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Counter Strike Source Resolution Fixed

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This is for the people who are having problems with the resolution by messing it up so i made a tut to help you fix it but this is on windows vista so other windows will be different. Have fun without the black screen. Regards -X1-Rocket
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Text Comments (36)
GAMER 360 (19 days ago)
Dak-dak (8 months ago)
my nigga
hafus diablo khalifa (1 year ago)
Song ?
Dak-dak (8 months ago)
"Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's
Erickson Aguilar (1 year ago)
thanks for this, i can now play it again
Raouf Gaming (1 year ago)
nik mouk nta
Brahyam Osuna (1 year ago)
gracias me ayudaste sige asi y llegaras muy lejos
technical kabir (2 years ago)
no work loser
swegmanswag (2 years ago)
old youtube
Jv Wafu (2 years ago)
am in windows 7 but where can i find the shortcut
TheRossa21 (2 years ago)
is it possible to add a resolution like 1366-768 . And if it is can some 1 explain how to do it thx.
Youcef Sins (2 years ago)
it work!!!!! thx bro
Jonathan DB (2 years ago)
Works perfectly for Windows 10! Thank you so much man!
Raj vardhan (2 years ago)
I have win10 ...n it show out of range even i tried -w 1024
Amir Arioz (2 years ago)
its works dude ! Thanks
Amir Arioz (2 years ago)
its works dude ! Thanks
sandu dorogan (1 year ago)
Amir Arioz oi blia
Nour Miz (2 years ago)
wow it worked , thank you mate
Barna K (3 years ago)
great thanks
Andrew Lee (5 years ago)
love ya bra
yousef mohamed (5 years ago)
thank you , you saved my life [iminent=8ybtOBgUWfOB]
Adam Dacquisto (6 years ago)
Paul Samia (6 years ago)
tnx men! that really help me. you made my day happy. i was searching videos on how to fix screen resolution and finally i saw your. tnx men!
younggangster100 (7 years ago)
i cant find target can you make a video when you do the steps ?
Superwindowsphone (7 years ago)
Hello I have a problem, whenever I click to play CSS, a box says "Preparing to launch css" and then the Screen goes completely black, and the main menu never shows up. Also, I can't join anyservers in GMOD. They all say "Server is not responding" Any help?
Maki (2 months ago)
No dont
Ishant Gawand (1 year ago)
Superwindowsphone hey there if ur using steam then right click on the game go to properties launch options and type - windowed
yee hung (7 years ago)
wat song is this
AngryChicken (7 years ago)
how to repair the black screen
AngryChicken (7 years ago)
but my screen is black in css
AngryChicken (7 years ago)
but my screen is alll black
Supra (8 years ago)
Re-installing Css if it work i'll subscribe you!
edgardo (8 years ago)
@x1rocket thank you, i've yet to try it. but when i do, i'll get back to you. just reinstall the game and fix it there right? then it should bring back my resolution to normal. as in, if it's 1680x1050, everything should look really small as soon as i type that in, then when i swtich it to 1280x960 in my display settings, it should be normal then?
edgardo (8 years ago)
Hey, man.. hope you can get back to me relatively quickly, but what if i uninstalled the game 'cause it did mess up my monitor's resolution, can i still fix it the same way? the game's gone. my comp used to be on 1280x960, so i had to make it bigger, now it's on some 1680x1240 somethin' i'm not too sure. but yea, if you could help me out with that, thank you.
Frank Huston (8 years ago)
why isnt this working for me?
Rasmus Nuko (8 years ago)
Thanks Dude you maked my weekend :D I can go to lan party Now :D

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