommend it to student pilots anyway, since they might feel differently. Great service, though! I would love to help it expand to cover as much of the US as possible. It would be just the most incredible tool.
Fahad Usmani (1 year ago)
To eliminate input lag, you need two things. 1) Sensitivity sliders all the way up. In doing so, you'll notice that the aircraft reacts very quickly to even small input commands which could be unrealistic. 2) To remedy that, you need FSUIPC (licensed version), which will allow you to vary the sensitivity on control inputs. Frooglesim has a helpful video on using FSUIPC for controls calibration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkOg-r_MKwM
CasperNL (1 year ago)
you should now play xplane11
Sam Nixon (1 year ago)
Hey mate, That looks like the Carenado PA28, how do you have the gamin radio/gps in the dash? I really want this set up as it matches what I'm flying in RL but can't find any info on how to do it. Thanks.
Sam Nixon (1 year ago)
No worries. Thanks very much for the quick reply.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Yep, that's why I did it. Matches my Warrior. You can add it as a 2D panel in the VC section of the panel.cfg. It's unfortunately far from perfect because of the way the $panel.bmp texture mapping works when exported from 3dsMax, but it's enough to do what you see.
Grant Bradshaw (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Arthur Johns (1 year ago)
When you said, "Transponder, "on", you didn't say 1200. For a VFR flight. Any other code would come from ATC. Unless it was an emergency.
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Yup. I always reset mine to 1200 on shutdown so you don't forgot later.
James Ryzlot (1 year ago)
Excellent video is that MS or X JR
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Prepar3d v2.5
James H (1 year ago)
great channel, great help. Thanks
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
That one's a no brainer. P3D, definitely!
James H (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film what flight simulator would you recommend I buy? Microsoft or the Lockheed Martin one
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoy, mate :)
Dwight Kauffman (1 year ago)
What flight software are you using? Is Xplane a good one to use? Also where can I purchase the Trackir? Im not able to find any like the one you have on Amazon or Ebay.
dangerouswater (1 year ago)
Great video!
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed :)
Mike Mac (1 year ago)
Rudder pedals? Picked up a set of Thrustmaster for $60 on Amazon. Don't slide around on carpet and also have toe-brakes.
SAMMY WATSON (1 year ago)
William Chin (1 year ago)
I have Microsoft Flight Sim Gold and let's just say the physics aren't that realistic... I tried flying a crj -900 from LGA and I flew backwards!
William Chin (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film it's true😂
William Chin (1 year ago)
Friendly Skies Film it's true😂
Friendly Skies Film (1 year ago)

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