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Freememeskids (5 months ago)
*Like the video and Subscribe for more <3* *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJH5ZFwcUX8 *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJH5ZFwcUX8 *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJH5ZFwcUX8
matt is angry (5 months ago)
Freememeskids get cancer
Go Ham (5 months ago)
Freememeskids y are they all white th9
Golden gamer (5 months ago)
Freememeskids 5:46 best Part
viprizy (5 months ago)
Freememeskids this post is triggering my autism help ☠️
Bebo Deng (5 months ago)
Freememeskids 0
Moyiyis 36 (5 months ago)
Frost (5 months ago)
No way I die to kids like this
Savage (5 months ago)
White people cringy ass fuck
TipOlata De Plante (5 months ago)
1:50 amazing
Hunter Althaus (5 months ago)
When he was dabbing over and over he couldn’t do it because his toys were blocking lol
NYC beast (5 months ago)
The Walk It Talk It one though 😂
BlaZe ViPr (5 months ago)
I thought I was the only one who saw apl this cringe
ßūprëmē pêøplé (5 months ago)
1:11 took the L? More like he took the burger
Omega Lynx (5 months ago)
1:10 WTF
Nathan_11 (5 months ago)
Honestly wouldn’t mind if the Roy purdy dance was added
xd duizy (5 months ago)
All the fat kids
Ali Benkarrouch (5 months ago)
So If i understand I’m getting killed by those people sometimes... send a doctor... or a priest that might help tho...
Tarobrob (5 months ago)
Back then we have cards, and now this?! What the f**k!
fs69069 (5 months ago)
bruh i swear these fatass kids got me dead af lmao
RiskyPhoenix (5 months ago)
And another 6,000 braincells
Nathan_11 (5 months ago)
Feel bad for the epic games employees that have to suffer through most of these
T-boy-z (5 months ago)
Yeah,epic,I don't know what pisses me off more? Updates or this retarded challenge!
j boy (5 months ago)
Most of them are white so im not really surprised
Raitudas PT (5 months ago)
HaZarD KNIGHT (5 months ago)
1:09 *FACE PALM* This competition is not to dance to the dances in Fortnite
Flyin Dutchman (5 months ago)
Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne
Camila Flores (5 months ago)
more like some white kids who can’t dance
Avenged Gamer (5 months ago)
1:50 when you win with 25 kills
noah mims (5 months ago)
Some of these were fake
Steven Bethäuser (5 months ago)
I Swear 4:10 was good 😂👍🏻
littlered1403 (5 months ago)
Can I please have some help getting to 400 subscribers please? I am ssoo close?!?!
VeXCubes (5 months ago)
4:00 have this man win!
xBabaGanooshz PS4 (5 months ago)
6:32 did he just blow a double fart?
D G (5 months ago)
All of These should be called: autism Kids want attention
IBRAHAZ (5 months ago)
What is the dance name at 0:33
onlyrealcash (5 months ago)
Most of these kids are going to regret this later in life
Shisch (5 months ago)
Cringe af 😂😂😂
Ethan L (5 months ago)
LOL 4:20 killed me
DrFeces (5 months ago)
6:00 i think that kid goes to my school
ThatBrightBomber (5 months ago)
OMG 1:09 I Know That Kid He Goes To My School His Name Is Mykah
DJ KNIGHTCORE (5 months ago)
Why do they even bother 😂😂😂
Twitch.tv/nightcodex (5 months ago)
Dont know why but 90% is so fat it feels like im watching some younger vids of myself being retarded..... I insulted myself watching this
Raid Bonzai (5 months ago)
They should do a dance where they pass me the bleach Or a tide pod
Cringe Crw (5 months ago)
They are all white lolol
Zackattack (5 months ago)
I only made it to 3 minutes and 24 seconds
Xan3da (5 months ago)
Notice most of these kids are white Swear I'm not racist
Louis Watkins (5 months ago)
It's too FUCKKKKing cring
ShortMovie Editor (5 months ago)
4:00 now thats something 😂
Atrillixx (5 months ago)
oh my god MY COUSIN IS IN 6:15 HAHAHA
BeefOnMyJerky (5 months ago)
Cwqm (5 months ago)
1:18 he deadass outta breath I’m dead
Crimson Prince (5 months ago)
Jesus died for these people
One Shot (5 months ago)
Damn there’s a shit ton of white ass gum drops in there, boys are big as hell
SilverSkylark (5 months ago)
Honestly my can’t tell the difference between the troll dances and the kids trying way too hard and forgetting that people actually have to animate the winner
RecallSuper (5 months ago)
These are future voters....
Rahmaan Nasar (5 months ago)
4:12 tho😂😂👌
Killado A-root (5 months ago)
I have seen enough
TSM _Wolf (5 months ago)
@6:25 I swear that kid farted
#NoPantz HitSquad (5 months ago)
Like me comment if you think these kids have got autism
Xena (5 months ago)
There only little Kids
Morgan Street (5 months ago)
Wow tough competition
Isaac Cruz (5 months ago)
6:06 Mom: remember son, if anything happens, you know what to do, scream. Kid: *gets tapped* 6:06
GamingTaylor (5 months ago)
Are we sure these people deserve to live freely in society?
Zinc Gaming (5 months ago)
Why are most of these kids fat
TheReapingGamer (5 months ago)
This hurts
xd d1zzy (5 months ago)
0:50 killed it With his Arms 😂
Watzachiloss98 (5 months ago)
6:08 cuando tu papa te dice que no puedes jugar ps4
Isaac Cruz (5 months ago)
5:47 that’s gonna be it
christian MX (5 months ago)
Toast Roast (5 months ago)
4:35 that's the best one lol Edit: jk this is the best one 6:15
Crzy- Aliens (5 months ago)
Llama Gamer (5 months ago)
Cola (5 months ago)
You said the best and worst ones but literally all of them are just bad.
beanheadmir (5 months ago)
I never laugh so hard on a cringe videos😂😂😂😂😂😂
BreadIsSpicy (5 months ago)
Nicolas Atzori (5 months ago)
4:00 would be pretty jokes in game
blade (5 months ago)
8:28 yooo wtf thats Xposid!
crywithme (5 months ago)
Most of these are white kids with no rhythm
DRG (5 months ago)
6:15 exorcism caught on tape
DRG (5 months ago)
I just clocked as well towards the end he farts
rd1 (5 months ago)
90% haven't won 1 game
we are spartan's (5 months ago)
My fucking toes were hurting just from watching 🤤
Swell98 (5 months ago)
Haven't laughed this hard in a while
Mansour Jimale (5 months ago)
White people
Fletcher DX2 (5 months ago)
2:17 wtf gay
Jacob Fuerst (5 months ago)
They should put the fusion dance in it lol
Ty Brannen (5 months ago)
0:45 most I’ve ever cringed
Leonardo Brasowski (5 months ago)
4:11 ist really good, it's hard too
Hamza Awelker (5 months ago)
4:00 actually wasnt thet bad
Dope Penguin88 (5 months ago)
My favorite 0:41
GXD (5 months ago)
4:01 thats actually a good idea
YungSavage (5 months ago)
I now have a simple case of CRINGEITIS
[ RPGAwesome ] (5 months ago)
Cameras should be 14+ so I can actually get rid of my damn cancer for once and for all Why were they doing dances already in the game😅😅
DRG (5 months ago)
3:39 was he stung by a wasp?
Harold Garoon (5 months ago)
They are not even funny just sad 🤦‍♂️
bubblebuttDG (5 months ago)
These are the people you lose to when get 2nd
giogko (5 months ago)
4:00 really good it should be add
Torianna Tho (5 months ago)
7:13 plz......
Ham ;-; (5 months ago)
These boys didn’t ask to get laughed at 😭😭
GXD (5 months ago)
epic you gotta do 1:50
convrtin (5 months ago)
I thought people where just joking when they say there’s so many fat sweaty try harder on the game but from this I believe them now
Chadi Tawil (5 months ago)
Fuck that im going on pubg
Jacob Fuerst (5 months ago)
4:00 heeellllll yeah haha kids a beast
Swankyorc101 (5 months ago)
I cant tell which ones is the best or worst one they look the same
mlaeden kovin (5 months ago)
Just add the fucking shoot dance

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