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Pile of Bodies Survival - Ep. 4 - ALL THE TNT! (Minecraft Custom Map)

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Text Comments (12436)
Leo Marra (11 months ago)
I forget why dose ant hate cows So much?
Kaeden Ngai-Natsuhara (1 year ago)
Kinda would have liked it if they used Lewis (bluexephos) original skin
Charles Rogan (1 year ago)
14:01 I think that's bajan Canadian
Unseen Comedy (1 year ago)
Gaming Fox (1 year ago)
9:00 I think it's Kerelis
Puppie Otter Magpie (2 years ago)
oops I ment what
Geometry Dash Zayhen (1 year ago)
Persephone Cook do you not know how to reply to YOUR self
Puppie Otter Magpie (2 years ago)
Divorce (2 years ago)
Luka Vedel (2 years ago)
it is deadlox
Jennifer Weatherspoon (2 years ago)
TeslX (2 years ago)
the steve like head with the 9x9 eyes is Keralis
Retro Electro (2 years ago)
13:53 herobrines
etho is a bomb head
James Yoshii (2 years ago)
8:47 Keralis
Kaz Despres (2 years ago)
Emilia Milani (2 years ago)
Hero brine
Conner Marshmallow (2 years ago)
The red head is Grumm
poopface (2 years ago)
You could have used that lever in Dinnerbone's head in place for the flint and steel
M Rehfeld (1 year ago)
pooplicker420HD 12:30
Joska Ott (2 years ago)
8:48 harry from the jerry and harry utibe channel
Robert Deaton (2 years ago)
Why u hate COWZ !?!?!?!?cows are awesome and they make me happy
é (2 years ago)
Keralis is the one with thebig eye
Pauline Florsch (3 years ago)
But there WAS herobrine in the previous episode but you missed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dakota Strickland (3 years ago)
lol 11:56 "orange sheep spy"
Dakota Strickland (3 years ago)
Lol at 15:29 you can see BlameTC
Alice Cable (3 years ago)
herobrine v2
Dylan Powers (3 years ago)
Inside herobrines face there was an item frame
bartoo566 (3 years ago)
8:45 is keralis
Jacob Santos (3 years ago)
Antvenom make a chest.when you fall your stuff will be gone if you have a chest you can have some spars
NateZgamer (3 years ago)
Ant venom-don't judge me! Me-I'm sorry!
Skezlor (3 years ago)
of course toby had a diamond sword
Nick B (3 years ago)
Dakota Strickland (3 years ago)
Steve is at 8:20
dill_domain (3 years ago)
8:43 Keralis
gil kot (3 years ago)
the one that you said deadlox is really deadlox!!!
Ryan Miller (3 years ago)
The head with the big eyes is keralis
Me like jordan k? (3 years ago)
I believe that the guy with the big eyes is Keralis
KJNine (3 years ago)
for what he said at 6:14 Last episode or a few before i saw herobrines body
Arjunn_ (3 years ago)
Arjunn_ (3 years ago)
Finna Pop A Cap (3 years ago)
9:03 ... thats steve.... .-.
WalkStew (3 years ago)
Iggy Glassman (3 years ago)
Wolf Stalker (3 years ago)
8:45 I'm pretty sure that's The Greek Games
Ultimega Dragonis (3 years ago)
13:49 HEROBEAN!!!
Magma LordZzZ (3 years ago)
13:51 is herobrine
Benjamin Pipitone (3 years ago)
8:45 is keralis
Zeleros71324 (3 years ago)
2:15 i think it's slowpoke101 one of the ftb devs
Zeleros71324 (3 years ago)
9:00 I think is direwolf20
Buyer Kfalls (3 years ago)
Herobrine is a Spanish gy
Buyer Kfalls (3 years ago)
It is tobby games
JAM Channel (3 years ago)
Tanya Wells (3 years ago)
Sanico OnlineInc (3 years ago)
Sanico OnlineInc (3 years ago)
The head with thebbulgingbeyes is Keralis
Fade (3 years ago)
If im not mistaken that's Herobrine by ExplodingTNT's head and Herobrine should have Redstone torches in his head 
whale is life (3 years ago)
This is deadlox
JDCR no.1 (3 years ago)
2:26 right side tobusucus
VorpalWarrior (3 years ago)
I seen Huskymudkip somewhere in there, you should try and find him next
VorpalWarrior (3 years ago)
i didnt see but, thnx anyways
Hayden Gardner (3 years ago)
He was done in the first episode
Alex Honeycutt (3 years ago)
9:08 subzero...
Kitten man Perskin (3 years ago)
Steve & herobrines head
BryanAdonis Gonzalez (3 years ago)
the gut that that had a hat with a blue shirt was has a brother and there youtube account is itjerryandharry
The Sanik (3 years ago)
︻╦╤─ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Pew pew)
Flower (3 years ago)
We know what goes in your head cause you shower us
manic gamerboy (3 years ago)
Brenden523 (3 years ago)
Antvenom at 8:45 that is Keralis
Ben Roudebush (3 years ago)
I was just about to comment on that. Thank you.
Laini H-T (3 years ago)
He did see herobrine
hannah explorer (3 years ago)
The ins in the blue wad herobrian
Arjun Chetan Goré (3 years ago)
13:45 that is HEROBRINE
Arjun Chetan Goré (3 years ago)
19:47 this is steve's head at first I thought it was herobrine.
Cravatte (3 years ago)
19:47 doesn't exist in this video
nightofthecastle (3 years ago)
8:44 was Keralis
Jaylene Medina (3 years ago)
At 10:32 he found grumm on of the min ecraft helpers
xd OverClient (3 years ago)
At 9:15 that head is noahcraft
Tobias B. L. (3 years ago)
no its steve noah has a headset and white eyes like herobrine
Brandon Pressgrove (3 years ago)
It looks like louis is very BRIGHT
Cravatte (3 years ago)
Yeah, Lewis always has a freak about not having torches…
herobrine is the one with no eyes....
keralis and one of the steves is adamzonetopmarks
Brendan O'Neill (3 years ago)
rate eightx (3 years ago)
Brook Hakanson (3 years ago)
When there is nothing inside of there head that means there stupid
GameCheats12345 (4 years ago)
Also 9:00 is steve
GameCheats12345 (4 years ago)
Herobrine is in the map nearby notch
jotechdoeshacks (4 years ago)
Thr dude with the super big eyes that you Saïd youre seen a lot of times is Keralis
MCCrusher (4 years ago)
I thik herobrine
8bit_Elephant (4 years ago)
You missed Herobrine!! You thought it was plain old Steve! IT HAD WHITE EYES!! DID YOU EVEN SEE?
Sherri Lim (4 years ago)
He does't even know what does herobrine looks like
Ryo Yoake (4 years ago)
16:09 noahcraftftw
Dakota Strickland (3 years ago)
oh yeah
Ryo Yoake (4 years ago)
16:09 noahcraftftw
David Cranney (4 years ago)
is the map two player?
Infamous (4 years ago)
15.50 that guy with the pk shirt is a german youtuber called gronkh
Fresh_doggo (4 years ago)
Kibop (4 years ago)
2:16 slowpoke101
Anthony Villa (4 years ago)
13:51 its herobrine
Cougswiin (4 years ago)
vin, breathe! (4 years ago)
its freaking obvious. Tobys got a DIAMOND SWORD and maybe some music discs or something :P
vin, breathe! (4 years ago)
i knew eeeeet!
Rena (4 years ago)
Srry antvenom im not sure.SOS
Bugsaresocool (4 years ago)
Where'd the lava come from
Big Woody (4 years ago)
do you like my sword sword, sword my diamond sword sword, you cannot afford-ford ford my diamond sword sword, even if you could could, I have a patent! no one else can make a sword exactly in this manner manner welcome to my manor manor I ca-ca-ca canna canna swing swing swing my sword when ever I get bored bored, I can swing my sword sword! I can swing my sword sword!!!!
Anjalina Patel (4 years ago)
Do the sheers u use NEVER run out??
Andrew Lin (4 years ago)
why is it that when antvenom puts his mouse over the armor that i will show what durability it has left? 
14:01 deadlox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
TheGoldenMinecart (4 years ago)
Lol AntVenom: who is this he looks like a straight up Steve skin except tell me who this you know what don't tell me unless I've dug into that face Me: that's herobrine
TheGoldenMinecart (4 years ago)
After Louis is Steve
Dibz Johnson (4 years ago)
you passed herobrine before and called him a steve character.
Jacey Peake (4 years ago)

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