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Lilah: You know you wouldn't want it any other way...

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Yes, Lilah Morgan may be a bitch but she's also strong, smart, independent and beautiful. In other words: totally my kind of character xD
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Francesco Panti (1 year ago)
I think she is the most beautiful woman in the entire Buffyverse <3
XxBarbyChanxX (1 year ago)
omg this is like the best song ever, because it's so... real XD and it fits her perfectly, this is epic!!
Talia al Ghul (3 years ago)
If there was a song that fit Lilah tighter than a latex glove....
hiphuggerz4ever (7 years ago)
fav vid ever! :D
starchesnimrod (7 years ago)
Oh God. This is just incredible. Clutching my heart right now.
j (8 years ago)
So wonderful and so perfect for Lilah. Wes wouldn't want her any other way, and neither would we! <3
Giuseppina Gandolfo (8 years ago)
Giuseppina Gandolfo (8 years ago)
Is the song called "you know you wouldn't want it any other way" ? and who is the artist?
FunnyBunny310 (8 years ago)
This video is pure awesomeness
Lindsey M (8 years ago)
hydesbride (8 years ago)
Aaww Lilah!!!! She is just too damn amazing!! This song is so her!! I loved what you did with it!!! the voice overs and all the scenes with Angel were awesome!! The Weslah scenes were beautful as always! And OMG the I don't envy you line made me happy!!! hehe brilliant job hun!! I did forget to reply to the message again so I swear I will tomorrow!!! LMAO anywho, I love this!!! No one does Lilah or Wesley(naughty lol) like you do!! :D
lotranddwknowitall (8 years ago)
gr8 song choice to one of my favourite characters from Ats. brillant editing here loved it from start to finish. how can anyone resist but to love lilah
Jordan Jaques (8 years ago)
@jordzprincess97 dont worry i found the song :))
Vanessa Rivera (8 years ago)
really great song for her
Jordan Jaques (8 years ago)
OMG OMG OMG ITS LILAH!!! this vid was to qoute Lilah just awesome xD i loved it it totally described her character xDD hahaha wats this song called and who's it by??
Casey Griffin (8 years ago)
Lilah is correct. This is, in fact, awesome.
mossomness (8 years ago)
Lilah said it perfectly...that's just awesome. This is a PERFECT song for her. I absolutely love it. : )
Nicole Eve (8 years ago)
I love this song and it really discribes Lilah so well! Greatly done!
DevilLucie (8 years ago)
OMG! Julie this is soo very Awesome!!!!!!
FairyKingdom86 (8 years ago)
Haha! Lilah's theme song totally. Amazing job on this and fantastic editing.
softhadesvibes (8 years ago)
One of my favorite songs on the planet! So perfect for Lilah. Love the video :)
Megan Rooney (8 years ago)
GFox (8 years ago)
very nice vid....Lilah was one of the hings that made the show so awesome

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