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Using *ONLY* PISTOLS To WIN Fortnite: Battle Royale! (Challenge)

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Welcome to the pistol only challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (3584)
Harry Power (3 hours ago)
U r so nice but funny when you said not trying to be rude 😆😆😆
Emma Smales (8 hours ago)
Was a There crossbow
PUG Z (12 hours ago)
no shield challenge
YouNoMeBro (13 hours ago)
R.I.P gold scar and not too chug jug Edit:Chug JugS
Flawless Productions (14 hours ago)
Do the only epic items and weapons in fortnite
Troblox (16 hours ago)
"I havent used the bush for five years"
Soma soma (17 hours ago)
I love how u put 600 ammo in the silenced pistol and 60 ammo on the green pistol in the thumbnail
TalentedWolfie (20 hours ago)
Shoaib Butt (1 day ago)
You are a noob but I have to say you got some pretty good aim
Panda Gaming (1 day ago)
Isaiah Barber (1 day ago)
I've been watching you since 3 million subscribers and I'm watching this video at 5.1 million subscribers
Isaiah Barber (1 day ago)
LOL Awesome CKing30 same
I only have one vid on my channel
The spiky Goat (1 day ago)
It's not a port-a-base, it's a port-a-fort!
Elizabeth zavala (1 day ago)
Did anyone see the meteor
Mr.Monkey Time 21 (1 day ago)
Why did you leave minecraft
Truman Goodwin (1 day ago)
Fake reactions it’s possible it’s not even him playing watch the start he lifts up both hands and while gliding and instead of the glider going straight down it continued to go straight
_ _ (1 day ago)
**surpressed pistol only challenge**
Johannes Pettersen (1 day ago)
Solo v squad no kills challenge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TheReRexTev TheGodest (2 days ago)
Ur face make me cringe
iiomqfutball (2 days ago)
pretty sure you was tryna steal his kill coz you didnt even know where he was then the other guy started shooting at him and you shot at him aswell tryna get the kill
Thecuber Fox (2 days ago)
The girl that he killed and said was really bad that was me
Rayan chatar (2 days ago)
Anybody realise he has 999 mats everything
Stuart Fox (2 days ago)
Do the kill noob only challenge!!!
kade Michel maguire (2 days ago)
Only using a picaxe challenge
Niall Stewart (2 days ago)
Just asking: was the Crossbow removed?? I can’t rly find it anymore
shaun Graham (2 days ago)
The magicman (3 days ago)
Because of this video I subscribed and shared 😄
Nathan Bryant (3 days ago)
Was he beating his meat in the beginning
Jacob Lopez (3 days ago)
Love the videos so much man
What tipe oficial colorblind you use?
Stell Gamers (3 days ago)
Can you do the no healing challenge 😀😀😉
Xx-gemini-xX 123 (4 days ago)
If you shoot someone from the top with a silenced pistol the damage indicators are more disorienting
Edan Russell (4 days ago)
I subed and turned on notifications
Lyle Corderoy (4 days ago)
You should do a video where you don’t use any things to heal you!
SEQUOA CALLAWAY (4 days ago)
I never noticed how many pistols there were in the game.
IDOSHIT !!! (4 days ago)
Did he have a fuckin orgasm
I was in the video and you called me bad player
Order66 OP (4 days ago)
Do pistols only rainbow gun challenge
Tristan Shih (4 days ago)
You can’t use a bush for five years because fortnite didn’t even came out five years ago but your very lucky with jug jugs
Alexandra Newman (4 days ago)
ha ha ha ha ha
lordofdoges101doge (4 days ago)
"and he's gotta port a base xdddddddd
Dantes Inferno (4 days ago)
would machine pistol count
george adams (4 days ago)
His kills go down
Marcello Loza (4 days ago)
all snipers!!
jo keneta (4 days ago)
He never stole your kill you tried to steal his kill and failed
Tony Aquino (4 days ago)
I love that his mouth is open thats what i do when i play
Victor Valverde (4 days ago)
Take a look on your resources
Arc160 (4 days ago)
Nut busted with that degle shot
Lisa Boles (4 days ago)
can you please do only pickaxe
adair bojorquez (4 days ago)
did you just cum
Ashraf Rafael (4 days ago)
You miss a digel
YT Peach (4 days ago)
Full mats lmao
embird7273 (4 days ago)
Do you play with my friend
Arend de Lignie (4 days ago)
my biggest nightmare
MassaGamerTV (4 days ago)
Cool challenge
YT Princemoon (4 days ago)
U acctully did it i tried this challenge it was easy i got victory royale
Timmy O (5 days ago)
Gabe Culwell (5 days ago)
Wtf is that ad??
Mohamed Moe (5 days ago)
I did this challenge an PC its harder
Sneaky Snakes (5 days ago)
At the start he said A pistol
im_batman _bitch (5 days ago)
Your awesome man. You make best fortnite videos. Keep the good work up😀😀
John Dye (6 days ago)
makes me want to kill myself
Tg da boss 88 (6 days ago)
Sub machine guns are basically pistols because they use pistol rounds
Vine Works (6 days ago)
Are u gay Lachlan
Shinji Wong (6 days ago)
You should fight ninja I think you will lose XD
Connor Pika (6 days ago)
You had a victory royal
Turkish Bogan (6 days ago)
Gotta love them porta bases
Miguel Serrano (6 days ago)
Intro when he gets a kill 😂😂
frank sinatra (6 days ago)
How many ads am I going to see while I watch this video
Da Best (6 days ago)
Ahh that felt good yeahhh let’s go baby Lachlan 2018
twin2 life (6 days ago)
Do more with muselk
Bottle hockey (6 days ago)
Do a scar only challenge
Christopher Escobedo (7 days ago)
Rip crossbow
battle ship321 (7 days ago)
I had a chug and 150 hp drank it so no one could take it
timon jansen (7 days ago)
guitar expertise bind mm-hmm pass endless literally deer persuade
Maaz (7 days ago)
He has to be playing on the Brazilian servers cause there is a bunch of lag spikes and everyone is trash
Drop the mop (7 days ago)
Jennie Sherman (7 days ago)
john smith (7 days ago)
He said "I haven't been a bush five years". Fortnite battle royal hasent been here for two years
Corey The Playa (7 days ago)
RIP that hand cannon
Tyson Mctigue (7 days ago)
the shark add was dope
Tyson Mctigue (7 days ago)
i got the shark add do do do do do
Zombie Slayer 777 (7 days ago)
Port a build??
MaxThijsGames (7 days ago)
Only pistols to win ONLY ur also using a chuk jug soo its not a only pistols challenge !
OG JSM3 (7 days ago)
By port a fort you mean Myth in a can
kaelen mulholland (8 days ago)
try a no building challenge
jomkey 123 (8 days ago)
John wick challenge😂😂
Kilometer Comedy (8 days ago)
Lachlan we have the same skin
Paul Wilson (8 days ago)
Shotguns only?
Anne Pearce (8 days ago)
Try the no building challenge
ileana solis (8 days ago)
Hes faking videos
King Huntr (8 days ago)
U picked up a trappp
JJ Baseball (8 days ago)
You should do a rainbow pistol only challenge. It is the pistol challenge but you have to have a pistol of each rarity.
Jamarus Gaming 23 (8 days ago)
Haters gonna hate-damian
haley ink (8 days ago)
wheres my damn v bucks u skank I will rape ur mom and u have lvl 20 gay
im broken (8 days ago)
Lachlan, do a only legendary guns challenge, or only grey guns challenge.
Rehman Ashraf (8 days ago)
I use to love Ali a but he’s terrible and I watch you know
Eashthegreatgamer (9 days ago)
I would not have found this many pistols
The Rap bros. (9 days ago)
Your my fav fortnite youtuber

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