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Minecraft Xbox - Enchanted Kingdom - Hunger Games

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Welcome to a round of hunger games on a map called Enchanted Kingdom. The map was built Wee Wee Gaming. I am playing with Ballistic Squid against a group of other friends and youtubers. I hope you enjoy. Ballistic Squid - http://www.youtube.com/user/iBallisticSquid Finnball - http://www.youtube.com/jlollboo Wee Wee Gaming - http://www.youtube.com//WeeWeeGaming Tank Matt - http://www.youtube.com/TankMatt69 JakeOnDaXbox - http://youtu.be/i5uQ0snAyKM Gunshot - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8mXA_sP4sdSvrFsa3D5bQ?feature=watch Ninjaboy - http://www.youtube.com/NINJAB0Y257 Map download - http://www.mediafire.com/download/qefi3awoznjz406/Tave20131216135735.bin Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose My shop - http://stampy.spreadshirt.co.uk Email - [email protected]
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Text Comments (12106)
Roman sixnine (1 day ago)
I remember watching this before this account was created I remember watching this 4 years ago the mermories...
Like Ayse (3 days ago)
2018 anyone
ValorousArcanine (4 days ago)
POTATO Guy (4 days ago)
Whos watching in 2018
Elyssa (5 days ago)
Who else misses when they used to play together. And or when stampy used to even do hunger games? -2018
Sharmila Garbuja Pun (5 days ago)
Did squid sayed a bad word
Midsize Donkey (7 days ago)
The good old days
Everest Equals Mc2 (7 days ago)
I swear Stamps and Squiddy were Careers in this xD. (District 2!!)
Everest Equals Mc2 (7 days ago)
But i'm in District 3 lol
I have proof of dumbie. everyone who disliked this video
Patrick Alcantara (12 days ago)
The creator is my brother
Patrick Alcantara (12 days ago)
Im the rqindeqr
Morgan Hyland (14 days ago)
I'm just here going through memory lane and crying while watching this wishing I could go back
Gamerg tumble3695 (14 days ago)
My PS4 gamer tag is supermilopower
Gamerg tumble3695 (14 days ago)
Do you have a ps4? If so do you want to play my Hunger games map when it's done I will tell you in the comments when I'm ready to play it.
Harry Coombs (16 days ago)
I wish I could play with you.
Kotori Itsuka (16 days ago)
I haven’t watched these in years oml
Jennifer Tran (17 days ago)
Remember when Stampy used to play with Iballisticsquid .
Ha Ha (17 days ago)
The original battle Royale
Gida Cortez (18 days ago)
I miss watching your vids
Matthew Pickens (20 days ago)
Jeez! Squid has evolved sooooo much! Old videos: What’s goin’ on guys? This is squid here... Now: HELLOOO EVERYBODY AND WELCOME BACK TOOOO!!
Hannah Pickinpaugh (22 days ago)
3:37 Everyone’s gonna have full diamond armor now look at them full diamond armor and a diamond sword XD
Rebecca Jelley (23 days ago)
2018 Anyone¿
Brendon At The Disco (23 days ago)
So much nostalgia!! 2018?
Dazo Hazo (24 days ago)
Stamps gets confused with swiftness and slowness and he throws swiftness at the bad guy and slowness at him self
Harold Frantom (25 days ago)
Hi stampy I’m in the doctors and I am haveing bad things happening to me
Matthew Jewitt (26 days ago)
2018 anyone love these 2
Brittany Winchell (26 days ago)
Actually you have 9 lives because well people say cats have 9 lives
Shakeel Jan (28 days ago)
Love your conversations😂😂
Fabian Sew (29 days ago)
Squid splashed a weakness potion on stampy that’s why he won!
Aggie Mun (29 days ago)
This is basically fortnite
layton Oleary (29 days ago)
10:41 should be bleebed out squid said a bad word
Ethan Sanders (16 days ago)
No, it shouldn't. He said bloodshed.
Dj j Bates (29 days ago)
Stamps I’m a YouTuber to
Julia Millions (30 days ago)
I troll my sister by naming Instant Harming potions Grape Juice and telling her it's a mod
Alex HD gaming (1 month ago)
Samantha Toll (1 month ago)
Did anyone hear squid say s word?
Ethan Sanders (16 days ago)
No. He said bloodshed.
Jack Hobbs (1 month ago)
Savannah Holstein (1 month ago)
Open a chest and press l1
stampy i want to play with you in minecraft
Denise Siplin (1 month ago)
Stampy I think u dont have to worry u could win a fight even with a wooden sword
Amy Woods (1 month ago)
Zaina Mustafa (1 month ago)
Now that's what you call luck
DG Dragon (1 month ago)
Stampe you miss a chest
Markus Ip (1 month ago)
The old days :( Gives me nostalgia
Julianna Peterson (1 month ago)
Hi ya stampy do a Q&A IF U ARE how old are u how did u meet squid and can I be in your love garden
Julianna Peterson (1 month ago)
DarkChocoSpy (1 month ago)
Julianna Peterson If you ask to be in the love garden, he won't add you...
Kemily Play (1 month ago)
um beijo
Aracely Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Im watching in 2018
Motherofcurlz (1 month ago)
At 6:40 pause the video FAST! He has thegaminglemon his friend is the gaminglemon
DarkChocoSpy (1 month ago)
yeah because the gaminglemon used to be a mc youtuber but not anymore, he would play with stampy and was in a few videos with him
Fur Planet (1 month ago)
Aaa remembering sitting, eating my soup and watching this makes me so nostalgic
Thesmithfamily (1 month ago)
I came back from 2 years ago and you have inspired me to do YouTube keep doing what you do btw my account isn’t this this is my family acc
Dave Flores (1 month ago)
:-) :-) good diamond armour and sword lucky squid
blizzard wolf (1 month ago)
Sammy Perez/awesome (1 month ago)
You herd someone say what the h***
blake byrne (1 month ago)
Marilyn Manderson (1 month ago)
I saw you at minecon
Tina Alexander (1 month ago)
emesh playz (1 month ago)
Who else watching in 2018
auphieako (1 month ago)
I'm making myself nostalgic today I miss these stampy and squid videos
Gamer Bear Lewis (1 month ago)
i ment you
Gamer Bear Lewis (1 month ago)
are we allowed to talk to other people in your group
daily marshmelow (1 month ago)
Stampy you missed a chest under the bridge
Mya Milroy (1 month ago)
I bet the person filling the chest only meant to put in one
joseph diaz (2 months ago)
You suck i will not watch in the year of 2018
Thomas Hankinson (2 months ago)
me hahahahahhahahhahah
Thomas Hankinson (2 months ago)
you this little pigg went host pod this little pig went to cake
Happy Unicorn (2 months ago)
I love your hunger games Vidios you are the best
Super-duper Dad (2 months ago)
You missed a chest under a bridge
iIcey Plays (2 months ago)
Omg 64 diamonds
Gavin Chappel (2 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Epic 007 (14 hours ago)
Gavin Chappel look back at vid
Freya Moore (1 day ago)
Gavin Chappel yep
Salahudin Sumantri (2 months ago)
8( this is sad they will never ever going back togetheragain
quame_awesome32154 (2 months ago)
Who's watching this at 2059
Eva Yip (2 months ago)
Wait...... did ballistic said bloodsh*t???? Or did I misheard it uhhh
DarkChocoSpy (1 month ago)
he said bloodshed
Eva Yip (2 months ago)
shambhu shrestha (2 months ago)
Stampy I know you are good enough for the fighting in a team. 🏆😁
Kawii Derp (2 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2018?
Kawii Derp (2 months ago)
Did you see how “high” I am
Andraya Shipman (2 months ago)
HA HA HA! Full Diamond armor
CrazyHorsey 101 (2 months ago)
I haven't watched you in years or BallisticSquid so that I was confused by his voice. I FORGOT WHO HE WAS! I'm so sorry! Keep making videos!
George SHEN (2 months ago)
2018, 4 years have gone so fast
rakhi tandon (2 months ago)
You had way too many bows
MsRoJo88 (2 months ago)
who's watching this in 2018
Bryce Goodrich (2 months ago)
I've been here since 1 million subscribers
Kirk Sanford (2 months ago)
Good job stampy
Ezra Kaopuiki (2 months ago)
great vid
Amazing Girl (2 months ago)
This is just Memories Beautiful memories
WarriorWolfz787 XD (2 months ago)
Haha... still watching
Meme Vault (2 months ago)
I watch this too often tf
Yo7boy Gaming304 (2 months ago)
Helen Moore (2 months ago)
Nanananan ant you killin me rip stampy
Caryn Smith (2 months ago)
They ain't never had the diamond armor the creepers say hurray cause we got diamonds ya we got diamonds ya we got diamonds
Landypandy08 (2 months ago)
Did squid say what the hell
Super MARIO Alfie (2 months ago)
10:41 squid said bloods**t
DarkChocoSpy (1 month ago)
he said bloodshed
Vaughn Macklin (2 months ago)
How Did U Fell When Squid Found 64 Dimonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a&s x (2 months ago)
2018 Will never get bored
Bryan Jessen (2 months ago)
I bet people thought you guys cheated! But the cat and squid would never:)
Robert XDunkNOWn (2 months ago)
2018?? Anyone? Im alone
Blueflareboy Gaming (2 months ago)
Squid swear
Forrest Allen (2 months ago)
I miss these vids
Arjun Korpal (2 months ago)
Back in the day man I’d watch these two and it was great now going down memory lane just got me slightly emotional!

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