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Vinesauce Joel - Dr Pepper, the Prison Adventure

239 ratings | 12256 views
Explore the prison along Dr. Pepper and Joel, and witness an adventure of braveness, individualism, and find out who you truly are! Meet his cellmate, Duke Nukem, and his arch-nemesis, the one and only Warden Kiljoy! No matter what age group you are in, whether you're a boy or a girl (or foxkin), this is bound to be a story you won't forget soon! Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19-8T0Fkr9k&t=3904s
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Text Comments (12)
grungeboy93 (1 month ago)
M Dickie games are the best
the subtitles are annoying as fuck
vine forgot that he was the one who was threatened
Random Typer002 (6 months ago)
Here lies Dr. Pepper. After realizing that there are pineapple pizzas in the prison's cafeteria and is about to go into a violent rampage. One of the prisoners luckily gave the back of his spine a hard swing with both fists together, thus breaking his spine in half and taking his life away. At least he's free now...
Sour Raisins (11 months ago)
>"That's it, I'm killing everyone in this goddamn prison" >Proceeds to get knocked the fuck out IMMEDIATELY after saying that
mike309game (1 year ago)
docto pepe
Al4aBeta (1 year ago)
Dude this is some nice editing , keep up the good work
Whitebolls92 (8 months ago)
ZominicalUW (1 year ago)
Is this your actual fucking voice tho
Xxx GMonee248 xxX (1 year ago)
ZominicalUW no
CPMS NEWS (1 year ago)
Why the fuck why don't you have more views. Nice to have a loyal fan like you
Apprehensive Meowth (1 year ago)
Because I am not gud enuff

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