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Minecraft Mod Review: OLD DAYS MOD! (The Ultimate Game Mechanic Tweaker)

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Mod Review Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E5DE2965FEE6087 Download the Old Days Mod: http://bit.ly/HhIlu3 My Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/vMvJDq General Mod Installation Guide: http://bit.ly/Ve4ixX Merchandise Store: http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com Secondary Channel: http://youtube.com/AntVenom2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha
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Text Comments (3610)
I'm from the future, everything is hecc fricc.
2:50 Toasters Still Exsist, But With Zombies And Not Lava
Gogonal (1 month ago)
IMG GO TO 3:21
The Electronic (2 months ago)
I'm crying, it's called nostalgia. And it's beautiful.
Kelcey Clark (2 months ago)
Hi if your watching in the year OVER 9000 say hi!
Tom (2 months ago)
This is now considered old school Minecraft 6 years later.
Picolas Cage (2 months ago)
LinkieLinkGameing (2 months ago)
I miss this mod. The last update was 1.6.2
Tarangel (2 months ago)
this was the old days (:
Says mod will bring back "old school minecraft features." *I laugh as I watch this 6 year old video*
GoldenTheCat YT (3 months ago)
Ahh nostaglia as you watch ant play
Milessweet418 (3 months ago)
The good... old... days.
Biggy Boy (4 months ago)
Hey antvenom react to this old video of yours.....you will be so annoyed with your words you have got in this video...
Braxton Eckert-Anschutz (4 months ago)
ThIs WaS gAy
Scientific Skyfire Δ (5 months ago)
Old day mod installed in an old day Minecraft, presented by the old day AntVenom with the old day intro.
ashton horton (5 months ago)
'Back in the old days' *6 years later* they thought that THESE were old, he dosn't even have a HUNGER bar
MaxTehPuker (5 months ago)
Silly mans, 2012 was a simpler time. It WAS the old days.
Nonetrix (6 months ago)
not updated btw
Computer kid (6 months ago)
If you’re gonna install a mod that re-enables bugs, why not just play an old version?
marialaurabizzo (7 months ago)
Finally an alpha mod!!
DamienDoesGaming (7 months ago)
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 or 2024 like it if u r watching in those years
shyvha beauregard (7 months ago)
MuffinWaffel (8 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Ass Hunter (7 months ago)
MuffinWaffel - ROBLOX why are u here roblox boy
Justin Noker (8 months ago)
ah mod loader, been a long time since I heard that name
TheSeanminator (1 month ago)
yes, think I've found it
Stridur (5 months ago)
ashton horton (5 months ago)
Justin Noker can you even download it anymore?
Alonzo ponce (8 months ago)
Remember when the old days had old days? Those were some good old days.
Acrylite - Minecraft (7 months ago)
Alonzo ponce yea
E_ M_ M :D (8 months ago)
Please, gimme gimme gimmi= *wish-listed*
Ilya Zhundrikov (8 months ago)
TheCJBrine (8 months ago)
I remember using this mod in 1.6.4. I wish it worked for 1.12; then I could play with both old terrain + cave generation and new features :)
PR0WN3D (8 months ago)
Tristan Lyman (8 months ago)
Pr0wu3d me too
PR0WN3D (8 months ago)
Oh hey another person watching in 2018!
The Lone Dreamer (8 months ago)
Hey, does anyone know if this mod's still around? I think it'd be much more appreciated these days. What with the new combat and textures. (I personally want the old horse model back. They were so cute and now they're all blocky, plain and seemingly soulless. There's just something off about them.)
Konidsw (8 months ago)
I'm from 2018 Hi
Biggy Boy (4 months ago)
Me too..
Anime Lover59 (6 months ago)
asuh dude
Patrick Louis (8 months ago)
Benial (8 months ago)
5k subs with no videos (8 months ago)
EnderGamer67 (9 months ago)
"Hey Ants, GuyVenom here, and Minecraft back to another welcome video!"
MischiefPKMN (9 months ago)
If only he knew how bad Minecraft would become
IJ Films (7 months ago)
lego craft (9 months ago)
I'd there a FAR LANDS option
JavierX (11 months ago)
2017 anyone?
N00B 17 (8 months ago)
It's 2018 now
Argeniside 101 (11 months ago)
I remember watching this video 5 years ago... Old school Minecraft mod on old school Minecraft
AcidicParadise (11 months ago)
1.2.5 was Minecraft's prime
Acrylite - Minecraft (7 months ago)
CommanderOfThought nah beta 1.7
Da Bomba (11 months ago)
What about 5 years, 5 months and 16 days?
Da Bomba (11 months ago)
# Soooooo Many changes!
EmilPappa e (1 year ago)
my name is Kim Eriksson how to download and install this old days mod?
Afnan Azam Faez (1 year ago)
2:22 "I'm like a Crazy old person a CrAzY OlD PeRsSoN I'm A SeTiNg FiRe! I'm SeTtInG EvErYtHiNg SeT On FiRe"
3:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Does anyone rember an old Minecraft Mod Reviewer and he had a semi-fake British accent and was loud. He always said "Chap" and "Fellow" to his friend that would help and also had a gentelman skin. Also he always had a golden sword.
Meizono (1 year ago)
aka gamechap and bertie.
Meizono (1 year ago)
I believe your thinking of adamzonetopmarks?
An Account (1 year ago)
Turtle Boi Gamer! (1 year ago)
Download link won't work :(
Lucas Wills (1 year ago)
WTF download is broken ):::::
Stridur (5 months ago)
Johny boi (1 year ago)
meanwhile in 2017...
m3ga_monk3y801 (1 year ago)
Is there such thing as a working mod that brings back the old sounds? Like when you get hurt "OOF" and the old tnt sound, and the bows and snowballs make the PACHOONG and SLING sound
m3ga_monk3y801 (1 year ago)
S.R Gaming because I've found a few but didnt work
m3ga_monk3y801 (1 year ago)
S.R Gaming whats it called?
S.R Gaming (1 year ago)
Mega Monkey A resource pack can do that.
Polrous (1 year ago)
Honestly, the saddest thing about this mod along with others is, that they are almost all discontinued. I actually made a folder full of mods for specific versions back when I was younger, and a common this is most mods were discontinued after 1.6.4. It is sad because some of the best mods were left to be forgotten in age.
Slime Chap (1 year ago)
That would`ve been beautiful if it were`nt so oddly phrased.
Mckdoe Music (1 year ago)
its Kind of ironic how this is a video of old versions of Minecraft yet this video was made 4 years ago
Tarangel (2 months ago)
and your comment is a year old
Slyboi (3 months ago)
ThaPug 2012-2013 was Minecrafts prime time in my opinion not just for how popular it got but for it's updates and etc.
May L (3 months ago)
6 years ago
ThaPug (1 year ago)
That's because 2012 was the time when Minecraft was going down in quality terms. If we talk about popularity it was it's best times.
ShockerSeb (2 years ago)
A.K.A the only good mod
signbear999 (2 years ago)
the link is broken
zogbie9143 (2 years ago)
all the links on the page take me to a 404 error
zogbie9143 (2 years ago)
use both of them or old days won't work
Keep on Chucking (2 years ago)
+karekas! I don't see the links...
No, you need ssp,
Dean Fraiquin (2 years ago)
I like the old antvenom
Jop Pleysier (2 years ago)
people who disliked This vid mised someting in ther life
11pixels testing (2 years ago)
i wish there was a modder who could update the mod
11pixels testing (2 years ago)
THERES REVERSE VERSION OF THIS MOD that brings new stuff.......into beta 1.7.3 and alpha 1.2.6...wow
11pixels testing (2 years ago)
fycraft version or something like this
animegamingdude (2 years ago)
+TʜᴇBʟᴏxxɪɴɢBʟᴏᴄᴋs Really? What's it called?
Dylan Klebold (2 years ago)
i wish the next update(s) would make minecraft go back to alpha/beta kind of minecraft
Owlblocks David (2 years ago)
You can always play the old version, though. I don't know if the Mojang launcher lets you, but multimc (which requires an account, so it's perfectly fine) has all the way back to before the survival test. I think it also has all the snapshots, though I could be wrong.
Xplurus (2 years ago)
So do i
ELX (3 years ago)
how do i install ant:(
Umm, jack (3 years ago)
This was 3 years ago
TooRandom (3 years ago)
hahaha the "old days mod" this video was made 3 years ago hahaha the review is old and the mod is ancient
The Electronic (2 months ago)
6 years later... the game is ruined.
The meme King (8 months ago)
Petejatomi roblox lol
Oof McOofy (1 year ago)
And so is your comment
Tony Whitten (3 years ago)
Like if UR watching in 2015
Brock Hyde (8 months ago)
An Account (1 year ago)
L lol 2017
SonicPigeon (2 years ago)
+Deano 673 sorry man but im watching in 2016 :D
Silverio Hernandez (2 years ago)
Im watcing 2016
multiverse (3 years ago)
dongle (3 years ago)
**sigh** My first version of minecraft was 1.2.5 It was so cool , when I got it on PC I had a big hype I also started playing in 2012 ,all the updates after 1.2.5 we're shitty for me
Carson Douglas (8 months ago)
dongle I started playing in the last version of alpha... a week later beta came out
Lina Al-Jarallah (3 years ago)
This looks really cool
Hunter Borden (3 years ago)
This reminds me of the old days of antvenom
GRocket1020 (3 years ago)
i liked the old sound of the door and chest
Algo (3 years ago)
Chests didn't have a sound back then, but I agree. I still like the old door sounds.
Sam Sveistrup (3 years ago)
How was this 2 years ago?!?!
Jeff Loco (3 months ago)
A little over 6 now.
Almost 6 now
Antonjo Deleva (1 year ago)
5 now :P
michael johnstone (2 years ago)
4 now :/
Silicijeva Dolina (3 years ago)
ABOUT A WEEK AGO WEEK AGO dun dun tun dun den dun dun dun
Atiq Ahmed (3 years ago)
I miss the good old days...
ELX (3 years ago)
+Atiq Ahmed most of us do :(
Hyron Harrison (4 years ago)
Minecraft at this point had so much potential...Until Jeb took over and ruined it all!
Ny- Nick C- Delgiorno (8 months ago)
Jeb is awesome I met him1!!!!!!!!1!!11!1!!1!!1!11!1!
iProgramInCpp (8 months ago)
11pixels testing In a game named "Growtopia" a man called Seth, the developer, really pushed hard on the graphical designer, "Hamumu", to make the pixel art for toilets. I know it doesn't have anything to do with Minecraft, and you probably have never heard of Growtopia, but yeah.
The Arctic Gamer (11 months ago)
I haven't heard that name since Rick Roll was a fresh meme, and it still makes me angry.
Argeniside 101 (11 months ago)
Quistones You still have this mod? Sounds pretty cool
Jason Pan (1 year ago)
Also changing is not a bad thing. At least not for our beloved game.
Le Autistico (4 years ago)
Memories ;_;
Hayden Lancaster (4 years ago)
Any can you make your beginnings happier? You sound so serious and sad...
Hayden Lancaster (4 years ago)
+quintinthegr8 I'm not saying yours was long I was just joking.
Quintonias (4 years ago)
+haydenandbrandon lancasterandmiller  You realize it isn't that long right? it is literally  AT MOST a minute. You are just reading impared.
Hayden Lancaster (4 years ago)
+quintinthegr8 Thank you. Now I don't have to write a comment that takes a day to think of yet 5 minutes to read :D
Quintonias (4 years ago)
+Kevin Ngo It is called a typo, I tend to do the same thing but not with 'T'' and 'Y' I do it with 'C' and 'X' and this is because the keys are so right next to each other. I would be texting my friend on Steam and I would mean to say "Just a sec" but instead I would say "Be back in a sex" on accident.
izryan Gaming (4 years ago)
How do you get your HUD like that?
soldiercool223 (4 years ago)
I hate new mc I hate new mc take back the old mc notch please why T_T
Uzech Mapping (7 months ago)
Raven Kid do micro transaction = Your family bankrupt
Raven (8 months ago)
Zelioman Live Old comment but...Microsoft did NOT demolish the game at all. Although, Microsoft isn't exactly interacting with or in control of the development anyways, Mojang still is there. The game is perfectly fine.
Zelioman Live (1 year ago)
soldiercool223 Now it’s even worse, Microsoft took over and demolished the game. Super fun so far. Totally.
TNFSG's OLD ACCOUNT (3 years ago)
I like new minecraft. Flat world :D
cpdion (3 years ago)
New launcher buddy. New launcher.
dorian120723 (4 years ago)
I hate how AntVenom was literally ALL about these Mod Showcases and Adventure Maps....but now he's all MINIGAMES and just stuff like that...
Mr.L The Green Thunder (18 days ago)
dorian120723 now he’s all destroying minecraft
Danny Dorito (4 years ago)
Cheese Volt (4 years ago)
"If you watch it after a week..." I watched it after two years.
Rik'tor Heverez (5 months ago)
ill be 80 then and STILL watching AntVenom
Aderito centeio (8 months ago)
AxisD stuff haha
AxisD stuff (10 months ago)
I watched it 63 years after you. I watched this video in 2067
Dj Triller (4 years ago)
I remeder the day sever we're in the game and I remember all that stuff lol old minecrafter
Dj Triller (3 years ago)
* wasn't sorry for my English ,3,
Forever Lit (4 years ago)
321 people dont have minecraft
F4NATIC YT (4 years ago)
they should put Herobrine in
CodeKillerz (3 years ago)
They should add Herobrine and its like a 1/10000 chance of spawning him
ThorNilsen (4 years ago)
+DEVON SMITH He wasn't.... He never were. Notch confirmed it himself. And there isn't any code about him or an unkown entity...
archive (4 years ago)
+DEVON SMITH no he was not, the "removed herobrine" was joke don't you get that?
F4NATIC YT (4 years ago)
no he was in it i know from exp.
archive (4 years ago)
I know I'm late commenting but why? He was never in the game, plus theirs plenty of herobrine mods out there.
Theyod gamerYT (4 years ago)
The song goes very good together
Quontanium (4 years ago)
I remember back in the good old alpha days I LOVED the old fire spread it looked like it was the big bang in the forest near us lol
salamancer (4 years ago)
BILLY COCAJ (4 years ago)
Xiric (4 years ago)
just noticed this video came out on my birthday 2 years ago
sectiom (5 months ago)
dude your birthday id about 3 days happy birthday
Eric Lueck (4 years ago)
Your Profile picture fits perfectly with your statement lol
NikoGaming {[KFS]} (4 years ago)
He did a good job with the mod, but it's pointless with the new launcher being able to go back to any version. But still, he did a good job with the mod.
[abaddonswim] (4 years ago)
I miss alpha!
KookieKooker (3 years ago)
+madnessfan218 :P What?
[abaddonswim] (3 years ago)
KookieKooker (4 years ago)
then play it!
come.to.brazil 1.0 (4 years ago)
i played in minecraft xbox 360 beta 1.6
Shifted Legend (4 years ago)
I remember when that version had just come out for computer...
Worlds blocky game (4 years ago)
Have anyone else noticed that the grass is greener? :)
Foxtrot Grady (5 months ago)
It always is on the other side.
XxxCat GirlxxX (6 months ago)
Worlds blocky game, no. But thx for saying
Dommo Thornio (8 months ago)
It's also because this is before grass colour was biome specific
Alex Bracero (4 years ago)
yes I noticed that
EvanPlaysMC (4 years ago)
its the texture pack
Dawson Gibbs (4 years ago)
TechBanana (4 years ago)
Ant is one of the only youtubers that actually includes the download link in the description
TheMineCraftMen (4 years ago)
1.7.2 =P
Red reid games (4 years ago)
in 1.7.1
UNiCorn GaMer (4 years ago)
IT is a cool mod
Daire Pineapple (4 years ago)
But....You just did
RNJ Ryan (4 years ago)
uploaded on my B-Day
Saevustus (4 years ago)
I did that back when it was standard, I miss acting like a psychopath.
Saevustus (4 years ago)
I wish the arm flailing was a toggle option for vanilla, I wanna act like a crazy old man XD
ZeroTheReploid (4 years ago)
Please Fuck your life ;)
emag02 (4 years ago)
I started in 1.8 Beta
KingOfNothing 95 (4 years ago)
I played 1.4_01beta and up
game central (4 years ago)

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