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Minecraft 1.8 Overview - all CHANGES and ADDITIONS!

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Today the Minecraft 1.8 release was published, and for all of you who couldn't keep track on what was added, I have this short video that should get you up to date. ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Minecraft Server: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (39)
milocow44 (2 years ago)
Bunnies, endermites, and debug world type?
Māra Skuja (3 years ago)
You missed the new enchantment (Depht Sider)
Vrail Nightviper (3 years ago)
Yaaaay, finally! I couldn't wait for 1.8! (Now if only I can get a working computer...) xD
Patrik Molnár (3 years ago)
good job on 8K subs! :D I was the 7,999th :P
MegaGEN50 (3 years ago)
Changelog for 1.8.1 -Removed Herobrine
PeridotGemYTP (3 years ago)
herobrine has not been added silly
dimitris dionysiou (3 years ago)
dimitris dionysiou (3 years ago)
You little
Suspence1127 (3 years ago)
You forgot the debug mode world option (hold shift while changing world type and it will eventually show up)
SapphFire (3 years ago)
+Markus Persson
SapphFire (3 years ago)
SapphFire (3 years ago)
And how you make the locked chest
SapphFire (3 years ago)
+CrushedPixel thanks
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
I showed the command in the video. You can only do this as OP, for example: /blockdata x y z {Lock:"password"} You have to replace the x, y and z with the coordinates of the container you want to lock (you can get them by hitting autocomplete while looking at the container) and "password" will be replaced by the name someone should name his item to be able to open the container.
SapphFire (3 years ago)
How tou go to example: creeper mode in spectator and con you control it?
Roboman Dood (3 years ago)
crushedpixel: only the farmer type villagers can harvest and plant crops
Craftronix (3 years ago)
1.8 <3 a very very nice change for mapmakers!
SapphFire (3 years ago)
Craftronix Yay
NOPEname (3 years ago)
I wonder how many people really think that Herobrine has been added to the game! ^^
Tim (3 years ago)
+NOPEname | Map Making xD
NOPEname (3 years ago)
+Max Müller warum hast du ihn gefragt? D:
Tim (3 years ago)
+Max Müller oh sry https://plus.google.com/103085617325772037649/posts/U8Vuz873omV
Tim (3 years ago)
WTF +NOPEname | Map Making +Max Müller
NOPEname (3 years ago)
+Max Müller DOCH!
TheTwins (3 years ago)
lets follow him on [email protected]
RedCommand34 (3 years ago)
This would fit perfect in the Minecraft launcher screen, underneath *_Minecraft_* *_News_*   I hope Mojang see this! =)
Durchblick (3 years ago)
You forgot endermites and the new villager functions
dalmation black (3 years ago)
+gamingstorm4000 Unfortunately. Why did people complain about those. D=
PortalStorm4000 (3 years ago)
+HamDerDanskeren That was reverted, remember :(
Durchblick (3 years ago)
+HamDerDanskeren yes you are rigght!
And the faster minecarts!
XxMasterOFGameXx (3 years ago)
you forgot the endermite :P
Feri Nagy (3 years ago)
I'm the only one who can't type @ in 1.8? I'm scared :S My life is all about commands :D
Feri Nagy (3 years ago)
Jeah it's the type of the language of my keyboard it's a common bug :)
Craftronix (3 years ago)
 never used commands, dont know what you mean but i can type @
Agent Wombat (3 years ago)
system_update (3 years ago)
entereloaded (3 years ago)
Lol this is actually the first preview?!! XD

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