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Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Adventure [165]

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Part 166 - http://youtu.be/6R5SytoEbjs Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this video I go on an ocean adventure in my submarine. ipop - http://youtu.be/wl3_42poy28 Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose Stampy's Shop - http://stampy.spreadshirt.co.uk Email - [email protected]
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Text Comments (45101)
Toti Rasay (1 hour ago)
Aidan McNestry (13 hours ago)
Love you
Trichelle April (1 day ago)
Trig in die watr
Shawn Davis (2 days ago)
i love it too :)
Vix Marz (2 days ago)
How is it moving
jackattack Gaming (2 days ago)
I love this ocean adventure
minecraft gaming (2 days ago)
i lik. Yo video games 💩👹
RowanNTM (2 days ago)
He went through the painting
Keri Sikora (3 days ago)
If glithed
Keri Sikora (3 days ago)
Iv bilt it. I cant move it.i do not now why. I followed the dyrechons u gave me
Little Elijah (3 days ago)
He telports
Doris Howard (3 days ago)
Drake Brewer? (5 days ago)
Who else is here for some memories
Claudio Marines (4 days ago)
Drake Brewer? Me xD
Giancarlo Moreno (5 days ago)
Hit the Target has left the game XD
inshot 2.0 (5 days ago)
Stampylonghead you are the best
L Lawliet (6 days ago)
hi i love your videos because u make me happy when im sad
BrendanBarBar (7 days ago)
did you know that there is a update of fish
natalianegritto (7 days ago)
He said it was autopilot why did he say let’s move it we don’t want be bumping in to everywere
Kt Hudson (7 days ago)
How do your sumbereen
Michelle Elsmore (9 days ago)
Iluve your vidos
Stefanus Agraprana (10 days ago)
Your transportation can move?
Shannon Dows (10 days ago)
Was this mod or real
Sir manterray Studios (10 days ago)
Add me please
(10 days ago)
I Love You Vids I Subbed
this is my 5th time watching this video
Lulu's Unicorn Video's (11 days ago)
I've been watching your videos since the 1st one you made!!! love you stampy *UNICORN*
Stampy: He's got full diamond armour, yup, changed my mind, I'm out of here." Me: *Laughing*
ultimate gaming (12 days ago)
It's So Peacfull Underwater. *Relaxed*
Nicholas Calidonna (13 days ago)
Awesome mr. Stamp cat 😍😍😍😁😀😀
Lucy The Lamp (13 days ago)
“Take over the world!” “Have a nap” Literally my goals everyday
Courtney Jeffery (13 days ago)
I I love you stamped 😍😍😍😍
minikrim (14 days ago)
A'm Rassian you no Rassian you Amerekans mmmm yes ?
Jenny BROWNIEE (15 days ago)
“Nom nom no-W0OAHH” 🖤
Ayvah Nadine (15 days ago)
In the cage you could have used your dirt to stack
Niklas Alexander (15 days ago)
I Love it
THEIDIOTSTV (15 days ago)
cool how that submarine move?
William Yt (15 days ago)
Stamps sucks
Kawaii_Frii (16 days ago)
*Have a nap.*
Fire Master (16 days ago)
Super cool!
Amity Cook (16 days ago)
Stampy you are the best
bonitam799 (17 days ago)
Hey stampy I have made a cake of ur body I don't have any pics
Jennifer Reynolds (17 days ago)
omg hi i love your vids i love your vlogs oh and tell your frinds hi
Charlie AthertonPR2 (17 days ago)
hi fjetv you can do it for you to know if you have any questions please let me know if you have any further information on I hope you have a good day today I will be making a YouTube video love from Charlie Everton PR6 phlx two to you stampy Long Close
domingo sanchez (18 days ago)
Can you do try not to laugh stampy pls ???🙈😂🙈😂😂
The diamond Pro (18 days ago)
How did you get out
Emma Bassett (18 days ago)
Caroline Palmer (18 days ago)
I still love how his is oblivious for 30 seconds in the cage... lol
Two Reliable Guys (20 days ago)
I’ve not been to space on your rocketyouve been to a super flat that u built a endstone terrain on your Edit ship
Ed Gong (20 days ago)
I think when you made the target walk the plank he swam down
Myles Craft (21 days ago)
I love you
Patrice Raymo (21 days ago)
The fire is From hit the trgit
Hey how Does it move or is it command block
Cassie Eckert (22 days ago)
use ur army ok plz an i made a drawing of you eating cake
James Healy (22 days ago)
first minecraft video i ever watched
Cuma Qawi Elliott (23 days ago)
I. Love. You're. Video's
Ismael Martinez (24 days ago)
Mynda Jewell (24 days ago)
Im building a new cruise ship 🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🛥🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤⛴⛴⛴⛴⛴⛴
Teresa Laster (25 days ago)
You should of tuned on player tages
QuestCircuit Girls (25 days ago)
Awesome! I'm new to your channel! It is great!
Nate Hart (25 days ago)
I saw the signs threw the picture the one with the spider in ( hit the targets) “ evil lair” he just crouched in the picture you can see his arm move slightly in there
Gaming Bull (25 days ago)
Add my friend Ashton pleeeease
Sophia Kovach (25 days ago)
Angely Ramirez (26 days ago)
You are a good belder
Blobface King (26 days ago)
Who is hit the target in real life
David Agullo (27 days ago)
Is it just me or the theater lights didt work
CorgiTv :3 (28 days ago)
Desiree Schoreck (28 days ago)
Love it
I miss being younger
Christopher Ard (29 days ago)
Jade Gaming (29 days ago)
Kerem Yilmaz (29 days ago)
I love your video s there so Good
Kerem Yilmaz (29 days ago)
I love your bids stampy
Charles Omgagap (29 days ago)
I miss these good old days ; )
Gods Warrior (30 days ago)
Stamps you are awesome and I love your videos and I’ve been watching you for 3 years and you inspired me to play Minecraft!
Supergamerlexi Roque (30 days ago)
I love this
CatZ Queen (1 month ago)
He should do it when the aquatic update comes to console
Hypergaming (1 month ago)
The memories
Gaming Tiber (1 month ago)
WHAT 49MILLION VIEWS (I’m proud of you I’ve been here since episode 63)
Yaqoob Wajdi (1 month ago)
2018 anyone
RevineYT (1 month ago)
1:27 *IM POPPY*
Kitty Lord A (1 month ago)
Go to mineatlas.com,then type in you lovely world's seed, the you can villages, witch huts & more!
Dylan Wilks (1 month ago)
Who saw him fly I did😒
Pepsi Time (1 month ago)
Dylan Wilks where
Kellan O'Brien (1 month ago)
I love this video
Lucario Verse (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
gaming masterjames (1 month ago)
Stampy should have looted hit the targets desk.
Candace Brazier (1 month ago)
If my son had a channel, he would fight hit the target if he was in a Minecraft world
DAVID OSBORN (1 month ago)
Last part of plan was funny!😂
Bino Dino Gaming (1 month ago)
Tatiana Britz (1 month ago)
When did you make your first Minecraft episode
Ken Foster (1 month ago)
Lol XD
Kill hit the target in this episode
Lionilia Macapanas (1 month ago)
How did you make the submarine move
iDrizzle_ Dounut (1 month ago)
Jonah Kowalchuk (1 month ago)
you are the best youtobr
Roberto Serpieri (1 month ago)
Love it 😘😘
Analyn Lamela (1 month ago)
Did you see when hit the target disappeard Hit the target use a invisiblity potion Look closely in hit The targets throne theres bubbles

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