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Dragon Block C: Battle Royal w/EdogBlade & BlastyChu

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HEY GUYS sorry i didn't upload anything but i had to do ALOT of things and besides I ALSO GOT A NEW PC or laptop...WHATEVER SAME THING, *ahem* but i will make a update video to explain some things that has happened and whats going to happen, and sense i have a new laptop, great things are going to happen...i hope BUT ANYWAYS i hope you enjoy the video and ill see you in the next video BYEEEE ALL MUSIC DON'T BELONG TO ME, THE BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTFUL OWNERS!!!!! BlastyChu's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEzu_PIGNp5Ei-HWe1vNHDw EdogBlade's "New" Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OL-eR6L_VSt0qUWxdPypQ
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SupremeOrigin (6 months ago)
I wasn't invited
RedstoneGamer (9 months ago)
Wow am I famous now XD
Crazykiddgamer (9 months ago)
r u sure about that

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