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Nuke Loop vs Minecraft Impossible Stairs Boat Ride

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Rival Rebels mod. MC Escher Waterpark Penrose Slide Wack Tsar Bomba. ►Previous Wack Nuke: https://youtu.be/kbyFc1HJeuY ►All Wack Nuke Videos: https://goo.gl/wkb4IU Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft https://rivalrebels.com/ (Rodol Phito's mod official) \\ Subscribe to RR to stay informed // For Help, tutorials, wiki, and mod discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/comment/ For Rival Rebels Servers IP go: https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html For Rival Rebels Game project : https://rivalrebels.com/ Minecraft is a game made by Mojang and is available here: http://minecraft.net/ To get Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ To get world Edit mod: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit/files/2219060 Rival Rebels Mod additions to the game: Rhodes 3 Robot, Force Fields, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma, Tesla, Rocket, Rod Disk, LTD-RR Laser, B-2 Spirit Stealth, Army Shovel, Omega, Sigma, Smart Camo, Steel Block, Quick Sand, Reactor, Loader, Team Objectives, Team Classes, Rebel and Intel. For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2, 1.5.1, 1.4.7 & 1.4.6. Minecraft funny video Series and Adventures featuring Rodol Phito (me, the mod creator), Roda (my sister) and the RR team (my friends) fighting all types of mobs and having fun. Please give me feedback and ideas so we keep making more episodes! ~Rodol
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Text Comments (41)
SSimon909 (9 months ago)
how do u summon the bout nukes
So I put that in a command block?
Robert Roath (6 months ago)
Rodol Phito wack nuck
Encarni Chica (9 months ago)
Rodol Phito d
SSimon909 (9 months ago)
thanks 4 telling me and pining my comment
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
/summon rivalrebels.rivalrebelsentity44 ~ ~2 ~ {Riding:{id:Boat}}
Thunwa Apinuntavath (4 months ago)
RIP Minecraft
Daniel Lim (8 months ago)
Ghost112 (8 months ago)
For some reason, I cannot join any of the servers for Rival Rebels. For some reason, it says "Cannot Connect to Server" But for other servers, such as ones all the way in Europe even (I am in Canada) it allows me to join. Please help..
Ghost112 (8 months ago)
Rodol Phito (8 months ago)
Server was down because of an outage in my area, now it is back :)
Micha Grill (9 months ago)
The updated mod doesn't have any sound for me :-(
Micha Grill (9 months ago)
Rodol Phito 20K subs!!! 😀
Micha Grill (9 months ago)
Rodol Phito Thanks It's working now :D but how do I change the bomber type? Do I have to change it in the mod file itself ore is it an ingame config with command or something like that?
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
Yeah, I'm fixing it. Thanks for the report, remember to re-download on Friday
Micha Grill (9 months ago)
Rodol Phito You can try it for yourself by downloading it from your website :-) And yes im sure my speakers was on XD All the sounds from the other mods worked
Micha Grill (9 months ago)
Rodol Phito Yes. Only the re-used vanilla sounds are working D: And thats not many XD
Encarni Chica (9 months ago)
ana Robles (9 months ago)
Cuando añadiras mas cosas?
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
El jueves
iZ DanK b (9 months ago)
Will the rival rebels game be on Ps4/Xbox one?
iZ DanK b (9 months ago)
Thanks :)
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
Yeah, but not on the first release. Here is my dev channel where I answer lots of questions https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame
Duck DK (9 months ago)
dude why the robots destoying the flor when its going i hate it it is not fun kan you pls fix it pls pls pls
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
Nothing to fix, use the command. To turn off block breaking use: /rrrobot rekt off. Read the tutorial before complaining https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/tutorials/mod-weapons/rhodes-boss-robot/
Ramondo Blue (9 months ago)
You should make a separate mod called mutant rebels or add it on to this mod where you get superpowers like the guns and have a skill tree for example ein sten class laser blast level ability energy cost 5.0 laser beam plasma manipulation class plasma shield plasma burst Tesla stactic shock discharge fire manuplation class fire stream flame burst please reply please
Ramondo Blue (9 months ago)
That's a little sad it won't be in Minecraft but I guess I'll have to settle for roval rebels which is still good 😂
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
Well, I'm developing something similar for the RR DMD game, the cool thing is that I don't have to deal with all MC limitations :) https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame
BallisticTurtle2 (9 months ago)
A bit early, but because you are soooooo close! 20k strong!
Rodol Phito (9 months ago)
Yay! thanks :D
Chris Chen (9 months ago)
hello my name is roni and am one of your fans can you sub to me that will be vary nice of you bye bye
Toby Alain (9 months ago)
Holy omg so cool Great vid *thumb*
Misc. Titancon (9 months ago)
That look so fun and I hope it passed the safety inspection.
voncrongaming (9 months ago)
rodol phito's wack nuke 1 bllion nuke pc lagger
Greenwolf Vlogs (9 months ago)
4th comment notifi squad love you rodol and rodophita u are my fav youtubers
Jude Gaming/vlogs (9 months ago)
Cool video Rodol Phito
Deven Higgins (9 months ago)
Wow thats cool
Deven Higgins (9 months ago)
Nice im on in time :)

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