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JEN'S CLOTHES! https://www.shopgamingwithjen.com/ We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content! Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos/ OUR BOOK! http://bit.ly/AHoleNewWorld Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Download Tech Guns Mod http://popularmmos.com/techguns/ RULES - 5 Rounds - If You Die To Anything You Lose - Parachute Down - You May Gather Any Blocks To Build A Fort In this Toy Story Living Room Fortnite Battle Royale Modded Mini-Game: We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft! We parachute down gather guns and fight! We have epic guns to make it way cooler than normal Fortnite! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (12318)
izzan1203 (16 minutes ago)
You said kitchen
FaZe Tfue (19 minutes ago)
Michele Ross (20 minutes ago)
When I woch your videos I am very excited about it
Raheem Joseph (22 minutes ago)
They are liars I saw this on ninja
Mark 999 (30 minutes ago)
You said kitchen
Corbin Cannon (1 hour ago)
Rush means wile they are building a fort you kill them
Kitty Kat (1 hour ago)
U did say kitchen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rebekah Groen (1 hour ago)
I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!÷
Avery Faul (1 hour ago)
Can I be in a video? Ď
RICHY 247 (1 hour ago)
Than fortnite Minecraft
RICHY 247 (1 hour ago)
Fortnite is better
ethan jaskulski (1 hour ago)
He said kitchen 😝
Krista Robins (1 hour ago)
Rent up⏫👍👆👍👆🆙🔼⏫ day Dow so much sedge few 🐶 DG rystt
Krista Robins (1 hour ago)
Uh Vexrdadafaextgwfrrrd decks dig DNR frr
flopping fish242 (1 hour ago)
yes he did
Alvin Ramali (1 hour ago)
Infiltrator = Semi Auto sniper rifle lol
epic gamer fam (1 hour ago)
I think jen knows ninja
epic gamer fam (1 hour ago)
play island royale in roblox its just like fortnite
Kylee Rivas (1 hour ago)
sadilley227 (2 hours ago)
I----I------(0 (------- gun from fort night I
PixlatedGamer (2 hours ago)
oh how the mighty have fallen
Kaylee Conner (2 hours ago)
Lol he said kitchen
The any Gamer (2 hours ago)
leona sparkles (3 hours ago)
I'm a fan
Frankie McGill (4 hours ago)
I have my money on jen
NotAfrog Gaming (4 hours ago)
Pat the reason u like it better is because u r so bad at Fortnite (sorry)
Bao Dang (14 seconds ago)
SuppyGang 2000 (4 hours ago)
each like mini become 1 year older
SuppyGang 2000 (4 hours ago)
Logan Munns (4 hours ago)
junee.m.m (4 hours ago)
8:54 jen: i do have something...... A CHAINSAW!! omg im dying
Music Is (4 hours ago)
Hi pat and Jen thanks for making this amazing videos
Nick Desiata (4 hours ago)
0:15 Pat: This is the kitchen level! *few seconds later* Jen: Why is there a shower in the kitchen??? Pat: this is a bathroom... Jen: I thought you said it was a kitchen? Pat: did I say it was a kitchen?? Me: yeah kinda
Zamasu (4 hours ago)
Stephanie Cobos (5 hours ago)
pat there's a giant skeleton in front of you in17mins 51secs
YuanQing Dong (5 hours ago)
Play real fortnite
Jam BLAM (5 hours ago)
Jen is a complete SAVAGE at 14:35
Game Mind (5 hours ago)
Fortnite is way better
PvP Hadden (5 hours ago)
Sorry but fortnite has shopping carts and golf carts what about certain other mods to make that possible
Javier Ramos (5 hours ago)
Pat is the WINNER
Noah Ökvist (5 hours ago)
You make me happy when I am sad
worm king 1 (5 hours ago)
Yep he said kitchen
Matt B (5 hours ago)
Bring back the real fortnite
Eli Peabody (5 hours ago)
Who replays the intro over and over
Jasmine Lopez (6 hours ago)
No jen more pat is best es
Matt B (6 hours ago)
Jake Bourhill (6 hours ago)
why you no like fortnite
Xavii MAncero MosquerA (6 hours ago)
Why don't you use lucky blocks instead of chests? I think I'd be better
william Burgan (6 hours ago)
hello pat and jen i watch all of yalls videos and im a big fan
The Fighter 4543 (6 hours ago)
You guys have to play fortnite
Scott Mohammed (6 hours ago)
You guys have the best YouTuber that I ever knew
futsum tesfaselassie (6 hours ago)
Guess the song 14:06
futsum tesfaselassie (6 hours ago)
futsum tesfaselassie (6 hours ago)
Cristina Juarez (6 hours ago)
Pat you should play Fortnite season 5
karlisle rooza (6 hours ago)
Im a big fan
DJ Bryan (6 hours ago)
Why don't you just play normal fortnite maybe you won't be as cringy as u where when u played roblox
Khalida Hanosh (6 hours ago)
I haven't watched u in 384937472837m years
Dawn Reichhart (6 hours ago)
7am I don't get a like 👍 2pm me:please give me a like
XD no nane XD (6 hours ago)
I ❤ ur vids
Ron Adams (6 hours ago)
And kj mills shut up im a kid
Ron Adams (6 hours ago)
Wait.......:O this vid gave me an idea me and my cousin can build forts in minecraft then get weapons and materials and beds so we can spawnpoint then battle
CoolGaming 123 (7 hours ago)
Do u know da wae
Andrew Wagner (7 hours ago)
Play some actual fortnite
Mariano Juy (4 hours ago)
Andrew Wagner they do
Savage Roblox (7 hours ago)
krishna padua (7 hours ago)
Best vid ever....
William Langmeyer (7 hours ago)
Lol pat did say kitchen 0:18
EthanFlameKiller (7 hours ago)
Can you make more more popular I love youuuuu
Hayden Price (7 hours ago)
play real fortnite
jorge l. irizarry (7 hours ago)
can u make a baldi's basic's in Minecraft
jorge l. irizarry (7 hours ago)
can u make a baldi's bas
Tangy Toucan (8 hours ago)
Come on your better than this... dont include fortnite in your title just call it minecraft hunger games of something
bobox___x gaming 467 (8 hours ago)
Mày ngu vãi lồn mày chơi ngu qua chơi ngu như chó 🐶 nghĩ chơi đê
Joshua Carlisle (8 hours ago)
Use the battle Royale mod by mrcrayfish And the gun mod made by him too
Galactic_Cat (8 hours ago)
Hi person scrolling through the comments.
Galactic_Cat (8 hours ago)
Pat and Jen where's crafting dead? #craftingdead. Like if u agree. HAVEAGOODDAY
gamerlover 99 (8 hours ago)
play this on f5 mode it will be more interesting
The Gaming Panda (8 hours ago)
great vid xoxo
You said kitchen lol
why there AUG
Landon Goulet (9 hours ago)
Landon Goulet (9 hours ago)
Your you tube is being hacked real watch chad wild clays vids
gamerlover 99 (8 hours ago)
i actually do lol
Battleground Gamer (9 hours ago)
Aug in fonite
gaming with james (9 hours ago)
Colabe with crainer and thea fortnight
gamerlover 99 (8 hours ago)
crainer and thea will win so bad but good idea
Battleground Gamer (9 hours ago)
The AUG in the thumbnail is not in Fortnite!
Elena Kalashnikov (9 hours ago)
can u do non minecraft fortnite plz
Louiecoolgame Entity (9 hours ago)
Jen was so good in the past but now shes not
AK Roberto (10 hours ago)
Anais La Bega (10 hours ago)
rachel ng (10 hours ago)
kohl Donovan. (10 hours ago)
Did anyone hear pat say kitchen level at 0:15
minecraft masters (10 hours ago)
Play call of duty black ops 1 please
C-dub King (10 hours ago)
You should make launch pads
Diego Rivera (10 hours ago)
Pleas play fotnait
minecraft masters (10 hours ago)
um in sorry for correcting u but its fortnite
Emma Dancer Vlogs (10 hours ago)
Oml I hav been watching yous since I diddent have a yt channel and that was when yous had like 2 thousand your skins and intro haven’t changed which is just memories. Can’t believe yous have 14mil!
SpeeDude 016 (10 hours ago)
They added a playground mode in Fortnite where you can play just the two of you (or with Crainer and Thea of course). I think you guys would enjoy it.
Weird Pumkin man (11 hours ago)
Welcome to fortnite roblox minecraft fortblox fortcraft minenite bathroom battle royale
Dee Hicks (11 hours ago)
Jen is the boss pat behind
Nihad Hodzic (11 hours ago)
Pat you sed kicen
Kawaii Cake :3 101 (11 hours ago)
What about u call dis series Fortcraft? (I love ur content)
SuperCoolGamer (11 hours ago)
Epic games will sue this series XD
Angus Reiss (11 hours ago)
YOU are not a lot more about this email
Lucas Millrood (11 hours ago)
Jen, he did say “kitchen” 0:14

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