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Text Comments (530)
Evelin Torres (12 days ago)
do. the. biggest mod. ever
captain tobi (18 days ago)
Ben 10 mod
Ralph Mayhew (26 days ago)
Super tnt
Paarth Saini (26 days ago)
Moose pls start giving links to download these mods
CJ Lee (28 days ago)
Erick Bravo oblea (1 month ago)
The steve mod
Chris Amado (1 month ago)
do car mod :)
Yolanda Shaw (1 month ago)
Sky mode
Yolanda Shaw (1 month ago)
Julian Sullivan (1 month ago)
Shannon Brown (1 month ago)
I know that moose
Lyndelle Walker (1 month ago)
Do the sonic the hedgehog mod
Lyndelle Walker (1 month ago)
Sonic the hedgehog mod
joker the white tiger (1 month ago)
Now jeff know i blow up lab 500 time
joker the white tiger (1 month ago)
Tell cyclone he can use my lab
joker the white tiger (1 month ago)
Ah mosse don,t tell him
Wendy Mena (1 month ago)
Moose mod by mason
galaxy kitten queen (1 month ago)
do the plain mod and tank mod
Glittery Shine (2 months ago)
#savage jeff
Svein Kennethsonn (2 months ago)
SARIM SHAIKH (2 months ago)
Moose I have seen one of Cyclones new video tell Jeff that he hacked his server and make a video about the Ironman mod
Magdalena Podoba (2 months ago)
Poop mood
Ashley Smith (2 months ago)
michelle nelson (3 months ago)
Unspeakable's fan (3 months ago)
battle with jeff with lucky block mod race 100 lucky blocks race boiiiiiiiii!!!!!bekfast!!moooooooooooooosee milk
Bennie Harris (3 months ago)
陈Tan Kuan (3 months ago)
farmer Jefffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Np Beast (3 months ago)
What is his intro music
AwesomeAle (3 months ago)
Make a dinosaur mod video
Michelle Burns (3 months ago)
Ender dragon mod!!!! *P.S for only JeffTheMoose:make sure MooseCraft dies 10 times* MAKE SUR THERE'S A CAKE ENDER DRAGON BRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Tom Anderson (3 months ago)
play the minions mod
Graham Symonds (3 months ago)
I subscribed
Dragon 2.0 (3 months ago)
Or they drop moosemilk
Dragon 2.0 (3 months ago)
You should do a moose mod. Where every mob looks like moose and Jeff
Dragon 2.0 (3 months ago)
My name is A BRICK BOSS and I love BurGers HUH
Viktor Brus (3 months ago)
I Love jour Chanel moose
Kurnia Setiawan (3 months ago)
you are the best I like your fideoy
Prince Gaming69 (3 months ago)
Daycare mod
Deborah Casto (3 months ago)
Ssvig mooseys
Angel Mendoza (3 months ago)
Moose undertale mod plz moose!!!!!
Coolgamer23 Gaming (3 months ago)
Zeppelin mod
Country Logan (4 months ago)
More cars mod PLZ #jeff=savage
Stephanie Bernatis (4 months ago)
As X
Win-Win är bäst (4 months ago)
8.25 moose say koskit and in swedish it's like cow poo
Noah Brady (4 months ago)
Halo mode
Wiam Petros (4 months ago)
$600000.000.000.000 for t-shirts
Kye Sims (4 months ago)
When is cyclone coming back
Thekillerbee 420 (4 months ago)
Jake Paul sucks
Thekillerbee 420 (4 months ago)
Thekillerbee 420 (4 months ago)
Free beakfast
Rodney Rhodes (4 months ago)
maze mod
XxPurple_ ShadowxX (4 months ago)
OMG Its a watermelon next to a watermelon :O 😲😲😱😝 IYS DA BEST TINg I'VE EVER SEEN lol Plz do naruto mod # Moose ARMY YEAH BOIIII
Lisa Starr (4 months ago)
Call of duty mod
King Bonnie 178 (4 months ago)
Wath od name your intro
William Omerod (4 months ago)
Mess with da weird house mod
Tyler Perry (4 months ago)
I think jeff watches Marlon webb
Unbeatable Craft (4 months ago)
Your the best
Max Pleb (4 months ago)
Moosecraft please mess with the twilight forest mod
Galin Atanasov (4 months ago)
Moooooos you are cooooooool
Wayne Lim (4 months ago)
Admin mod
Wayne Lim (4 months ago)
Adimin mod
Uba r Assu (4 months ago)
Yokai mod PvZ mossecraft
Asdf mod
Rashed Ali (4 months ago)
I sad he m
Rashed Ali (4 months ago)
I saw him
Alief Adrian (4 months ago)
Elemental gem
Juan Solis (4 months ago)
lucky block mod if taken
Anuj Thakur (4 months ago)
In this video halloween came too late
Hileloon Legue (4 months ago)
Jesus mod please now moose
Talaloa Olaimanu (4 months ago)
Do spy mode plzz.mooseeee your
Talaloa Olaimanu (4 months ago)
The best plzzz
Zach Attack Gaming (4 months ago)
Robles mod
Tony Diaz (4 months ago)
Makenzy Jones (4 months ago)
do the minecraft story mod seseon 2 mod
kevin marshall (4 months ago)
you ar amazing
anvir Islam (4 months ago)
Legos 4life (4 months ago)
Pixelmon mod
Hardwick Gaming (4 months ago)
mess with moose mod please
Th3LastSh3 riff (4 months ago)
Do the More furniture mod
alberto muccioli (4 months ago)
uncharted the lost legacy mod
Verg Fiore (4 months ago)
Hi moose!!!!!!!!!!!
Verg Fiore (4 months ago)
Can you do a mod abet you
Wolf lover xhd (4 months ago)
You made Jeff a pumpkin moat
Dunk Forward (4 months ago)
Byron Eastmond (4 months ago)
Byron Eastmond (4 months ago)
Winnie Lau (4 months ago)
Do the war mod
Aisen Ledesma (4 months ago)
The natural disaster mod Tornado Metor Sink hole Hurricane
Billy Hughes (4 months ago)
frog21man (4 months ago)
Who else said ice ice baby when moose did
EnderColossus74 (4 months ago)
cowpanda44 (4 months ago)
Anime girls mod
Joseph Heron (4 months ago)
wait what about £
Joseph Heron (4 months ago)
actually shark at 0:05
Joseph Heron (4 months ago)
hehe at 0:05
Jaydon Edmund (4 months ago)
Moooose put me on your wall plz
Last Magmarian (4 months ago)
Dalek mod plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Spot the difference)
unfare ble (4 months ago)
Prekfast mod
Adomas Margelis (4 months ago)
phone Ipad (and moose) mod
nik sedmak (4 months ago)
Police mod plssss!!!!!!
johnny playz (4 months ago)
ice see that tnt get it?
Tugba Civik (4 months ago)
Ariana grande mod

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