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LastMinerStanding Plugin (Fornite, Pubg)

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●Hey DiamondRushXD here, This game type is a Battle Royale based, automatic, fully customizeable pvp mode. You and a lot of other players can battle on a custom map. Everyone will be spawned in the sky and fly down using an elytra (for MC 1.9+). After landing on the ground, you have to find items in chests and be the last miner standing. This concept is known from games like PUBG, H1Z1 King of the Kill, H1Z1 Battle Royale or Fortnite. ●PebbleHosting https://pebblehost.com Promocode: DIAMONDRUSH ►LastMinerStanding https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lastminerstanding-battle-royale-lastmanstanding-crackshot-support.48445/ ✔Join TheSquad Discord https://discord.gg/deTX84k -Thanks for the Help -Jaimy's Twitter https://twitter.com/JaimyBuilds ●Channel & Twitter -http://www.youtube.com/c/DiamondRushXD [email protected] I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen.
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Text Comments (37)
Herobrine 1130 (15 hours ago)
name resoulpack pls
Achter buurt (25 days ago)
i just fall straight to the ground when the game starts.. also no elytra in my inventory when i enable
expensive shit
Bi Channel (4 months ago)
update video mới pls :d easy watch
SBexplorer (4 months ago)
Cool plugin! Although.. all fornite plugins are missing 1 main thing... BUILD/BREAK
BattleDash (5 months ago)
When I join the game I dont get a parachute and just fall to my death...
N0 1D (1 month ago)
BattleDash enable parachutes in the config. Make sure you’re not touching a block when you parachute because if you do you fall straight down
VIsokal Live (6 months ago)
Omg skin Roalvi)))
TheGameBeastNL (6 months ago)
Thank you SO much
Bi Channel (6 months ago)
plugin eroor vote 3 start
pop_pop_po (6 months ago)
Isn’t this just UHC
Dương Quốc Hưng (6 months ago)
how to start game
MituJoaca (6 months ago)
lobby and link map pls
SleinEater (6 months ago)
how can i start the game?
CyCode (6 months ago)
You spelled Fortnite wrong in the title c:
DarkFalconRS Official (7 months ago)
Hey! How does Diamond only have 10k subs? (I want that plugin so badly) :P
ImmortalPvP (7 months ago)
map download link please? :)
Gimi 2o canale (7 months ago)
Why when the game starts it just falls and does not glide?
FXO (7 months ago)
I was just in your sky wars game IGN ___DrBeats___
Bowler (7 months ago)
zipzagzoo (7 months ago)
100 subs away from 10k
xOMGItzBurger (7 months ago)
MD_ (7 months ago)
how i can to add guns crackshot ?
BlockmasterJB (5 months ago)
its a plugin, you download it and then enable it in the config
Pils10 (7 months ago)
Very cool plugin
Thomas Heath (7 months ago)
wait they cost money...shame
kultek TV (7 months ago)
Hello, i from Poland. Yours Tutorials are the best Pozdro
Sick Nick (7 months ago)
DiamondRushXD, do Fortnite videos :) + You remember me right? Yo didnt answer me diamondrushxd
Eduardo The bomb (7 months ago)
Blue Potato (7 months ago)
How did you fix that world issue we had while testing
DiamondRushXD (7 months ago)
just follow the steps in video
Prakhar (7 months ago)
We're to get copy?
DiamondRushXD (7 months ago)
thru my discord https://discord.gg/akC6ghK or spigot page https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lastminerstanding-battle-royale-lastmanstanding-crackshot-support.48445/
Cro Gaming (7 months ago)
Bowler (7 months ago)
Bowler (7 months ago)
#Notificationsquad Love your vids Diamond

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