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So.... Now What?

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Thanks for sticking around for me. (sorry for the red lips lol) Follow the Links (if you want to) http://www.twitter.com/SSundee http://instagram.com/ssundeeyt http://www.facebook.com/pages/SSundee/200010033358843
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Text Comments (203410)
Dragongodslayer REAL (5 hours ago)
Is he wearing lipstick?
HKBeast (7 hours ago)
anime dragon64 (1 day ago)
Myyyyyyy dude !
FortniteGod (1 day ago)
Ur hairLine
Jacko Playz (2 days ago)
Yo head is bootiful
What I want is to see you and Maddie together talking with us 😭
unstalled gaming (2 days ago)
Ryan Huang (2 days ago)
Nicolas Roy (2 days ago)
DO ARK please
God (2 days ago)
Holy shit an idubbbz forehead competition
It’s ok you look great
Scott Harrison (4 days ago)
I don’t believe in god but I’m glad ur back
PizzaCat (4 days ago)
i love prison break
ThyTheGamer 424 (4 days ago)
MINECRADT PLEASE no roblox please its killing me
Rawr On (4 days ago)
bring back skyrealms pls
bhg ortega (4 days ago)
you have uploaded 47 videos since the incident
Naazir Lewis (5 days ago)
Where is his hair line
Vicious Speedbumb (5 days ago)
Ssundee u gave ur life to jesus you are my new favorite youtuber I want more details I am so glad the lord changed your life
colton butts (5 days ago)
Crainer and Ssundee
A G A S 2 (5 days ago)
It’s awkward when you do not believe in god, and there is all these comments about god. (No offence to anyone believe what you want to believe)
crazy music (6 days ago)
Play doki doki pleass
yup.mia22 (6 days ago)
Mikki Ward (6 days ago)
Pokémon go plzzzzzz
E X P A N D (6 days ago)
Since when did your forehead became a airport runway?
Ampharite_ (7 days ago)
Does anyone know why they broke up
Wafflez Senpai (7 days ago)
Just curious, maybe this comment has been made but...did you and Maddie get back together. If they didn’t, like how can you tell? It sorta sounds like they are back together and at the same time, nah. So...yeah
Mrmeowkitty (7 days ago)
I am glad he is Christian because I am
Campbell Blundell (8 days ago)
you suck
FocusGrundy (8 days ago)
Titan zero (8 days ago)
I just heard that you got a divorce sorry dude i hope you're doing ok the fans are with you
Alex The pro (8 days ago)
do what you have to do ok☺☺☺
LordsO Floud (8 days ago)
so jesus took the wheel
His forehead is humongous
Death King (9 days ago)
MyLifeEveryday (9 days ago)
*Ssundee: don't have bad genetics don't get old.... This happens O.O*
Hillary Poopyhead (9 days ago)
Omg I’ve watch you since I was 9 IM SHOOK
Hyde Zach (9 days ago)
I... don’t watch you as much as I did, but you were my childhood so it’s good to see you back.
Jürgen Guth (9 days ago)
I'm glad that you figured this out, I was subscribed to you for a long time and even though I grew out of most of your content I'm really glad you're back and well.
SSGSS 4 Goku (9 days ago)
Ssundee I might not be a Christian but u are a good person
FRANZGAMING 13 (10 days ago)
I cried that ur back😭😭😭😭, i missed you
The Music Miester (10 days ago)
I thought he went to the army because they shave their heads there but then he said what really happened
Colrz (10 days ago)
You said you’ve always been religious when you made that vid in Victoria
Shrek The Ogre (10 days ago)
You look like Kanan Jarrus
Melanie Grace (10 days ago)
Yay!! I'm so happy for you and Madeline (sorry I'm late) God is amazing!
SPARK me (10 days ago)
ffs gods plan i wanna fuckin die
Joseph Son (10 days ago)
The Patch Work Hoax (10 days ago)
Really sundee you you change your self because of other people?
RazeFrost (10 days ago)
Congrats SSundee!
David Litwin (10 days ago)
Are you and Madeline still together?
MOAB THE II (11 days ago)
God if he does exist, is a giant tool. He kicked the “devil” out of heaven because he wanted praise for something good that he did! And when he got kicked out, a lot of “angles” followed him down to “hell” Seems legit
L-S-P YT (11 days ago)
Hey, your not hated at least your not ggonesse. Just like Skydidminecraft Leafywashere And frankwasfilthy My 3 favorite YouTube's gone, good thing you are not one of them 😢
gavin .c duk (11 days ago)
Ian olny pays on christan Minecraft ,roblx and fortnite servers
chiefdutchie (11 days ago)
Zino Ben (11 days ago)
we miss you ssundee
Some one (12 days ago)
I need prison break
Rian zZ (12 days ago)
Welcome back ssundee
Unicornpoop Sparklerat (12 days ago)
Umz....howz iz getz notz oldz?
Intisar Illham Masud (13 days ago)
Welcome back <3
Bogepie Plays (13 days ago)
Ssundee, I’m new to your channel, but already you’ve helped me express myself more as a Christian now and have persuaded me to understand the Bible more now too and thank you so much for all that you’ve done and everyone else in the comments I’m not trying to force you to be a Christian either, but I hope we all find our light some day and redeem from our sins. Thank you again Ssundee and I hope you can inspire more people in the future!
alex charlton (13 days ago)
Synth _ (13 days ago)
I have been watching you ever since I was a little kid and I just want to say I’m so great ful you are ok. Me and my sister have been watching your videos for ages and we are so happy your back!!!
Steamed 01 (13 days ago)
He is back
Hector Ramirez (13 days ago)
You should play roblox,skyfactory,and fortnite
Anyone else notice how long the vid is?
AuschwitzYT (14 days ago)
prison break
AuschwitzYT (14 days ago)
you should do factions
Jahn Oruc (14 days ago)
it's been years since I watched ssundee since his blood and bones series and his last two videos came up in my remoned and I almost damn shat my pants ssundee hope you and your wife and kid stay as one big happy family.
Drew Yates (14 days ago)
Minecraft Skywars 5
Miner -SLL (14 days ago)
It's god's choice
FlyawayLemon (15 days ago)
god and jesus are different
IZG productions (15 days ago)
He's bAck and happy and I'm glad to see things are do ing good
witheredfoxygaming (15 days ago)
HufflePuffGurl 77 (15 days ago)
Could I just say You're a great version of my dad! He is terrible but you are the total opposite! Contiue being like that and welcome back!!
DylanTheCrawlr (15 days ago)
thats sad
aliplays 42 (15 days ago)
SSundee looks much happier
DeadXP (15 days ago)
If you look at his nose, it looks flat at the end
Matias Steffensen (15 days ago)
I really want to know how you and Madelyn are doing.
Gray Fox (16 days ago)
Right now when I comment is 6th of June. Where is minecraft?!?!?!?!
Brycenplays Games (16 days ago)
Like if you agree the dislikes have no hearts they should not watch him even if he is going through this give him a break he has been through so much so don’t give him a hard time pls all of us are hoping he comes you people who disliked you have no heart stop hating on the people who have been through so much (and sorry if this is a late comment but don’t dislike pls)
SytationZ Xnes (1 day ago)
Artimidorus you liberal
SytationZ Xnes (1 day ago)
Artimidorus you suck
Artimidorus (1 day ago)
Or, an alternative theory: That would like him to ACTUALLY fix any issues he has instead of "I gave my life to God and he just fixed it all magically, yup.. no way these problems will come back worse than ever after stewing and building while we blindly ignore it all until it explodes."
Brycenplays Games (10 days ago)
SytationZ Xnes (10 days ago)
Brycenplays Games your right the dislikes don’t give a shet about anything they just want content that isn’t what counts on a channel it’s the love put in and about having fun
Dhyan Vipin (16 days ago)
U should do more mod showcases
crazy turtle 737 (16 days ago)
I also say more forest videos, very funny with Mr.chang and Jobless Garret
crazy turtle 737 (16 days ago)
;) good job
karen rodriquez (16 days ago)
So their back to gether
glitter freak (16 days ago)
troll craft with maddie, crainer, you, thea and you all make distracks and troll each other
Orneb (17 days ago)
Make sure to take responsibility for you life and you marriage. It is not the responsibility of a giant floating spaghetti monster to solve your problems. Congrats, but stay responsible. The whole "giving myself up to god" thing is just a way to take any responsibility you have and get rid of it.
Crazy Gamerz (17 days ago)
Prison break
Mr. wasabi (17 days ago)
dude sundee i like the hairstyle no lie
Amir Zaripov (17 days ago)
Oh my god
Karabo Muhammad (17 days ago)
Terra tech plz
Dinie Akmal Aminuddin (18 days ago)
Pls make a vid with maddie
Gggg Gv (18 days ago)
How cut your hair 💇
Zachary Mellinger (18 days ago)
Stop playing with your hair, it will fall out again.
Ethan Villarreal (18 days ago)
Are you wearing red lipstick
Tom28Turner (18 days ago)
Jaydon Johnson (18 days ago)
Let’s go SSundee‼️😇
TrezPlayz274 Tg (18 days ago)
You can play a game she love
TrezPlayz274 Tg (18 days ago)
I think you should talk to her and maybe have one video with her having fun
TrezPlayz274 Tg (18 days ago)
Finnaly your back I have missed you in so long
I love Animating (18 days ago)

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