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All of Surf_Lt_Unicorn's Royal Castle activities

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Warning: Epilepsy. Do not watch the Dark room part if you are prone to certain patterns of Epilepsy. I'm not responsible for you getting a seizure at any point while watching this video. You have been warned. Can't access the end of Surf_Lt_Unicorn? Well, you're in luck, because this is for you! This castle features just about everything you can do from scenery, to an actual functioning Rubik's cube, to even tripping on acid! what is there NOT to do in this wondrous castle of Surf_Lt_Unicorn? Well, wait to find out! And just 12 hours after it's release too.. That's a record! Main song: M83: Moon Child "Raise your arms the highest you can So the whole universe will glow" -By the way, you're welcome m83, taking my revenue and then crediting your song.
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Chris M (3 years ago)
+Luneste or Krazy do either of you know what getting the tl letters do?
Lunessia (2 years ago)
+Chris M Those are really only for the Bonus thing, and nothing else as far as I'm concerned
Lunessia (3 years ago)
http://puu.sh/frJCh/41d510c5ed.png Yup, that happened.
Lunessia (3 years ago)
I will not monetize this video because of this.

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