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How to fix could not contact master game server Counter strike source | Other way

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Hello guys i found other way to fix your Counter strike source could not contact master server and if you dont have master server .vdf here is the link https://mega.nz/#!lNgmzazJ!vQ34gydmpiP7TxYsNbzDXB3AQ5FpzVqQrTgE0_FHfkM and comment down below if you want to see how to download or fix video or gaming video Thank you guys for watching :D All Bad Comment Will Be Reported
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Text Comments (27)
Mohd Nadeem (6 days ago)
error comes failed to initialize help me
VKH vines (15 days ago)
neckrope (4 months ago)
but im nonsteam
neckrope (4 months ago)
nvm patched my game
thanks bro.
IproaluGG (6 months ago)
he subscribe jack
Youssef ET (6 months ago)
i can't dowload the fil why????? please man please
Noorain vastani (6 months ago)
Not working:/
Mafia Khan (9 months ago)
thanks alot man.
Zvona Bro (9 months ago)
Zvona Bro (9 months ago)
in that file i have only 3 docs because i dont have full
Mohd Anis (2 months ago)
Did it worked?
Phantom Army (10 months ago)
thx man you god
its do nothing when i click on refresh its said like that
i have my internet connection from my institute...and tried all the trick you described ...but it didn't work...is there any relation with the internet connection..ip..?same phrase is coming.."cant connect to the master server.." thanks in advance.
Zvona Bro (1 year ago)
1 problem i dont have that all in that folder
Madly Gamer Tag (11 months ago)
mohamed ali Hizabri (1 year ago)
saad tv (1 year ago)
thank you my friend it's really working coooool !!!
Raubert (1 year ago)
Chubby Piggy (2 years ago)
Sorry but not working.I need to uninstall it and install it.
Chubby Piggy (2 years ago)
Thanks bro...
FxReMoDz (2 years ago)
ITs not work
Angel Mauro Farfán (2 years ago)
thanks!! Argentina
Kaushik Kaushik (2 years ago)
second link is asking for decryption key

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