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Samsung DeX Note8 Enhancements and Features

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The Note8 adds some awesome features to Samsung DeX! Today I use the DeX Station to show you all the new enhancements. Get your DeX Station for the S8, S8+ or Note8: US: http://amzn.to/2g4rshQ UK: http://amzn.to/2xriMW2 CA: http://amzn.to/2w1A6BN Jump to section: 00:54 App Drawer 02:04 Video Chat with Zoom 04:18 Internet Speed Test 05:46 Gaming 07:41 USB Drive or Hard Drive 08:23 Dual Bluetooth Audio 09:43 Microsoft Remote Desktop 10:44 Samsung Cases Samsung DeX Full Tutorial: https://youtu.be/9wruDqpcBgI Jimmy is Promo: https://www.youtube.com/jimmyispromo Check out these products I love and have reviewed: https://www.amazon.com/shop/techwithbrett Help Tech With Brett grow: https://www.patreon.com/techwithbrett SUBSCRIBE here, it's FREE! https://goo.gl/vqO8kP Easy Home Tech Upgrades: Google Home Mini: https://goo.gl/m7FBeJ Google Home: https://goo.gl/WvJGvy Chromecast: https://goo.gl/voehGm Chromecast Ultra: https://goo.gl/qGXkiG My Video Equipment: My Camera: http://amzn.to/2na6EnN My Microphone: http://amzn.to/2pFtPLM My Camera Mic : http://amzn.to/2na8JA3 My Lights: http://amzn.to/2nsTHrI Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links of products mentioned in video. If clicked and purchased I will receive commission to help this channel grow. Connect with me! Google+: https://goo.gl/gDLsf8 Snapchat: https://goo.gl/xfcVHV Twitter: https://twitter.com/techwithbrett Instagram: http://instagram.com/techwithbrett Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TechWithBrett/ #HowTo #Best #TechWithBrett #Tech #Tricks #tutorial #SamsungDeX #DeXStation #Zoom #RemoteDesktop #Gaming #Vainglory #MarioRun #SamsungCase
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Text Comments (204)
Dean Lewis (7 days ago)
I'm still waiting for my DEX Station in the mail (cheap from AliExpress). I've seen videos with other Windows clients that do full-screen. I suggest trying other ones.
Martell Tha Cool (23 days ago)
Does the Samsung Dex have Bluetooth or no?
Martell Tha Cool (9 days ago)
+Tech With Brett awesome news to know. What's the best controller to work with the Samsung Dex Station that doesn't have much input lag that you'll recommend? Please help me as when I tried to use both my PS4 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Bluetooth, it's an awful experience to use with the Controller's being laggy
Tech With Brett (23 days ago)
Yes it does through your phone. Anything you pair to your phone will work while in DeX mode.
joebcfc (1 month ago)
I play mortal kombat 1 with my ps4 controller on my dex
Exiled Void (2 months ago)
is the usb type A port a usb 3.0 or usb 2.0?
Dennis Dingemanse (2 months ago)
Video chat was horrible. So slow its actually unacceptable
bogdan m (1 month ago)
Dennis Dingemanse you realize it's because of the other guys internet connection ,right ? You have a concept how modern technology works , right ?
Paul Jamal Thomas (3 months ago)
And here I am with the LG V30 smh
rodynick Gardiola (3 months ago)
Please help me my dex station not work even charging . But usb is working . Pls help me
Tech With Brett (3 months ago)
Are you using the cable it came with? Does the phone enter DeX mode?
Cody Lynch (3 months ago)
Would directvnow work while in Dex? Planning on using it as a media center device, plugged into my tv.
allen shum fulgencio (3 months ago)
hi.. why my samsung dex is not working in my monitor my monitor is the same of your monitor asus vs248 then when i used my dex everytime starting Monitor or TV cant display Samsung DeX To display Samsung Dex correctly, your Tv or monitor needs to support HD+,FHD OR WQHD resolution.... can you help me please
Tech With Brett (3 months ago)
Do you have a resolution option in the Samsung DeX settings? That might help fix it.
allen shum fulgencio (3 months ago)
then i try my hdmi cable to my laptop to my monitor then it is woking fine ..only my samsung dex is the problem when i plugged in my asus vs248.. :(
allen shum fulgencio (3 months ago)
Tech With Brett yes i try to my tv hd 1080 then it is working but the problem when i was transfer to my monitor the resolution of my monitor is blurred.
Tech With Brett (3 months ago)
Does the phone go into DeX mode? Double check connections and check the monitor input. Can you try a TV with HDMI?
Lingstone Chiume (4 months ago)
Will the Dex Station work with the newer S9/S9+?
Tech With Brett (4 months ago)
Yes it will!
allen shum fulgencio (4 months ago)
no problem i use vga monitor ???
Nena H (4 months ago)
Nena H (4 months ago)
Develin Allen (4 months ago)
Do you need Wi-Fi to run dex ?
Tech With Brett (4 months ago)
No you do not. It will use your phones data if it needs it.
Jerry Yeo (5 months ago)
can u encrypt USB drives or external hard drives the way the note 8 is able to encrypt its microSD card?
SHAMS (6 months ago)
is it possible to play fortnite
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
Is it on Android? Then maybe...
Scott Estes (6 months ago)
Can it run of my phones data or do I need wifi?
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
It can do both.
slipagent6 (6 months ago)
To me this is clearly the future of smartphones. How great is this as the processing power in phones increases they can be used anywhere you go as your personal computer. Apple why so quiet?? Busy selling $3000 macbooks? There should be a laptop dock, a tablet dock, and a large monitor for home
Microsoft Man (6 months ago)
No mention of Microsoft Continuum? Typical user. Microsoft continuum should get credit because they released it b4 anyone else. That's pretty brave and above all, creative. They actually sat down and thought of it.
Microsoft Man (6 months ago)
Yes it is. Unlike the competition, Microsoft do not just end services. They care about users and keep a service open, even if they will not add features. U can still use Microsoft Health even though it has been closed for 3 years! Not that I mean to "convert" u lol and n many ways, Dex is a better design. But do think a lot of people r unaware of Microsoft's later strategies so they just say "I hate this company" Here is a link to their continuum 2015 event (when it was new) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixVJlpngRxw 4got to mention that Continuum even works wirelessly over miricast; something that google still doesn't do yet. But this will come n the S10 probably.
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
Is Continuum still available or did that die with Windows Mobile?
Microsoft Man (6 months ago)
Fine. Thinking different doesn't matter anymore. People won't even start using it until Apple does this in the next 5-10 years anyway.
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
I would say whoever gets the better marketing on it wins. I have never used continuum.
Ocean Yeung (6 months ago)
I can't use game launcher in my dex.why?
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
You need to have a Note 8.
Joel Asher (6 months ago)
I dont get it.... so frustrated. Have game launcher enabled. Launch vainglory which had the dex logo by icon. Launch the game from Samsung game launcher and it doesn't go full screen. Can't figure out please someone hel0
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
I think that was just the Note 8.
Joel Asher (6 months ago)
Tech With Brett I just thought that vainglory teamed up with dex. Or was this only for the note 8?
Joel Asher (6 months ago)
Thanks man I'll check into it.
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
I am not sure if the full screen update ever came to the S8+. Check out the app DeX MAX to see if that will allow you to play it in full screen.
Joel Asher (6 months ago)
Tech With Brett s8+
Can 2 USB drives be put into Dex and have 2 SD cards read through dex?
sicksight fearless (7 months ago)
Can also play "vainglory" on huawei mate 10 pc mode ?
son goku (7 months ago)
How I switch from the pc mode to screen mirroring?
Tech With Brett (7 months ago)
+son goku There should be a notification that you select to change modes. Also search in the settings.
MobileDecay (7 months ago)
Dual audio is not a Bluetooth 5.0 feature. It's just a Samsung feature.
SᴇᴘSᴏʟ (8 months ago)
is there any way to use pen or touch on dex?! like using male and female cable extender for dex and then using the note 8 as your digital pen input.
Manrique Molina (8 months ago)
4:50 lol first world speeds . I am so depressed...
Mahesh Walatara (8 months ago)
One question when the Note 8 blows does it take the monitor with it? LMAO.
Ali Flamm (8 months ago)
Do you know if I'd be able to emulate WoW on the Dex?
Tech With Brett (8 months ago)
+Ali Flamm Most likely not. It would probably more pain than good.
Anderson (8 months ago)
Is the dual audio really in sync with each other? I am considering getting another one of those 3w JBL soundbox if it really works well. Can you share your thoughts about using dual audio?
Tech With Brett (8 months ago)
+Anderson When you have the speakers close there is a slight delay. Could you possibly test it on any other Bluetooth before you invest in new speakers? That way you know thatit will meet your expectations.
Anderson (8 months ago)
Best remote desktop software is using the Dex to mirror the phone screen instead of entering Dex mode, and run TeamViewer.
Susan Dorothy Marsh (8 months ago)
Does this all work via a cable or is this bluetooth enabled?
Tech With Brett (8 months ago)
+Susan Dorothy Marsh only the hdmi to the monitor and power cable are the required cables. Everything else can be Bluetooth.
Nicholas Dean (9 months ago)
I’ve got 200+ download but my upload is only 12ish, what provider do you have? Thanks
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Nicholas Dean I use Vivint wireless. They offered me 50 and 50 down which is way better than the 10 up I was getting with Comcast.
Richard Mcall (9 months ago)
The one thing that would have added additional value to the Dex station is a micro SD card reader ..
no one (9 months ago)
Dex station run with note8, s8, s8 plus. Right??
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+no one Yes it does!
Aroo ran (9 months ago)
Y does the The dex station that is provided with adaptive fast charger doesnt charge my note 8 in fast charging ?
Aroo ran (9 months ago)
Tech With Brett yeah i put up the same charger that came with the package and i checked the fast charging too but it charges just in normal charging mode.
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Aroo ran Has it been placed all the way in the Dock? Are you using the original plug it came with? Also check if Fast Charging is on in the battery settings.
C4 Cartey (9 months ago)
Goodbye bluestacks lol
Dennis Cambronero (9 months ago)
What device could I use to display H 265 movie to a 4k TV? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Dennis Cambronero Ok good to know. That sounds like an intense movie. Possibly Chromecast Ultra with Plex but I am not sure it supports 4K.
Dennis Cambronero (9 months ago)
Tech With Brett thank you so much for replying! I have the movie on a 1TB HD as it is 44.5gb... To play it from my phone would work but I would have to move it to the SD card and delete it back and forth (time consiming) reason why I was wandering for an easier way. Tvs don't have the H265 decoder :/
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Dennis Cambronero This one says it will do 4k https://youtu.be/s5xYe9N7how Are you trying to play from phone?
kev0M6 (9 months ago)
How do I install the game launcher I do not know how to get it ?
zack strifer (7 months ago)
Yeah man. Go to Setting>Advances features>Games. I even have it on my Samsung A7(2017)
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+kev0M6 Check under Advanced Features on your phone. You are using the Note 8 correct?
James Fonda (9 months ago)
A video focused on a note 8 feature but video isn't in 18.5x9? Missed opportunity lol
Modern TechTV (9 months ago)
Good Video. Ive been running Samsung Dex from my Note 8 since it was released.
amazing review
Aditia Rinaldi (9 months ago)
Can DeX mode display adjust screen rotation setting, such as rotation 180 degrees? Because my main monitor/TV is placed 180-rotated with ceiling bracket.
Gugan Esan (9 months ago)
Bro does all the HDD needs to be formatted before using it with the Dex ?
Shivdutt Ranadive (9 months ago)
Note 8 wireless charger unboxing and quick review. https://youtu.be/De_XmeK9hcE
Oscar Heath (9 months ago)
Can you download files such as a word document off google drive or the internet? Or any other types of files
Oscar Heath (9 months ago)
Tech With Brett really wow so could I say for example download a torrent and have utorrent on your phone. You could download it and save it back and open it? And would this be the case for other apps like photoshop?
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Ozay Swiftz Yes you can. You just need to have the apps the support those files downloaded on your phone.
Seinsandpain (9 months ago)
Get Huawei Mate 10 Pro, dont need buy extra thing called "Dex"
S G (10 months ago)
Super awesome review. Very informative & concise. I just purchased Note 8 unlocked, 256GB, S-View Flip Cover, 360 Gear Camera & VR bundle, Samsung Wireless Charging Convertible, Pocket Juice 15000mah.... After watching your video I'm going to get Dex Station later today... Questions: In your video you showed two speakers being paired, can audio be streamed to both speakers simultaneously? Any other gadgets you would suggest or recommend to get that works with Note 8?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+S G Yes audio will pair it of both speakers at the same time. That is awesome! You pretty much have the entire ecosystem. You can also check out IconX, Tablets or Smaet Things.
Liam Mitchell (10 months ago)
Can you mute/ignore notifications?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Liam Mitchell Just the same way you would on the phone with do not disturb.
Where is Ubuntu OS? That's what i want to see running on Samsung DeX. It wouldn't truly feel desktop without proper GNU/Linux.
Steven Tsakiris (7 months ago)
Robinson Aquino Good luck with that.
Robinson Aquino (8 months ago)
Mystic Bardock LSSGSS why Ubuntu? Windows master race!
Somaro Jamie (10 months ago)
i purchased a dex. the wall charger in the box with dex powers my note 8 as usual when connected directly. however when connected to dex and then when i put the note 8 on top of the dex there is no charge. Also i cant get anything to work. is that usual? I might have to return the defective item. I assume that when dex is plugged and note 8 is put on top. it will start charging right?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Somaro Jamie Great news!
Somaro Jamie (10 months ago)
perfect thanks. that was it, i just tried after reading your comment. Dex works now. Dex is cool
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Somaro Jamie It sounds like your Note 8 is not being connected properly to the Dex. Are you trying to use it with a case? If so remove the case, make sure the port on the Note is placed all the way down on the port on the Dex.
thenow 555 (10 months ago)
Great video! Can dex station be used with LTE from the phone without WiFi?
thenow 555 (10 months ago)
Tech With Brett awesome, thanks! Will buy one on black friday sale-)
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Lee Anderson Yep! It will just use your data connection like normal.
DADDY (10 months ago)
constantly being D/C from the internet once my s8 was docked on and off. made my Samsung 24 inch monitor flicker and crash. a lot of the time. performance wise the dex run AMAZING but u had to get a £89 refund and and sent it back to many defects issues. felt like it needed a new firmware update and new software update.
Can the dex output 4K if you have a 4K monitor or TV?
Anderson (8 months ago)
No, but it goes all the way up to the max resolution of your phone. On the S8 the Dex goes up to 1440p using with my 4k TV. I don't know if the max resolution on the Note 8 is the same though. One thing I know, is that if the S9 isn't compatible with the current Dex I will throw a tantrum and forget Samsung.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+GoldenSun3DS It outputs in Full HD so that would only be up to 1080p.
Jason R. Berry (10 months ago)
Does Dex charge the phone when it's in?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Jason R. Berry Yes it does.
AndyTheCool (10 months ago)
can I use a HDMI to vga adapter and connect it to a projector_?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+AndyTheCool I believe you need a HDMI to VGA converter box to be able to do that. I will see if I have one to test.
Shaun Chee Yoong (10 months ago)
Huawei Mate 10/10 Pro don't even need a dock to connect as a pc.
Mitch W (5 months ago)
all made in china buddy
sicksight fearless (7 months ago)
Can also play "vainglory" on huawei mate 10 pc mode ?
Eluminary Xarrais (8 months ago)
leebog31 they're starting to do better now mate 10 Pro is ip67, they're finally starting to take build quality a little more seriously and actually one Android Authorities phone of the Year for 2017 just beating out the Note 8 and pixel 2
Jin Kim (9 months ago)
Have fun with backdoor phone.
leebog31 (9 months ago)
Chinese junk.
Markiss Johnson (10 months ago)
I think the most important part of the Note 8 that make it a Note was missed if I am not mistaken. I use the S-pen in many ways with my Note. One particular way is drawing in some apps like Painter and Autodesk Sketchbook. I would like to know if this is possible when using Dex and if not are any features of the S-pen usable while using Dex?
Markiss Johnson (10 months ago)
Thank you. Knowing it can do this is a selling point for me.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Markiss Johnson Not in the Samsung DeX Note, you would need to be in screen mirroring mode then whatever you do on the phone will show up in big screen.
bagustiko (10 months ago)
Wow. I Need samsung dex laptop
Jeffrey K (10 months ago)
If it "comes with the Note 8?" My ass got ripped off! I got a wireless charger that's SUPER SLOW.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Jeffrey K Sorry that is what I meant, plugged in is always faster.I have not got into phone cases yet. Definitely reach put the them and let them know your issues.
Jeffrey K (10 months ago)
Tech With Brett the wireless charger isn't faster vs plugged in. Trust me. Unless its because I have a case on my Note 8…? Do you do reviews on anything? If so can you do one on the Note 8 with the Ghoastek waterproof and drop proof case and do a night shot? I personally think they need to do a recall on them.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Jeffrey K It only did in some countries. The wireless charger is slower than being plugged in. Make sure you have Fast Charging on in the battery settings.
Some Chinese Guy (10 months ago)
Please do a review of All the optimizable third party app am curious to k ow
Sanan Seidov (10 months ago)
Some Chinese Guy (10 months ago)
Please do a review of All the optimizable third party app am curious to k ow
TheJudge 27 (10 months ago)
while apple is removing features instead of adding + pricing them at grand+ and all u can do with it is send animated poop msg to friends and families ONLY with imessage.
Manuel Figueroa (10 months ago)
I highly doubt this would work seamlessly without a peripheral for my S8 Active.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
Manuel Figueroa The Active is supported so you should have no issues.
Youngblood68 (10 months ago)
does Duo work as well ? in Dex ?
Spartan Patten (10 months ago)
can you use powerdirector video editing on the samsung dex?
Spartan Patten (10 months ago)
Tech With Brett Thank you for at least trying!
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Spartan Patten Sorry I was away from the office and wasn't able to test. I just checked it out and it does have issues. While the app loads fine it does not load up in full screen but the biggest issues is that it does not let you select content to add to the timeline or even see the timeline. I created a video out of DeX mode and then when I went back it it would pretty much only allowed me to play it. Power Director would need to add DeX support and it really would be an awesome app to use of it did work. Maybe reach out and request this.
Spartan Patten (10 months ago)
Tech With Brett is it too much to ask if you could test it out real quick and let me know how well it works? ive been considering getting it and i dont see any vids about it. not asking u to make a vid. just asking to see if u can test it. cus if it cant then i probably wont get it
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Spartan Patten I have not tried that but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.
ZILL NIAZI (10 months ago)
I subscribe to you already. How does Note 8 connect with Dex? Does some plug go into the USB-C port at the bottom of the Note 8? Also, does it charge the phone while it is docked?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+ZILL NIAZI Yes it has a USB C port in the dock the phone sits on. It does charge the phone while it is docked. I show a bit more of those details in this video. https://youtu.be/9wruDqpcBgI
edwin nunez (10 months ago)
Enter 15606 promo code for Samsung pay 30 dollar coupon. Just put it in when I got my first note 8 it's a promo code I got it from best buy use it y'all free money 15606 15606 Go to Samsung pay and on the top right 3 dots click promo and get free 30 dollars 15606
Chase Whitney (10 months ago)
Khoi Pham (10 months ago)
Hi Brett....when I connect my Dex to the Note 8, the pictures in general ( including pics in web browsers and in gallery) look very bad with not very clear details. I'm connecting the Dex to my 4k 55 inch TV. I wonder if you've experienced something like that.
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Khoi Pham I have not. Are you using the DeX Station?
Hamad ALex (11 months ago)
Good jop bro👍
Your Viewer (11 months ago)
You may want to download the Dex Max app for having a fullscreen mode on apps or games. It's a must have app for Dex Users and it's free..
Josh Unknown (11 months ago)
2:25 lol
JourneyOfBin (11 months ago)
WOW. That is a fast internet
mohamed soliman (11 months ago)
Great video 👍 A small question Plz; did the phone is charging wirelessly when it is on the Dax? Thanks in advance
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+mohamed soliman It charges just from being directly plugged in.
Abizar Vakharia (11 months ago)
Good video, quick clarification on the video chat. Were you using and external webcam? If no, can you?
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Abizar Vakharia I was just using the one on the phone. I I am going to say no, I wish I had one to test out.
Kalender (11 months ago)
please do not tell someone that the dex performance of the n8 is higher than the s8
Xander LaVey (11 months ago)
Performance wise its not that different, but the UI on the S8/S8+ feels a tiny bit more sluggish compared to the Note8, even after the few updates.
T tony (11 months ago)
Really good video, thanks.
Jack Phelan (11 months ago)
Thank you thank you 😱😱😱
Erwin Lee (11 months ago)
hihi.. where u get the game launcher app from??
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
Erwin Lee You should be able to turn it on in the settings of the Note 8. Also check for it in the Galaxy Apps store.
Sohil Sanghvi (11 months ago)
Thank you sir
Sohil Sanghvi (11 months ago)
Hey Brett , amazing job on the videos . I just wanna ask does the Dex connect to a TV and mirror the phones content to the TV
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Sohil Sanghvi Yes, it will plug into any screen that has HDMI Input. In this video I don't show it but you can choose to use the "DeXtop" or you can just mirror exactly what you see on your phone. I show in my original video here: https://youtu.be/9wruDqpcBgI
Joseph Jackson Jr (11 months ago)
I am trying to pair my logitech k800 keyboard and mouse to the Dex. i noticed you had the bluetooth chip connected to your Dex. looking for any suggestions that will help. Thanks
Joseph Jackson Jr (11 months ago)
I was looking for a setting to pair with the Dex. Both the wireless keyboard nor the mouse connect. lookin for any possible solutions or steps to take
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
Joseph Jackson Jr That is just the dongle from my mouse that I placed in the back and it was ready to go. Does the keyboard work when you plug in the receiver?
Jeff West (11 months ago)
Great video. How could I remote into DEX from a Win10Pro PC? Example: RDP from PC to Dex interface. Any ideas on how to do this?
Jeff West (11 months ago)
TeamViewer and SideSync only connects to the Note8 via the normal screen. I read somewhere that TeamViewer "may add" Dex connectivity at some time in future. At least that's what I know. Maybe some of the other viewers can chime in.
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
Jeff West Good question. Possibly through Team Viewer you would be able to do this. I am not sure how it would sure when in actual DeX mode. If close by maybe Samsung SideSync.
Daniel Lopez (11 months ago)
Sorry if this is repetitive but can you hook this up to a dual set up?
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Daniel Lopez This option only allows for one monitor to be plugged in.
Azzwang Ko (11 months ago)
Great review! Thus is what ive been wanting to see.
Fawad Bilgrami (11 months ago)
Have you tried enabling the Developers Mode for Samsung Dex? This does make a lot of apps that don't launch work. Please check it on DailyNote channel. https://youtu.be/0wl2piKCxfA
kross tony (11 months ago)
Wow, u make me feel like to jump into the dex
Steve Bergman (11 months ago)
What Ubuntu Phone and Windows Phone wanted to be, but failed. Meanwhile, Samsung does it right... effortlessly.
Dean Lewis (7 days ago)
I disagree that Windows Phone didn't do it right. My theory there is that Windows Phone was never going to be taken seriously, they could have beaten Samsung to the folding phone, and still, no one would care. However... Microsoft stand a better chance of getting back into some kind of mobile after Surface Go (although probebly not a phone for some time, they still wouldn't be taken seriously).
Kobayashi Maru (10 months ago)
Pretty much. I like their UI though. Better than most desktop style launchers I've tried. Do you know if the desktop UI can be enabled without the Dex hub?
Vincent L. (10 months ago)
Well...it's samsung !
Joseph Harris (10 months ago)
Well Android can natively do most of this. Dex is just the dock and samsung's ux. But you can get a usb hub, attach a mouse, keyboard, usb-to-hdmi, and usb power cable and effectively have a pc.
Bert Vuylsteke (11 months ago)
Using the dex & note 8 for quite a while now. Any idea on how to connect 2 monitors (HDMI-screen and extra beamer)? Tip: might use DeX Hub for Samsung Dex or DeX MAX (Both in appstore) to use every app/game in full screen mode.
Bert Vuylsteke (11 months ago)
Btw: greetings from Belgium :-)
Debra Dukes (11 months ago)
Brett New to your channel was recommended through Jimmy and look forward to seeing more.Thanks so much for sharing Deb ✌👍
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Debra Dukes Welcome Deb! Thanks for checking out the channel and I can't wait to show you more.
Jimmy is Promo (11 months ago)
Solid video and amazing guest!!
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
Jimmy is Promo Thank for helping Jimmy!
Ben Wilson (11 months ago)
I have a screen that can accept USB C. One annoying thing about the Dex is that you can't display to the screen via the USB C cable like my Chromebook can. Otherwise I'm loving what it can do!
Michael Thomas Brown (11 months ago)
Excellent is there any way you can test it an external CD DVD drive with Samsung DeX
Richard Ryan E. Gonzalez (11 months ago)
1st.. great vid.. keep up the great work.. Next, do HP wired printers work on dex when working on ms word etc? Thanks. More power
Richard Ryan E. Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Tech With Brett thank you! More power more videos. Was planning on getting dex to replace my old laptop to use in my clinic and i just bought a printer w/o wireless capabilities. Guess i cant get it just yet. Thanks again
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Richard Ryan E. Gonzalez After trying with my printer I was not able to get a plugged in solution to work. My HP does support wireless printing and I just installed the plugin and it works that way.
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
There are so many great things that you can do with Samsung DeX! Don't forget to check out Jimmy's channel after the video. 00:54 App Drawer 02:04 Video Chat with Zoom 04:18 Internet Speed Test 05:46 Gaming 07:41 USB Drive or Hard Drive 08:23 Dual Bluetooth Audio 09:43 Microsoft Remote Desktop 10:44 Samsung Cases
Dr Sergio (6 months ago)
I'm waiting also the mirabook solution I'm excited
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
I am going to say most likely it will work.
Dr Sergio (6 months ago)
Video Skype as well?
Shaq (10 months ago)
is it possible to play mario or other games only with keyboard? 2) is it possible to switch off charging while on dex, i dont want to damage battery by constantly charging. thanks
Can the dex output 4K if you have a 4K monitor or TV?

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