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Minecraft MODDED Hunger Games EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS MOD! (Rival Rebels)

13369 ratings | 303160 views
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Text Comments (971)
Cael Keenan (9 months ago)
jerome run into ross XD
Zarikiel (1 year ago)
"He must have gotten lucky off spawn." Just came over from Adam's POV, he got nothing. Everyone left spawn and he came back and grabbed a chest that no one touched.
Cool_Boi76 (1 year ago)
The cringe. He looks so 16
Michael Miller (1 year ago)
I bet he never knew he would get a pet rabbit called cookie megatron
Logan Browning (2 years ago)
Jerome thought he was Tarzan
swat 64 (2 years ago)
Here is another boom a nuke
ShinyRaupyDA (2 years ago)
This is 2 years old and still fun to watch...
Zarikiel (1 year ago)
Eeveechuvoli yup
Enzo Time (2 years ago)
boobs go boom
April (2 years ago)
house owner is Ross
The Q14 (2 years ago)
This was before they called him by his real name.
Its squmly (2 years ago)
you should do superhero modded hunger games
KursedGamer (2 years ago)
house-owner =Ross
paradeguy (3 years ago)
MrSinisterSixty (3 years ago)
0:01 oh jerome... Your beautiful nose
Emz11 (3 years ago)
Your impression was racist.
MrSinisterSixty (3 years ago)
joey kubic (3 years ago)
Nice vid Kermit
DieMimik (3 years ago)
Man i loved this map <3
oh damn
SlowGames (3 years ago)
Michael Safara (3 years ago)
Jerome you are good youtuber
Some Cheese (3 years ago)
Aidan Murphy (3 years ago)
shabil khan (3 years ago)
Skydoesminecraft was on this
+shabil khan no dip sherlock
Kswiss Mc (3 years ago)
flans gun mod
Jennifer Shi (3 years ago)
slendersamuel (3 years ago)
jerome you should do the attack on titan modded hunger games
Trey Brownlee (3 years ago)
Do more!!!!!!!!!!!
Griffin Jackson (3 years ago)
Also setoscorcer and kk comics
Griffin Jackson (3 years ago)
House-owner SkydoesMinecraft and caveman films was also playing
Andy Doan (3 years ago)
Anita Berg (3 years ago)
Jerome srry but. #jeromesucks
Cняιѕ (3 years ago)
Cняιѕ (3 years ago)
Like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
JustNik (3 years ago)
Jerome..SO does not look like what I thought...I am done..This is so surprising!!! :/
Lynne Fetterman (4 years ago)
Do the crazy craft mod
fam lespier (4 years ago)
Any one notice the troll face on the glass at 1:10 ?
Dean Palmer (4 years ago)
Super hero modded hunger games
Alexandre Lepine (4 years ago)
More modded hungar games AND BETTY The axe will hopefully win
Kolton Rhodes (4 years ago)
David Navarrete (4 years ago)
Pokemon Mod
Luis Calderon (4 years ago)
ant sky tried to kill u I saw his veiw
Jakub Adam (4 years ago)
publised on my b day thx jerome
Mai Yanf (4 years ago)
Complete Gamer (4 years ago)
Halo mod plzzzz!!!!
Damien Clark (4 years ago)
His a good guy
Kelden Ashton (4 years ago)
the  troll mod
neverland100 (4 years ago)
that is what you call bad fluffy jump of badness
Gilbert (4 years ago)
pixelmon mod pls
Riley W (4 years ago)
JEROME!!!! Grats on 3million subs!!!!!! Been subbed since 10k :D
Tiffany Robertson (4 years ago)
sky said that antvenum can fly
gallo22002 (4 years ago)
love it boy #cantstopwontstop  
bronygamer497 (4 years ago)
bad episode
Cody Staskywicz (4 years ago)
BtK BOP (4 years ago)
Orespawn mod!!
Drake Field (4 years ago)
So thats how jerome died.
Charlie Wheatley (4 years ago)
Your so cool
william vermette (4 years ago)
ASFjerome is good of hungergames
Brian Cruz (4 years ago)
more modes plz
R Y Λ N (4 years ago)
+Brian Cruz LOL
Brian Cruz (4 years ago)
Nvm sorry my stupid brother on my YouTube. I don't even play minecraft
Addie Clark (4 years ago)
wtf r modes??
Mj Dauz (4 years ago)
Bridget Core (4 years ago)
Stop cussing
J (4 years ago)
Then dont watch.
Bridget Core (4 years ago)
Stop cussing
Minecraft101 (4 years ago)
I love your vids but you can't explain anything
TobiasL9 (4 years ago)
Hi dude. I really Wanna see more of our guys hunger games i enjoy for real and Hope you keep making that stuff..
Fire Spartan (4 years ago)
your so funny
Mia Lou (4 years ago)
OMG!! Holy Cow!!
Hannos Laniece (4 years ago)
Them lasers though
Hannos Laniece (4 years ago)
Them lasers though
Dominic Omste (4 years ago)
O my god
Jake Thompson (4 years ago)
I saw Adam
Lyra DeRocher (4 years ago)
ASFJerome R.I.P.M. He Did it For The Vine
Norman Vazquez (4 years ago)
2 I I'm gay 4 u luv u
DeBrosChannel (4 years ago)
Shapeshifters :D
Maggie (4 years ago)
I watched Adams point of view he hardy got any damage when anyone attacked him op chest plate!!!
chucklim3 (4 years ago)
Sam Walsh (4 years ago)
Any still flies
Elijah Gliem (4 years ago)
Jerome adam was some how talking to gizzy and you at the same time i wached adams vid to and sky did chase ant and lose him
No adam was with seto, house owner and kkcomics
Jakiepoolh (4 years ago)
to bad you died from fall damage man thats sucks
gareth jones (4 years ago)
There's a troll face in the glass
Josh Rix (4 years ago)
Do the explosivs + mod
Sterling Z. (4 years ago)
Invite petezahutt to more youtuber events
BADASS THUG (4 years ago)
ur in creative so get something and get revenge with a weapon/weapons
TuTsz REMIX (4 years ago)
Do more of this
Smooth smoke (4 years ago)
Joseph Stalin (4 years ago)
Or just guns :)
Joseph Stalin (4 years ago)
I want to see Hunger Games with Cars and guns :O
Scott FS77 (4 years ago)
Hey Jerome Could You Try The Ancient Warfare Mod With Some Friends And Fight Each other. Plz. TO THE DEATH!! The Bacca Must Win! PS. Invite SSundee.
DerezIT (4 years ago)
Two skydoesminecraft's in the description?
fleetato (4 years ago)
There is two lol! One says Adam and the other SkyDoesMinecraft! That funny
DerezIT (4 years ago)
Maybe he updated it..
DerezIT (4 years ago)
I saw two..
AlwaysPlaying (4 years ago)
No, there's only one.
Gangster_Cat (4 years ago)
Jerome your awesome!!! 😜😝
Matthew Beazley (4 years ago)
this is y i dont really like hunger games, too much depends on luck. u get unlucky, and u have no gear while someone else is loaded
kayla pocius (4 years ago)
Dim Roenbelov (4 years ago)
Aaaaasasins mod
Charlie Kenney (4 years ago)
Charlie Kenney (4 years ago)
Charlie Kenney (4 years ago)
Harry Potter mod
Jeroen1250 (4 years ago)
adam had all the weapens
Chris (4 years ago)
More modded hg!
Sherminator4000 (4 years ago)
prepare for the seto fan rage.
support 1trick (4 years ago)
do the superhero mod
Nathan Reeber (4 years ago)
MORE MODDED EVERYTHING!!   ........please
extra craft
najh98 (4 years ago)
Also, I thought Seto died?

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